German confederation flag 1848

German Unification Timeline

By silvaa3
  • Period: to

    Napoleon Invades German Lands

    Napoleon made important territorial changes in German-Speaking lands.
  • Period: to

    Congress of Vienna

    The Congress of Vienna was a conference of ambassadors of European states. The objective of the Congress was to provide a long-term peace for Europe by settling critical issues arising from the French Revolutionary Wars.
  • Otto Von Bismarck's Birth

    Otto Von Bismarck's Birth
    Otto Von Bismarck was born in Schönhausen, Germany
  • Bismarck becomes prime minister

    Bismarck becomes prime minister
    In Bismarck's lifetime, he had triumphed in things that others could not do, he was born into a conservative class too. Because of this reason William I made Bismarck prime minister.
  • Zollverein

    The Zollverein or German Customs Union was a coalition of German states formed to manage tariffs and economic policies within their territories.
  • Frankfurt Assembly

    Frankfurt Assembly
    Was the first freely elected parliament for all of Germany, elected on.
  • Frederick William IV is Offered Throne

    Frederick William IV is Offered Throne
    Frederick William IV is Offered Throne
  • Bismarck becomes chancellor

    Bismarck becomes chancellor
    During Bismarck's time as prime minister, he had done many wonderful things for Germany. So, about a decade after Bismarck becaome prime minister, the people demanded he become chancellor.
  • Blood and Iron speech

    Blood and Iron speech
    When Bismarck made this speech, he empowered many people, and showed how they would become a Unified Germany. They will not look to Prussia's government, but rather to the power she has.
  • Bismarck declares war on Denmark

    Bismarck declares war on Denmark
    During Bismarck's term,he made many smart decisions, one of which was to form an alliance with one of the stronger armies in the world at that time. He and Austria did what they called "liberating" north German states, leaving what was left, that is kknown as Denmark today.
  • Bismarck declares war on Austria

    Bismarck declares war on Austria
    This war was interesting, because Bismarck really had no reason to attack Austria, he just thought of an excuse. He wanted more land to form his united Germany.
  • Period: to

    Franco Prussian War

    After a while Napoleon didn't like what Germany/Prussia were doing and attacked them. However Napoleon underestimated Germany, and was defeated. After they defeated Napoleon they proclaimed themselves the German Empire.
  • Period: to

    Campagn against the socialists

    Shortly after Germany was unified there was a growing population of socialists in Germany. Bismark was worried that they would not accept the government in Germany, and start a revolution. So Bismark set out to go to all of the workers to show them that socialism was not the right way, and the government system he was offering was much better for them.
  • Period: to

    Population Growth

    Germany becoming unified led to many economic develpments. One of these economic developments was the rapid growth of population. The population grew rapidly from 41 million people in 1871, to 67 million in 1914.
  • William I of Prussia becomes Emperor

    William I of Prussia becomes Emperor
    When Prussia defeated Napoleon for the second time, they saw it as the perfect opertunity to elect a new empereor. That emperor, urged by the people to take that title, was William I.
  • Constitution drafted by Bismarck

    Constitution drafted by Bismarck
    After the Prussians defeated Napoleon for a second time, the people wanted William I to become emperor, so he did. After that Bismarck created a constitution in Prussia, creating two legislative houses, the Bundesrat (upper class) and the Reichstag (lower and middle classes).
  • Period: to

    House of Krupp

    The House of Krupp had been open since the 1850s, but had never really been in use until the economic boom of the 1870s. The House of Krupp is a factory that produces steel and weapons for Germany. When the economic boom hit, the House of Krupp was producing heavily again.
  • Period: to

    Economic development

    Germany made many economic advancements at this time, and kept making more over the years. For instance, Germany made one currency for all of Germany to use, and they created railroads to connect the German states. When the economic depressio hit Europe, Germany made tariffs to protect home grown buissnesses and prevent their economy from collapsing.
  • Second Reich is created

    Second Reich is created
    After Prussia defeated Napoleon twice, there was anew emperor, and a new constitution, which led people to start calling it a different name. Poeple called this time era the "Second Reich, because they thought it was the empire to succeed the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Period: to

    Campaign against the church (Kulturekampf)

    When bismarck grew up, he grew up in a Lutheran family, not a catholic family. In newly unified Germany about 33% of the population was catholic (1/3). Bismarck wanted the catholics out, because he thought their loyalty resided with the pope, and not Germany.
  • William II becomes Kaiser

    William II becomes Kaiser
    In 1888 William I came out of power, and was succeeded by hs son William II. William II came to power in 1888 and immidiately put his picture on the postage stamps.
  • Bismarck resigns

    Bismarck resigns
    When William II came to power, he made many changes, that would effect GErmany later on. One was as soon as he came to power, he asked bismarck to resign.