German confederation flag 1848

German unification

By crofta
  • Period: to

    economic development

    in the early 1800's germanys economy was very rural with only some urban trade centers. by the 1900's it began to modernize, and was now the largest economy in europe. world war I and II helped the germans get ahead.
  • Period: to

    Napoleon invades German lands

    Napoleon took over germany and took over holy roman empire
  • Period: to

    Congress of Vienna

    The congress of Vienna was a conference of rulers, of Europeon states. They were meant to settle the many issues arising from the French Revolutionary Wars and Napoleonic wars. They redrew the continent's political map.
  • Otto Von Bismark was born

    Otto Von Bismark was born
    he was a Prussian statesman, who dominated German and Europeon issues was conservative policies. gained German unification. named the iron chancellor.
  • Zollverein

    The Zollverein was a group of German states formed to manage tariffs and policies within their territories. It was the first group in history where independent states had consummated a full economic union without the simultaneous creation of a political federation or union
  • Period: to

    Frankfurt Assembly

    the frankfurt assembly was the first freely elected parliament in germany. proclaimed a german empire. filled the demands of librals and nationalist.
  • Blood and iron speech

    blood and iron speech given by bismark as chancellor, about the unification of the German territories.
  • Period: to

    Bismark is prime minister

    He provoked wars that made Prussia dominant over Austria and France. lined up little states beghind prussia to help it even more.
  • war with denmark

    war with denmark
    Prussia and Austria team up and declaire war with denmark. Prussia received Schleswig, while Austria received Holstein.
  • war with austria

    war with austria
    in 1866 bismark declears war with austria. austria was a threat to uniting germany, so bismark forces them out.
  • Bismark becomes chancellor

    Bismark becomes chancellor
    becomes chancellor of the north german confederation. was the first to united germany and argely controlled its affairs.
  • Period: to

    constitution drafted by bismark

    the north german constitution was the constitution of the north german confederation. the parliament of the confederation was elected on 12 February in 1867. the constitution of the german empire was based upon it.
  • the house of krupp

    the house of krupp
    the krupp house was the house of the krupp family, a prominent 400-year-old German dynasty from Essen. the became well known around the 1870's for their steel production and for their manufacture of ammunition and armaments.
  • Period: to

    franco Prussian War

    Prussias defeat of Austria creates problems with France. France was fearfull that Prussia would change the balance of power in Europe.. France and Prussia went to war, Prussia wins, and gains the power.
  • the second reich is created

    germany had three main empires, the second one was founded in 1871, and collapsed in 1918, after word war II. reich is the german word for nation.
  • Period: to

    population growth

    the population of germany had a growth of 0.47 % in 1871, and a growth of 1.21% in 1914. the population went up about 25 million people by 1914.
  • Period: to

    campaign against the church

    bismark wanted to reduce power of the roman catholic church in prussia, so he came up with the kulturkampf. Bismarck wanted to appeal to liberals and Protestants by reducing the political and social influence of the Catholic Church and attempting to eradicate the Polish nationality. Priests and bishops who resisted the Kulturkampf were arrested or removed from their positions.
  • Period: to

    William I is empire of germany

    with William I as empire and bismark as minister, they achieve unification in germany. proclaimed empire during the Franco-Prussian war. he was choosen by bismark.
  • campaign against the socialist

    campaign against the socialist
    bismarks campaign against the socialist was probably the most important repressive law of his chancellorship. he did not like the ways of soocialism, and worked to move socialism out of germany.
  • Wilhelm II becomes kaiser

    Wilhelm II becomes kaiser
    Wihelm II becomes emperor in 1888. in 1890 he launched germany in a "new course" of foreign affairs, that eventually lead to the first world war. he was an ineffective war leader, and lost the support of the army. he fled to exile in the netherlands in 1918.
  • bismarck resigns

    bismarck resigns
    in 1888 wilhelm II became kaiser and believed there could only be one ruler. he thought his ruling came from God, and wanted bismark to step down.
  • Fredrick William IV is offered the throne

    Fredrick William IV is offered the throne
    Fredrick is offered the throne of germany by the frankfurt parliment, but denide it. He was the king of prussia and ruled in many other places as well.