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German Unification Timeline

  • Period: to

    Napoleon Invades German Lands

    Between 1806 and 1812 Napoleon invaded Germany and made territorial changes throughout German speaking areas. Also he annexed land around the Rhine River for France. Also, disovled the Holy Roman Empire by enforcing the Austrian emporer to change his title to king.
  • Congress of Vienna

    Congress of Vienna
    After Napoleon was defeated , Metternich determined that Germany needed the governments of each states needed to be dismantled. The peacemakers then created the German Confederation
  • Birth Of Otto Von Bismarck

    Birth Of Otto Von Bismarck
    Otto Von Bismarck born in a small town northwest of Berlin, Germany. Bismarck ended up becoming a great German Nationalist and military leader, who helped Germany gain land, andunify the country.
  • Period: to


    Durning the 1830s, Prussia created the economic union called Zollverein. It dismantled many tariff bariors between the German states. Even with this Germany remained politally weak.
  • Frankfort Assembly Demands Unity

    Frankfort Assembly Demands Unity
    in 1848 liberals demanded German political unity.They offered the throne of a German state to Frederick WilliamIV, but he declined the throne.
  • Frederick Willaim IV is Offered the Throne

    Frederick Willaim IV is Offered the Throne
    The liberals in the Frankfort Assembly demanded polital unity, so they offered a state ruler, Frederick IV the throne. He declined the offer
  • Bismarck Becomes Prime Minister

    Bismarck Becomes Prime Minister
    Bismarck was previosly a diplomat for Germany, then King William made him Prime Minister. ithin 10 years he became the Chancellor of the counrty.
  • Blood And Iron

    Blood And Iron
    This was a speech given by Bismarck while he was the prime minister. It carried on to him once becoming chancelor. He used it as his policy that war will unite the nation.
  • Bismarck Declares War On Prusia

    Bismarck Declares War On Prusia
    In 1864 Germant created an alliance with Austria. The two nation declared war on Denmarck. Prussia nd Austria one and took Holstein and Schleswig
  • Bismarck Declares War On Austria

    Bismarck Declares War On Austria
    In 1866 Bismarck had previously had an aliance with Austria. He then wanted their land, so he created an excuse to attack them, and the two countries started a war. Prussia won and annexed parts of Austria
  • Bismarck Becomes Chancellor

    Bismarck Becomes Chancellor
    After about a decade of being prime minister, he was promoted to chancellor. He used his "Blood And Iron" policy to unify Germany
  • Franco Pussian War

    Franco Pussian War
    The Prussian victory over Austria angered France. Then the growing rivalry between France and Prussia led to war. Prussia had a quick victory.
  • William I Becomes Emporer

    William I Becomes Emporer
    William I was a previous prince in Southern Germany. The North German Confederation the persuaded him to take the title of Kaiser.
  • The Second Reich Is Created

    The Second Reich Is Created
    German nationalists celabrate the birth of the second Reich, or empire. They call it empire because they belive the heir from the Holy Roman Empire
  • Constitution Drafted By Bismarck

    Constitution Drafted By Bismarck
    Bismarck made a constitution setting up a two-house legislature. The upper house was appointed by the rulers of the German states. The lower house was elected by universal male suffrage.
  • Period: to

    Population Growth

    Throughout these years Germany's population increased greatly. This is because Germany was beginning their industrial revolution. They had a surplus of resources so they could trade easily and make new products. This brought wealth and industry, which made more jobs, and overtime the ability to care for more people.
  • Period: to


    Bismarck was Luthran so he distributed Cathlocs evenly throughiut Germany to prevent a Cathloc Uprising. He then set up the "Battle For Civilization." His main goal was to make the Cathlocs put loyalty to the state above all allegience to the church. He aslo took away certain rights to the Cathlocs, like closing religous orders and the supervision of certain Cathloc practices.
  • Period: to

    Campaing Against The Socialists

    There were many socialist groups within Germany so Bismarck feared they would revolt. Bismarck had laws past to get rid of socialsim, like banning their newspapers. The socialists joined together stronger than ever before. Then Bismarck decided to give them more rights and other freedoms.
  • Economic Development

    Economic Development
    After 1871 Germany redid their banking system, used a single currency and coordidnated railroads built by German states.Also in the late 1800s, during a depression, Germany set up tardiffs to protect homes and buisinesses from forein competition.
  • William II Becomes Kaiser

    William II Becomes Kaiser
    William II became emporer after his grandfather. He was very confident in his skills and abilities and he then shocked Europe by asking Bismarck to resign. He believed his ability and power came from god and it was his divine right to rule. He also set up social welfare throughout Germany.
  • Bismarck Resigns

    Bismarck Resigns
    Bismarck decided to resign after William II's speech. He wrote a letter of resignation to the country in 1890.