Typical Day

  • Bedroom

    I'm expected to do whatever I want. Lay down, relax, watch television and eat on my bed. My mood changes into relax, calm and carless.
  • Period: to

    Typical Day

    What I usually do everyday.
  • Hallway/Locker

    I chit chat every once and awhile. I always go to my locker to pass time, then leave for class.
  • Chemistry

    Not one of my favorite classes due to the fact that I don't really find science fun. I get chemistry but I still have my moments when I don't understand an experiment or even a statement. I just do my work and deal with the class.
  • Spanish Class

    Spanish Class
    I alwayshave to stay on track with the work because i can slip up every once in awhile when I don't understand anything. I worry in this class because even though I know spanish I don't know it well enough to understand every word my teacher says. I'm expected to speak spanish and do worksheets on a daily bases.
  • Lunch

    I'm expected to eat my lunch and chat with my friends. I get excited for lunch because i really don't have to do anything academically. I can just be a junior enjoying lunch.
  • Study Hall

    Study Hall
    My mood shifts into serious because I have extra time to be working on homework or other assignments that need to be done. I'm expected to sit and do work until class is over. I always finish work in that class rather than having homework later on.
  • P.E.

    I'm expected to to keep moving and depend physically than mentally like my other classes.I don't really get excited for P.E. beacsue I'm not physically fit but I am mentally fit. Next to working out in class I can Talk to whoever I want to.
  • Algebra

    I love being in math class only because I'm really good at math. Every worksheet we get I'm always one of the few that finish first. I'm expected to know my equations and the rules for solving equations. Math is the number one easiest class for me.
  • Bus

    On the bus I just sit down and listen to my music quietly while everyone else around me is talking and yelling. I feel relieved to be going home where I can just relax.
  • Boyfriends House

    Boyfriends House
    I'm in the best mood, it's the highlight of my day. The whole time I'm just with my family/ loved ones. I'm expected to take care of my daughter, my favorite thing to do.