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Twenty years, the era of Angela

  • Marriage, the beginning of the end

    Marriage, the beginning of the end
    Michael A. Griffin and Angela Ann Scherr were married on this day at the Wicked Witch Lounge in Greenville SC. the day was celebrated with friends and family. The lounge was located at the Econo Lodge, it served as home for them for almost two years
  • Econolodge

    We lived in an hotel room at the Econo Lodge Hotel, she works at a taco bell nearby and he at Dillard Paper company, meager beginnings I remember to this day telling her that I want something, I don't know what it is, but I do want it and us together can get it
  • Trailer

    The hotel catches fire, we had to move, we find a trailer park not too far from where I worked, a very drafty and cruddy place, but it was our first home
  • Sydney is born

    Sydney is born
    Sydney Brianna is born, we both were there to witness the birth, it was a time I will never forget, I can still remember welcoming her into this world
  • Sydney moves in

    Sydney moves in
    Sydney was born with problems that came from her mother, they had to take the child, I hesitantly volunteered our home to the new one and after being investigated and got backgrounds checked they gave Sydney to us as guardians until her mother got over her problem
  • First Strike

    First Strike
    After a year of being a family, problems develop Angela becomes rebellious, neglects the child and her housework, rumors float of her seeing another man, I catch them in our home, he says he was minister and counseling her through this crisis, I don't buy it, she eventually leaves me for him, his name is Alex the first in a long line of lovers my beloved wife humiliates me with
  • Uncle Daddy

    Uncle Daddy
    7/96 to 5/97 I raise Sydney alone, Angela takes our car and eventually trades it in on a truck, I have to at time take her to her treatments and therapy on foot, a three mile hike, there and back. Highlight of this time is the night she calls me and tells me her lover had died of drug related problems, I never understood why she would do that, and not too long after, she comes by to pick up more things, she introduces me to his son, I believe she brought him there for protection
  • 1st Reconciliation

    1st Reconciliation
    Angela and I eventually reconcile, we plan on getting Sydney back, I let her live with her grand for a while for training reasons. We get a nice place in Easley SC, we use furniture from the trailer but I had money saved, we had big plans to finally get this family going, well, I thought
  • Sydney Comes Home

    Sydney Comes Home
    We bring our Bubba home, things look like they could actually work, I have another car, she has one also, we join a church, this family is finally getting it together
  • Sydney becomes a Griffin

    Sydney becomes a Griffin
    We decide to adopt Sydney, her biological is not trying to beat her problem, we petition the courts for adoption and with money given to us from the church we can afford to do so, Sydney becomes Sydney B. Griffin officially
  • Dad goes back into the Navy

    Dad goes back into the Navy
    After years in the Navy Reserve, I join the Navy's Tar program, I work at the reserve center at Donaldson Center, making great money and getting great benefits, things are really coming together, we are a family now, I couldn't have been happier
  • I hate Pennsylvania

    I hate Pennsylvania
    I have to transfer out of Greenville to another reserve center, I am offered either Iowa, or Bethlehem Pa, we chose PA since she is from that area and her grandfather is sick, we say goodbye to Greenville and move to Pennsylvania not knowing that I was also I was taking her there to meet her new lover also
  • Second strike

    Second strike
    Our time in Pa was going good but life with Angela don't always stay that way, people are telling me of her flirting with a guy she works with and she is even meeting him at the pool for a swim, with my daughter there also, things come to a head and after I compete and place I go home on leave, when I return she leaves me, to live with lover number four or five? I lost count
  • I attempt to move on

    I attempt to move on
    I move on, I date a few times and I finally move in with Robin, a rocky relationship that started the first day, but I am determined to make it work, I get visitation rights with Syd but for only weekends, I lose my job with the Navy and I eventually go active army, my chance to leave Pa, to leave Angela and move on,
  • Scoliosis

    Sydney is diagnosed with Scoliosis, I can't tell you too much on it I am in Virginia in school, Angela has her admitted to a children's hospital in Hershey Pa, the waiting list for surgery is long, I hope I can be there for my baby
  • Hawaii reconciliation?

    Hawaii reconciliation?
    I get stationed in Hawaii, a perfect place to get back together and patch things up, the best she surprises me with a visit, bringing my mom and Sydney, I think she wanted to try and surprise me and catch me with a woman, I never cheat, they were there only one week, she promised she would return, yeah right
  • Prepare to fail

    Prepare to fail
    From the time she left I prepared to have my family once again, in HAWAII! the perfect place to have a family, I get a place in Navy housing, I get furniture, I get a car, I get everything ready, I fantasize of hiking KoKohead with my daughter, walking Waikiki with my wife, it was going to be great
  • Alone in Hawaii

    Alone in Hawaii
    I do the rest of my time in Hawaii alone, I train and compete in local competitions to pass the time, I never spend any time with a woman, I was waiting for my family, because she would always tell me when we talked, " I'm coming, I'm coming.
  • Fort Riley

    Fort Riley
    Did you know that Fort Riley has five full purpose gyms? To train, get my rocker and maybe a college degree were my goals, I had given up on having my family here, so I focus on my life. I date but no committments, I am still a married man (on paper) biblically my marriage ended with when Alex became her man
  • Bobbie

    One bright spot in my life is Bobbie Jones, we met online, a beautiful woman, I was surprised that she was without someone in her life, I consider myself blessed to have even known her. She treated me with the utmost respect and she carried herself like a lady should, I was proud to have her with me. Our relationship was going great until.....
  • Diagnosis Cancer

    Diagnosis Cancer
    During an SRP, they conduct a PSA and it was unusually high, they send me to a urologist for a biopsy, diagnosis, prostate cancer, wow! No deployment with my unit, most important, I may never get to see my Bubba, Angela wants us to be a family again, move here and be with me during this crisis, I have to make a decision, my family or Bobbie, I choose family, I break a woman that loves me's heart, I will be eternally sorry and I will live to regret this decision, how? Read on....
  • Family once again...Ha!

    Family once again...Ha!
    Angela and Bubba arrive, the reunion was great, this may just work. Now we have to concentrate on getting me better, the holidays are coming up, so much to do, so many plans, and, we may need some help, and I know just who to call....
  • Mother

    My mom was more than glad to come up and contribute to my getting better any way she can, even at her age she is a strong shoulder for me, but later on I will regret having bring her up, only to witness what I have subjected myself to for almost 19 years
  • The best last Thanksgiving ever

    The best last Thanksgiving ever
    Everything was perfect, the setting was exquisite, my Mother gave the most awesome blessing I have ever heard, it brought me to tears, I wish I had recorded it, I really felt that we could possibly make it as a family, this time....I am such a fool
  • Surgery, I lose my prostate and eventually my pride

    Surgery, I lose my prostate and eventually my pride
    My first time ever being admitted into a hospital, I knew when it happened it would be for something big, and I was not disappointed. the surgery went without a flaw, my doctor said my physical make up made it very easy for him, I was up and walking late the next day and was released in 4 days, Angela was with me the whole time, could she really be sincere about this family? NO!
  • The worst Christmas ever, Rest In Peace Ethel Bailey

    The worst Christmas ever, Rest In Peace Ethel Bailey
    During recovery I noticed that my spouse was changing back to her old ways, and I also noticed she was spending a lot of time talking to our next door neighbor. We get the bad news about Ethel, Angela flies out to spend time and say goodbye to a very good woman. Angela returns home on Christmas eve, we get the news at the airport Angela cries all the way home
  • Christmas Day

    Christmas Day
    Angela decides that she wants to go back home for the funeral, I forbid her, reason being, her traveling alone and being sick, she goes against me (as usual) and makes plans to go, I make a decision and tell her what she wanted to hear anyway, if you leave, do not come back, I even help her pack her car, she leaves the next day
  • Changes for the better

    Changes for the better
    I couldn't go back to Bobbie, she had moved on, I dated a woman but nothing there, she was into her grandchildren, I get contacted by an old flame, she told me she had prayed for a second chance, but I never figured that it would happen, but prayers do get answered, I really was in love with Marie back then an amazing woman and would not bring me down, I felt that she would be a plus in this new life, she arrives Tuesday 4/16/13
  • Closure

    After a surprise visit with my daughter to get her a prom dress, Angela and I say our last goodbye. The next day our neighbor confirms what I was suspicious of, they were having an affair, I tell him that that has nothing to do with me, and I wish them well, but do NOT involve me or my daughter in this drama, we are out of this. It angers me knowing that the dress was not the real reason for her coming here, it was to consummate their affair, my daughter was used as a pawn in this scheme,
  • Closure (continued)

    Closure (continued)
    This woman will use anyone for her pleasure or to get what she wants, my neighbor will eventually find that out, I don't know if he could handle it as well as I did, I just pray that it doesn't spill over into my new family. Angela gave me 20 years of nothing, the woman couldnt even give me a child, maybe that was for the best, hurting Sydney is bad enough, but she does not care, sociopaths are evil people. The End
  • P. S. Her final words to me

    P. S.  Her final words to me
    Her reply after I told her to leave me be ...
    "Leave you be? What are you talking about? I have no interest in bothering you. You can make yourself out to be Mr Wonderful and Mr Super Dad all you want and slander my name if it makes you feel better. But I know the truth and you can't rain on my parade any more. I am happier than I have ever been with a man that really loves me instead of abusing me. Take care and good luck with Marie, I'd be careful showing her your true colors." I am a mean man