• Chapter 1-6

    Jesse Z.
    Fiction: drama--Pages 2-57-Toatle 55
    The book starts out with the main charecter White mike, who lives in up town New York. Hes aa drop out And sells drugs to his old class mate. Also Mikes friend Hunter gets in a fight With Nana at the rec center. And is now going home with blood all over his shirt.
  • Chapter 6-10

    Pages 57-80 Toatal 81.
    In this reading Nana is walking home and witnessis a murder, becasue of this he also gets shot. While this is happening white mike Is Going to Chriss's house to sell some pot, Chriss is having this mega party. with Drinking, smokingand cocain, and sex.
  • Chapter 10-14

    Pages 85-112, Total: 112
    In this reading a new drug was introduce called Twelve, Used by Jessica at chris's party. The popular Girls are bored of the party and are leaving. Chris's brother Claude is introduced, so far he sounds like a weird, racist, unstable, dangerous guy, who uses drugs, and has bought a ton of weapons. The chapter also talks abotu White Mike and his past, i realized without even using drugs they have consumed his life. He was such a great student but showed no intrest in scho
  • Chapter 14-18

    Pages 112-130 total 130
    In this reading Hunter gets accused of murder, and his parents arnt even home. It recalls a time in Mike and hunters were kids and life was so good, with out drugs. The chapters all about the past when life was good
  • CHapters 20-23

    pages-139-160 total 160
    In this reading Jessica is meeting with mike to get some more TWelve. Mike refuses to sell that drug cause he knows its bad new so he brings a high creepy guy who always has a gun, bad news im predicting. Sara is trying to get with chris just to have a party, and you find how all sara wants is to be famous in some way. These kids will do anything for there next high/ buzz
  • Chapter 23-29

    pages 160-183 total: 183
    In this reading, It really shows how mike is so strong, how he has no problem turning down drugs, which is ironinc because hes a drug dealer. Also it shows how close him and his family were so close as they were young, and how theyve spread apart, such as charlie how he misses allot but doesnt even know hes been murdered. Also it shows how stupid people are, how these high kids have guns, they dont really understand the effects it has, and there high making so dangerous
  • chapter 30-44

    pages189-239 total 239
    in this chapter Mike is thinking about his mom allot. Also Claude and Todias go back down town to and Claude buys an Uzi. Hes always high and now he too is also dangerous. Chris's friend alice pointed out a fact, saying why mike only sells and is clean. He sells so he has more controle over the over the intoxicated and he sober. And sara is still planing to have a huge party, so she'll be famous.
  • chapters 44- 52

    pages 239-286 total 286
    in this reading it talks about Claudes past and hows hes always been angry, and acted out of anger. also talks about Mike changes from sketch drug dealer to normal nice guy when hes with molly, he also lies to her saying hes working with his dad. mike has never cryed about his mom after she died. also talks about a weird homeless man screaming, mike was sober having contle he called the cops. claude was also like "practising" with his sward and stuff. hes scaring me.
  • Chapters 52-74

    pages 287-401 total 340
    in this reading two of mikes cliants, go to start stuff with a store clerk and he pulls a revolver on him. Jessica has to go see her phycarypist . hunters finally gets a hold of his dad and he so scared. mike sells to andrew whos buying for a girl.
  • chapters 74-98

    pages 405-523
    in this reading its the big party. Chris is expecting to loose his V-card. Jessica needs 12 so she offers leon new for sex in exchange.mike goes to the party, walks in on leon, he pulls charlies revoler on him. claude burst down stairs shooting everything up. the cops come and shoot him. mike has to go through surgery from being shot.