Trojan War Timeline

  • The evil Godess Eris

    The evil Godess Eris
    She was never invitied to any of the banquets, which angered her very much.
  • Golden Apple

    Golden Apple
    Eris threw a Golden Apple during King Peleus's wedding and the Apple was marked for the fairest.
  • Hera, Aphordite and Athena all wanted the Apple

    Hera, Aphordite and Athena all wanted the Apple
    They went to Paris to judge who should get the Apple. He was a made a sheppard by his father because he was sent away. He was sent away because his dad had visions of him ruining the country.
  • All of the Godesses promised him something

    Hera promised to make him lord of Asia and Europe, Athena promised that she would lead the Trojans into victory, and Aphrodite promised the fairst women in the world to be his. Paris picked Aphordite's promise because he was a coward, and this is what is beleived to have started the Trojan War.
  • Helen, the fairest women

    Paris arrived in Sparta, were Helen and her husband, Menelaus, welcomed him as a guest. Each was bond to help each other out, but Paris broke that bond. Menelaus went to Crete for a short while, and when he returned, he noticed that Helen was gone. He called for the Greeks for help, and the cheiftons respsonded, noting that their top ranks were missing, Odyseus and Achilles.
  • Odyseus

    Odyseus was one of the most sensible man in Greece. He didn't want to embark on a Romantic journy because he would be away from his family, so he acted mad. He was using salt instead of seeds, and was running the plow, when a guard took his soon right in front of the plow. He moved it out of the way, proving he had wits and was forced the join the army.
  • Achilles

    He was kept back by his mother, because he was fated to die at the battle. Instead, she sent him to the court of Lycomedes, and disguised him as a human and hide. Odyseus was sent to retreive Achilles, and he was disguised as a pedlar. When he was showing Achilles his weapons, he knew that it was him and presuaded him to join the Greek army.
  • The Great Fleet was ready

    The Great Fleet was ready
    There was thousands of ships, and they met at Aulis. However, Aulis had strong winds and dangerous tides, so it was impossible to sail unless the wind was blowing North. Chalcas, the soothsayer, said that the gods were angry and the only way to insure smooth sailing is to sacrafice Iphigenia.
  • Mouth of the Simois

    Mouth of the Simois
    The first man to leap on the shore was the first one who was destined to die, and that man happened to be Protesilaus. He was disigished by the gods, and had Hermes bring back his dead wife so they could be together again.
  • The battle begins

    The Trojan side had an advantage to begin with, they had Priam, Hecuba, and Hector who was the most bravest and noblest man of them all. The battle, at this point, had been going on for about 9 years and neither side could gain an advantage. Then, an argument broke out about Chryseis between Achilles and Agamemnon. This gave the Trojans a slight advantage. Achilles wanted her realease, but Amagemnon would not let her go. When Calchas stood up and said why the gods were angry, he let her go.
  • Achilles calls assembly to cheiftons

    Achilles calls assembly to cheiftons
    The all agree that they should try to please A[pollo, because when they made him angry, they can't win.
  • Thetis goes up to talk to Zeus.

    Thetis goes up to talk to Zeus.
    Thetis was very angry and asked Zeus to lead the Trojans to victory. Zeus hesitated at first, because the battle was starting to come up to Olympus, and he had alot of gods that wanted the Greeks to win. He wanted to remain neutral becuase Hera was on the Greek's side and she was so disagreeable. Zeus's new plan was to take out Achilles, because he thought that without him, the Greeks are useless.
  • Paris and Menelaus

    The two start to fight, and Menelaus strikes Paris. Quickly, Aphrodite comes and takes Paris back to Troy. Menelaus was very angry with this, and asked if anybody had seen Paris, but they haven't seen him. Agamenon said to both armies that Menelaus won the fight, and in return they can have Helen.
  • Dimodes meets Hector and Ares

    Dimodes meets Hector and Ares
    When this happened, Diomedes first instinct was to retreat, but Athena was with him. With the help from Athena, Diomedes killed Ares. At this point, the Trojans were forced to fall back.
  • Hector's decision

    Hector's decision
    Hector had to make a tough decision; stay with Andromache and Astayanax, or go and continue to fight in the war. He is not a coward, but chooses the battle over his family. He did give Astayanax his helment to remember him by something.
  • Zeus's anger

    Zeus's anger
    Zeus was getting more furious with the Greeks, so for a short bit of time he came down and fought personally for the Trojans. This put the Greeks close to their ships, and gave the Trojans a slight advantage.
  • Hera's plan

    Hera's plan
    Hera was for the Greek side, and obviously didn't like how Zeus favored the Trojans. Her plan was to put Zeus in a very deep sleep, and make him forget about the war. At this point, the battle turned for the Greeks, as well as injuring but not killing Hector. It was said that they would have won if Zeus hadn't waken up. Hera knew that she couldn't beat him in battle, so she blamed this on Posiden.
  • Achilles and Patroctus

    Achilles and Patroctus
    Achilles plan was give Patroctus his armor to make him look like Achilles, so the Trojans will retreat a little. In battle, Hector gave Patroctus a mortal wound and killed him. This made Achilles furious and wanted to avenge Patroctus.
  • The Gods

    At this point, the gods started to take part of this war, which gave the Greeks a slight advantage. The even pushed them back to the city. Achilles came with Athena, and the saw Hector. Athena disguised herself as Deiphobus, Achilles's brother. But it was a trap for Achilles, and she appeared with Hector. Immidiatly, he charged for Hector, and before he had time to react, he finally killed Hector. The momentum was now on the Greek's side because Hector was gone.
  • Achille's death

    Achille's death
    He had killed many people, but finally Paris shot an arrow, and Appollo redirected it to his heel, the one place he could get injured. When his mother dipped him in the River of Styx to be invincible, she forget to dip in his heel, which made that part volerable.
  • Philoctetes

    When the Greeks where going to make a sacrifice, they stopped at an island. When they were at that island, Philoctets got bit by a serpent. Serpent wounds cannot heal. It was impossible to bring him back to Troy, so they just left him on the island, which was a small advantage for the Trojans.
  • Sacred image of Athena in Troy

    The Greeks discovered that there was a sacred image of Athena in Troy. Troy couldn't be taken as long as they had this. The Greeks needed to come up with an idea of them getting in Troy without them noticing.
  • Trojan Horse

    Trojan Horse
    Odyseus came up with the idea that they should build a giant wooden horse that could fit men inside it. They loaded the horse with alot of the Greek Army and put it there overnight. They left on ship to make the Trojans think that the war was over, and this was a peace offering. Lacoon, however suspected that it was a trap, but his warnings were ignored.
  • Fall of Troy

    Fall of Troy
    During the night, the horse opens and the troops poured out. They started burning buildings, and slaughtered soldiers that came out of their houses. They tried to fight back but it was useless. Achilles son murdered Priam infront of his daughter and wife, and Helen fled to be with Menelaus again. The Greeks one the war.