The Trojan War

  • The Goddess Eris

    She was an unliked goddess who wasn't invited to a wedding in olympus. She planned to intrude on the wedding.
  • The Golden Apple

    The Golden Apple
    Was said to belong to the fairest. Eris threw this apple into the wedding and it had to be decided who it belonged to. It was narrowed down to Athrodite, Athena, and Hera.
  • Prince Paris

    Was chosen to decide who the apple belonged to. He was offered bribes from all three of the chosen.
  • The Three Bribes

    The Three Bribes
    Hera offered paris to be the ruler of all of europe and asia. Athena offered paris triumph in battle against the greeks. Aphrodite offered paris the love of the fairest woman in the world. He chose Aphrodite's offer.
  • Helen

    She was the Fairest woman in the world. Daughter of Zeus and Loda. Father was King Tyandareus. He did not want to decide who she would marry.
  • Paris Steals Helen

    All of greece search for her. When they learn of her whereabouts in Troy, the cheiftans were sent to save her.
  • Chieftans Reach Troy

    The first to enter the shores of troy was said to die, so Protesilaus entered first and was honorably killed.
  • Achillies and Agamemnon Argue

    Agamemnon stole Apollo's priest's daughter. Achillies wanted to return her so that Apollo wouldn't be on the side against the greeks in war. When he sent her back, Agamemnon toook Achillies maiden Briseis.
  • Achillies Mother

    She told Achillies to join the side of troy. In doing this, she asked the gods that troy be triumphant in battle. Zeus granted this request.
  • Paris vs. Menelaus

    Menelaus was Helen's husband. They were the first to battle, and Menelaus was about to kill Paris, but Athrodite came and save him. Athena couldn't let this all go without a fight, so she forced a man from troy to shot at Menelaus.
  • Start of War

    Ajax and Diomedes were the best warriors from greece because Achillies refused to fight. Diomedes attemptes to fight Prince Hector of troy, but he is frightened by the sight of Ares fighting along side him. Athena then spears Ares and all fall back from battle.
  • Athena's Offer

    Hector's mother offers her best robe to Athena in pursuit of safety for all the women and children. Her request was denied.
  • War Continues

    Zeus has all the olympians stay away from the war accept himself. He helped the trojans, and led Hector to victory by driving the greeks back to their ship.
  • After the Battle

    A Cheiftan ays that they will not win unless Agamemnon appoligizes to Achillies. He does and Achillies refuses his request to join the greeks in war.
  • War Starts Between the Gods

    War Starts Between the Gods
    Hera tricks Zeus into falling asleep and everyone starts to take sides. Before long, battle breaks out between the gods.
  • War Starts back up again

    War Starts back up again
    The greeks start to win the battles. Although without Achilles, Patrodus puts on his armour and leads the greeks into battle. He is then killed by Hector, and Achillies becomes very mad. He then recieves armour forged by Hephasteus and has a battle with Hector. Hector is easily defeated and Achillies is very disrespectful towards his foes body. King Priam of Troy asks for his body back, and Achillies gives it back, and the war is stopped until Hector's funeral ended.
  • Prince Meunas

    Prince Meunas comes to the war and battles under troy. He endes up being killed by Achillies.
  • Achillies is Killed

    Achillies is Killed by Prince Paris. He shot an arrow at him, and Apollo guides it to his heel, the only place that can kill him.
  • The Armour of Achillies

    It was to be given to the best warrior left in battle. It was dwindelled down to Odesseus and Ajax. it was given to Odesseus and Ajax is ashamed. That night he goes crazy and kills many sheep. He becomes even more ashamed when he comes to his senses, and he kills himself.
  • The Greeks Become Desperate

    They find out that they will need to capture Herculeus Bow in order to win. They get it and with it kill Prince Paris. Then they were told that they cannot win unless they take the Paladium (Apollo's image). Odesseus and Diomedes then take it.
  • 10 Years Later

    The war is still going on, and the greeks need a plan in order to take troy. Odesseus then devises a plan.
  • The Trojan Horse

    The Trojan Horse
    Odessues's plan was to create a gian woden horse and give it to the trojans as a sign of peace. The Chieftans would then hide on a small island near troy. Odesseus and others would then hid inside of the horse and be taken behind the walls. They would then open the walls and the chieftans would come and invade the town. The plan worked perfectly and troy was defeated. All of the women were taken as slaves, and all of the children were killed, including Hector's son.