Iliad chapter 13

Iliad Chapter 13

  • The Judgment of Paris

    The Judgment of Paris
    Paris had to choose between the three fairest goddesses. But he did not look at their beauty, he looked to their bribes. Aphrodite offered him the best by offering the fairest women in the world. This seemed as though the best option, because Paris was somewhat of a coward.
  • King Tyndareus's decision

    King Tyndareus's decision
    King Tyndareus chose Menelaus as Helen's husband. This is significant because every man in Greece wanted to marry Helen, because she was the most beautiful women in the world. All the suitors had to swsear an oath to protect Helen and the man she married, so that no harm could be done to Tyndareus. Menelaus was the brother of Agamemnon, and became the King of Sparta after Tyndareuos gave him Helen.
  • Helen's disappearence

    Helen's disappearence
    Menelaus and Helen took Paris in as a house guest, fully expecting him to follow the rules of house guest. When Menelaus was in Crete, Paris took his chance and won Helen over. He then took her back to Troy, which Menelaus found out once he got back.
  • The Gathering of Chieftans

    The Gathering of Chieftans
    All of the chieftans came, as they were bond by the oath made to Tyndareous. They came in excitement to lay the mighty troy in ashes. But two men were missing: Odysseus and Achilles. Odysseus was the King of the Island of Ithca, and Achilles was the son Peleus and the sea nymph Thetis
  • First Off, First to Die

    First Off, First to Die
    An Oracle had said the first man off the boat when the reached Troy would die first. This mans name was Protesilaus, and when he had fallen by a trojans spear he was remembered almost as a God.
  • Achilles Against Agamemnon

    Achilles Against Agamemnon
    When Agamemnon angered Apollo's priest, he prayed to his God and Apollo heard him. Apollo sent a deadly disease onto to Greek army. To get rid of the dead, they had to return Chryseis, Apollo's priest daughter. This angered Agamemnon because Chryseis was his war price. Agamemnon then took Briseis, Achilles war price, and Achilles swore to the Gods and men that Agamemnon would pay dearly for this deed.
  • Zeus Comes to Rescue

    Zeus Comes to Rescue
    After Briseis was taken from Achilles, his mother Thetis, a sea-nymph, came to him. She then went to Olympus and asked Zeus in helping the Trojans come to victory. Zeus's plan was simple, if the Greeks didn't have Achilles they were destined for failure. Zeus then sent a dream to Agamemnon about fighting right away, so in turn Agamemnon went to battle without Achilles.
  • Paris vs. Menelaus

    Paris vs. Menelaus
    Paris and Menelaus were destined to fight, for they were the two started the war. Paris took the first swing, but it was reflected by Menelaus who soon took the lead, even after his sword had fallen to the ground broken. Menelaus took Paris by the helmet and swung him off the ground.
  • Aphrodite's Interference

    Aphrodite's Interference
    When it looked as though Paris was going to loose, Aphrodite interfered. Aphrodite tore the strap that held the helmet onto Paris's head, and he was released from Menelaus's grip. Aphrodite then took Paris up and swept him into Troy for safety.
  • Athena's Interference

    Athena's Interference
    With Hera's prompting, Athena went down to the battle field and persuaded Pandarus, a Trojan, to break the new treaty. He shot his arrow at Menelaus and wounded him. This angered the greeks and the war began again.
  • Aphrodite'a help

    Aphrodite'a help
    When Aphrodite's son, Aeneas, was wounded by Diomedes she swept down to save him. When Diomedes saw Aphrodite he knew she wasn't smart on the battle field and lunged towards her cutting her with his blade. Aphrodite being hurt dropped Aeneas, but he survived.
  • Apollo Comes to the Rescue

    Apollo Comes to the Rescue
    After Aphrodite dropped Aeneas Apollo came to his aid. Apollo took him in a cloud and carried him to Pergamos. Pergamos was the holy place of Troy, and here Artemis healed his wound.
  • Athena's Offering

    Athena's Offering
    A brother of Hector told him to go back into the city and have his mother offer her fairest robe to Athena. Hector ran back to the city, and his mother did everything she was told. Praying "Lady Athena, spare the city and the wives of the Trojans and the little children." But Athena denied the prayer.
  • Hector's Goodbye

    Hector's Goodbye
    When Hector heads back to the battlefield he sees his wife and peruses her. She breaks down and asks him not to leave, but he knows he must go. When he turned to leave he reached out his arms for his son, who was being held by a maid. The child shrunk back in fear of his armor. This created a laugh from Hector, as he took of his helmet and held his son for what seemed like the last time.
  • Agamemnon's Confession

    Agamemnon's Confession
    Agamemnon finally confesses to acting like a fool when it came to his war prices. He declares he will give Briseis back as well as many other splendid gifts.
  • Hera's Seduction

    Hera's Seduction
    When Hera saw the Trojans winning she looked up to Mount Ida where Zeus was watching the battle. Hera did everything she knew how to make herself beautiful, then she borrowed Aphrodite's girdle with all her enchantments. She then went to Zeus and he was overcome with love and he forgot his promise to Thetis.
  • Patroclus's in Armor

    Patroclus's in Armor
    When Patroclus, Achilles dear friend, he called to Achilles asking to wear his armor. Achilles was nursing his anger towards Agamemnon and refused to fight, so Patroclus believed that if the Trojan's saw the mighty Achilles coming to battle they would pause and it would give the Greeks a chance to fight back.
  • The Fall of Patroclus

    The Fall of Patroclus
    After Patroclus leads Achilles men to bettle he fights vicously as if he was Achilles himself. Patroclus soon comes face to face with Hector, and he knows his death is to come. Hector gave him a mortal wound that bleed to the house of Hades, when Hector had won the battle he stripped the armor from Patroclus and put it on himself.
  • Hector's Death

    Hector's Death
    Achilles is determined to amend Patroclus's death, so when morning comes he goes to Troy. He feels ashamed in front of the men he left to fight for themselves, but he knows he must get redemption. When Hector and Achilles finally come together they have a mighty but shirt battle. Achilles knows the weakness pf his armor, and while Hector is wearing it drives a spear into his neck, this in turn kills Hector.
  • Hector's Funeral

    Hector's Funeral
    After Achilles kills Hector he still feels as though it wasn't enough for his fallen friend. Achilles then pierces Hector's feet and ties him to the back of the chariot and proceeds to drag him around the walls of Troy. When Achilles gets to Patroclus's body he exclaims "Hear me even in house of Hades. I have dragged Hector behind mt chariot and I will give him to the dogs to devour beside your funeral pyre."