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The Trojan War

  • 100

    Eris Starts Trouble

    Eris Starts Trouble
    Eris is the evil goddess of discord and she is not invited to the wedding of King Peleus and the nymph Thetis, this upsets her so she throws a golden apple with "for the fairest" written on it into the wedding. Aphrodite, Athena, and Hera all want it, and Zeus doesn't want to choose between them.
  • 150

    Paris chooses; it all begins

    Paris chooses; it all begins
    The three goddesses go to Paris, who is near Troy. Each of them offer him bribes, but he chooses Aphrodite's bribe. It was that he would have the fairest woman in the world.
  • 200

    Helen comes into the picture

    The fairest woman in the world is Helen, she is wanted by all men. There is trouble choosing her a husband, but it ends up being Menelaus. Aphrodite brings Paris to Helen as she promised and he is her guest. Menelaus leaves, trusting Paris, but Paris takes Helen for his own!
  • 250

    The Greek Army is called in!

    Menelaus finds Helen gone and he calls the Greek Army to help get her back. Two of the greatest warriors, Odysseus and Achilles, had trouble coming to help, but they were eventually recruited.
  • 300

    The Army tries to leave for Troy

    The Army tries to leave for Troy
    Artemis was keeping the army in Greece with great winds because one of her sacred hares was killed by a Greek. In order to leave the army had to sacrifice Agamemnons daughter, Iphigenia. Agamemnon was very sad about it, but he did it for the army's sake. The Greeks are able to reach Troy!
  • 350

    Chryseis and Apollo

    Chryseis and Apollo
    The Greeks capture Chyseis, the daughter of Apollo's priest and give her to Agamemnon, one of their leaders. Apollo is furious and sends fiery arrows to the army that sicken them. Achilles tells the army that they need to give Chyseis back because they can't last Apollo's wrath. Agamemnon is angry that his prize is gone so he steals Achilles' prize. Achilles says that Agamemnon will pay for that deed.
  • 400

    The Gods and Goddesses choose sides

    Thetis wants to side with the Trojans so she asks Zeus to help them. Aphrodite, Ares, Apollo, and Artemis all help the Trojans, while Hera, Athena, and Poseidon help the Greeks. The Trojans attack the Greeks; Paris and Menelaus end up facing each other. Paris is protected by Aphrodite and taken away, Athena and Hera don't want the war to end, so Athena tells a Trojan to shoot at Menelaus and the war continues.
  • 450

    Aeneas is almost killed!

    Aeneas is almost killed!
    On the Greek side, two of the best champions are Diomedes and Ajax. Diomedes tries to kill Aeneas, but Aphrodite comes to help him. Diomedes cuts her hand making her drop Aeneas. Apollo comes in and brings Aeneas to Artemis who heals him. Diomedes sees Hector with Ares on the Trojan side and he tells the Greek army to fall back.
  • 500

    Hera and Zeus....

    Hera and Zeus....
    Hera wants the Greeks to win so she tells Zeus to drive Ares off of the battlefield. Hera encourages Diomedes to continue against the Trojans. He rushes towards Ares with a spear and Athena drives it into his body. Zeus is still helping the Trojans, and to stop this Hera goes to Zeus looking beautiful distracting him from helping the Trojans. The tide is now in favor of the Greeks!
  • 550

    Patroclus to the rescue

    The Greeks are about to defeat the Trojans when Zeus wakes up! He is very angry at Hera, but she blames it on Poseidon. Zeus tells Poseidon to stop aiding the Greeks and he obeys. The Greeks are forced back to their ships when Patroclus, Achilles' friend dresses as Achilles and defends the Greeks. When Hector meets Patroclus face to face he realizes it isn't Achilles and kills Patroclus.
  • Apr 18, 600

    Achilles comes to help.

    Achilles comes to help.
    Achilles enters the battle on the side of the Greeks with armor made by Hephaestus himself! Hector knows he is going to die in this war, but he goes out even though his parents don't want him to. Achilles and Athena chase Hector and he flees three different times. Athena disguises as Hector's brother which makes him stop. Achilles then kills Hector with a spear at the throat.
  • Apr 18, 650

    Hector's funeral

    Achilles drags Hector's body on the end of this chariot after he kills him. This abuse of the dead makes the gods displeased. Zeus tells King Priam that he can take back Hector's body. The Trojans have a nine day funeral for him. They collect his ashes, bury them in a low grave, and lay stones over it.
  • Apr 18, 700

    Achilles' end.

    The Trojans receive help from Prince Memnon of Ethiopia. Achilles kills the Prince, and then he falls. Paris shoots Achilles in the one spot he is vulnerable, his foot. When he was born his mother, Thetis, dipped him in the River Styx to make him invulnerable, but she forgot about the place that she was holding him. Ajax carries his body back to the Greek camp while Odysseus fights off Trojans.
  • Apr 18, 750

    Ajax has some troubles..

    Ajax has some troubles..
    There is a secret vote on who will receive Achilles' armor. It was between Odysseus and Ajax, and Odysseus won. Ajax feels like a disgrace and he is determined to kill Agamemnon. On his way to do so, Athena strikes him with madness. He kills flocks of sheep that he thinks are men, and he beats a ram that he thinks is Odysseus. He eventually realizes what he has done, he feels horrible about it and he kills himself.
  • Apr 18, 1000

    The Genius Plan is put into action!

    The Genius Plan is put into action!
    One Greek stayed behind in the camp to tell the Trojans that the horse was made as an offering to Athena. He told them that the Greeks didn't want them to bring it into Troy so Athena would be angry at them, so they bring it into the city. At night the Greeks in the horse sneak out and unlock the gate to let the rest of the army in.
  • Apr 18, 1050

    Troy is destroyed

    Troy is destroyed
    Troy thought the war was over and the Greeks had left, but they were wrong. At night the army sets buildings on fire and the Trojans wake up. They try to fight against the Greeks, but most of them are slaughtered. Trojans would throw the remains of roofs at the Greeks to try to stop them. The Greeks break into the palace and King Priam is killed by Achilles' son.
  • Apr 18, 1100

    A city now in ruins...

    All of the Trojan leaders are dead except for Aeneas. Aphrodite saves him, and he is able to escape. Helen is also saved by Aphrodite, she goes back to Greece with Menelaus. In the morning Troy is in fiery ruin; Troy is no longer.
  • The Greeks are ready to defeat the Trojans..almost

    The Greeks are ready to defeat the Trojans..almost
    The Greeks find out from a prophet that to defeat the Trojans they need to have Hercueles' bow and arrows. When Hercules died he gave them to Philocretes. Philocretes is on an abandoned island.
  • Going to Philocretes

    The Greeks send Odysseus and a few other men to get the bow and arrows. They convince Philocretes to come back with them to help. The first person shot by Philocretes is Paris.
  • Pallas Athena

    Pallas Athena
    The Greeks still need to do another thing to be able to destroy Troy. They have to remove the sacred image of Athena hanging in the city called Pallas Athena. Odysseus and Diomedes sneak in, steal it, and take it to their camp.
  • Odysseus comes up with a plan

    Using his cunning and clever mind Odysseus comes up with a plan to take Troy. The only way to take Troy is to surprise them. A worker creates a large hollow wooden horse that some of the Greeks hide in. The other Greeks leave the camp and hide behind an island.