Trojan horse

Trojan War by Kaylina Johnston

  • The Gift of the Golden Apple

    The Gift of the Golden Apple
    It all started when Zeus gave the prince of Troy, Paris, a golden apple to give to any goddess he chose. When Paris said that he would give it to the fairest one, every goddess in Olympus went crazy. They offered him gifts if he chose them. Paris finally gave the apple to Aphrodite, goddess of love, in exchange for a beautiful maiden named Hellen.
  • The Abduction of a Maiden

    The Abduction of a Maiden
    After Paris chose Hellen, he went to retrieve her, it happenning to be that she was married to Menelaus. When he got to Sparta, Menelaus treated him as a royal guest. However, when Menelaus went off to a funeral, Paris ran away with Hellen. They were married in Troy.
  • The Beginning of War

    The Beginning of War
    When Menelaus returned and realized what Paris had done, he swore vengeance. He rallied all of the kings in Greece. This included the wise Odysseus and (almost) invincible Achilles. War ensued and lasted for many years.
  • Paris is Saved

    Paris is Saved
    Paris and Menelaus finally engage in one-on-one combat. Just as Menelaus is aabout to slay Paris, Aphrodite saves him by wrapping him in mist and spiriting him away to his very own bedroom in Troy. Aphrodite then appeared to Hellen and told her that Paris was waiting for her.
  • Greeks Backfire in a Strive for Information

    In an effort to gain information and see what the Greeks were planning, the Trojans sent Dolon as a scout. However, Odysseus and Diomede captured him and forced information out of him about the Trojans (including their password) and then killed him.Afterward, they killed the Thracian king who was coming to help the Trojans and stole the king's horses.
  • The Death of Paris

    During the war, Paris was wounded. He knew that his only hope was to be healed by Oenone, a nymph that he lived with after he was abandoned by his parents in the wilds of Mt. Ida. He left her when he was promised Hellen. Because of this, she refused to heal him because she was still angry with him. Even as he was dying, Paris still couldn't say that she was more beautiful than Hellen. Oenone sent him away and because of this, he died on his way back to Troy.
  • Odysseus' Historical Idea

    Odysseus' Historical Idea
    One of the greatest ideas that went down in history (or if some don't believe, folklore) is the idea of the Trojan horse. Odysseus, with the help of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, thought of this plan.The Trojan horse was a grandios wooden horse that the Greeks built and filled with warriors. When they parked it in front of the Trojans, there was great commotion on what its purpose was and if it should be taken inside the gates. After much arguing, it was brought in and the warriors jumped out.
  • Menelaus Retrieves his Maiden

    Menelaus Retrieves his Maiden
    Because Paris was now dead, Menelaus took Hellen back to Greece with him. Although, he couldn't get any farther than Egypt. A sea nymph told him to ask the god Proteus for help to get home, but it was difficult to recieve his aid. He had to hold on while the god turned into many animals and objects. Proteus finally told him to make offerings to the gods for fair winds. He returned home in time and he and Hellen lived happily ever after.
  • In the House of the Swineherder

    In the House of the Swineherder
    One day, a mysterious beggar came to the house of Eumaeus. He told the swineherd of Odysseus, with little success, of the wanderings of Odysseus and that Odysseus would take revenge on the suitors. Even though Eumeaus was in disbelief, he gave the beggar a bed for the night. The next day, the beggar revealed himself as Odysseus.
  • Odysseus Returns

    Odysseus Returns
    The wife of Odysseus, Penelope, said that she would marry whichever man who could "string the bow of Odysseus and send an arrow through the holes of twelve axes set in a row." None of the suitors could do it, but Odysseus, still disguised as a beggar, asked if he could try. After he did it with ease, he shot Antinous and then the rest of the suitors. Anyway, now that Odysseus was home, the great Trojan War was declared over.