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The Trojan War

By PierceW
  • Eris the Goddess of Discord, starts off feuds.

    Eris the Goddess of Discord, starts off feuds.
    Mad at not being invited to a banquent held by the gods, Eris was determined to make trouble. At the marraige of Achilles's parents Peleus and Thetis, she threw a golden apple into the hall marked 'for the fairest'. All the gods wanted the apple but it was narrowed down to Aphrodite, Hera and Athena. They asked Zeus to judge them but he wisely chose not to.
  • Zeus tells the Goddesses to go to Paris

    Zeus tells the Goddesses to go to Paris
    When the godesses approached Zeus to judge them who was to get the apple he instead told them of a man named Paris. He said Paris was a Prince of Troy and a fine judge of Beauty. The 3 goddesses then went to Troy seeking this Trojan Prince.
  • Paris Chooses Aphrodite

    Paris Chooses Aphrodite
    Instead of letting Paris judge their looks, the goddesses offered him bribes. Hera promised to make him lord of Europe and Asia. Athena promised to lead the Trojans to victory agaisnt the Greeks and lay Greeece in ruins, and Aphrodite promised to be his maiden. Paris chose Aphrodite out of human stupididty and gave her the apple. "Judgement of Paris" is known as the cause of the Trojan War.
  • Paris Steals Helen

    Paris Steals Helen
    Paris asks Aphrodite to show him the most beautiful woman in the world and she takes him to Greece. They go as guests to a house party held in Sparta by the great King Menelaus and his wife Helen. While Menelaus is away in Crete, Paris steals her and takes her to Troy.
  • Menelaus Leads 1,000 Greek ships en route to Troy

    Menelaus Leads 1,000 Greek ships en route to Troy
    Before Helen was married to Menelaus, about 45 different chieftains wanted to marry her. After Menelaus did, they all formed an oath that if anyone was to wrong do her or steal her they would band up and fight the person. After Paris steals Helen, Menelaus calls to all the chieftains in which after they gather about 1,000 ships. Some famous people who also join were Odysseus, Ajax and Achilles. Because of bad winds, the ships were stuck in a Greek port-town named Aulis.
  • Agamemmnon Sacrifices His Daughter

    Agamemmnon Sacrifices His Daughter
    While stuck in Aulis, the Greeks are confused as to why the seas and winds are very ferocious. Calchas, a prophet tells Menelaus that the winds were bad because Artemis was upset. He told them Artemis was angry at the Greeks because they had slaughtered one of her hares. He also told them that to come to terms with Artemis, they would have to sacrifice Agamemmnon's daughter Iphigenia. Not wanting to ruin his reputation and army career, he agrees and they kill her. The ships then go to Troy.
  • The Greeks Arrive at Troy

    The Greeks Arrive at Troy
    The ships arrive at Troy and the first man to step off onto the beach is named Protesilaus, he is killed by an arrow and the Greeks honor him. A battle rages on after for 9 years between the Greek and Trojan armies. Achilles, the great warrior, fights alongside the Greeks because he wants his name to be remembered
  • Achilles Quarrels With Agamemnon

    Achilles Quarrels With Agamemnon
    After sacking a Temple of Apollo, Agamemnon and Achilles quarrel over who would have the priestess Briseis. Agamemnon ended up taking her from Achilles and Achilles's mother was upset. She then asked Zeus to give victory to the Trojans. Zeus heard her and sent Agamemnon a dream that if he charged the Trojans he would win. He then charges the next day.
  • Paris Fights Menelaus

    Paris Fights Menelaus
    Paris faces Menelaus the next day in the midst of battle and is injured. Right as he is about to be killed, Aphrodite grabs him and takes him back to Troy. When both armies stop fighting for a few minutes, they agree to stop if the Trojans just hand over Helen. Athena persuades a weak Trojan named Pandaros to shoot an arrow at Menelaus breaking the compromise. The battle then rages on without Achilles (he was smart enough not to fight and was angry at Agamemnon).
  • Diomedes Wounds Aeneas and Athena

    Diomedes Wounds Aeneas and Athena
    During the fighting, a Greek warrior named Diomedes wounds a Trojan warrior named Aeneas. While closing in on the kill, Athena quickly tries to scoop up Aeneas. Seeing what she is doing, Diomedes slashes Athena's hand causing her to drop Aeneas in pain. Apollo quickly comes in to pick up Aeneas and take him to Troy.
  • Diomedes Fights Ares

    Diomedes Fights Ares
    After hurting Athena, Diomedes is frightened by Ares who is fighting with the Trojans. But, before he was able to run away, Hera gave him strength and determination to fight Ares. Diomedes then attacks Ares and wounds him severely. Ares lets out a cry so loud it shakes both armies and causes him to flee back to Olympus.
  • The Trojans Counterattack the Greeks

    The Trojans Counterattack the Greeks
    After the fighting with Ares and Athena, Zeus orders all the Gods to stay on Olympus and not intervene with the war. Hector leads a counterattack on the Greeks and pushes them back almost to their ships. Nestor a wise chieftain tells Agamemnon to appease Achilles in order for him to help them. Agamemnon then sends some chariots with gold and jewels in hope to bring Achilles back into the fight.
  • Achilles Refuses and the Greeks attempt to fight back

    Achilles Refuses and the Greeks attempt to fight back
    Achilles tells the Greeks "Not all the riches in Egypt could make me change my mind". In desperation the next day the Greeks fight the Trojans but are pushed back again to the beaches. Hera distracts Zeus with her beauty so the Greeks could fight back. Ajax wounds Hector and Aeneas carries him back to Troy. The Greeks push the Trojans back until Zeus wakes up. When he does, the Trojans push again to the point where they are about to burn the ships.
  • "Achilles" leads the Greeks in another counterattack

    "Achilles" leads the Greeks in another counterattack
    The Greeks follow "Achilles'" in a counterattack which slightly pushes the Trojans back. Achilles faces Hector in a fight which ends up with Achilles's throat slit and him on the floor. Hector removes his helmet to discovers he killed Patroclus, Achilles's cousin who was wearing his armor. The armies end the fight for the day and Achilles is grief stricken by Patroclus's death.
  • Achilles Faces Hector

    Achilles Faces Hector
    Thetis, Achilles's mother brings Achilles armor crafted by Hephaestus in an attempt to make him happy. Achilles is wowed by the armor and leads the Greeks against the Trojans led by Hector. He faces Hector and ends up killing him. He then parades his body around the walls of Troy carried by a chariot.
  • Priam Makes a deal with Achilles

    Priam Makes a deal with Achilles
    Priam comes late in the night and talks to Achilles. Achilles reveals his soft heart to Priam and they agree to hand over Hector's mangled body. The Trojans are then allowed to mourn Hector's body on a funeral pyre for 9 days.
  • Achilles is Slain

    Achilles is Slain
    In a fight the next day, Achilles kills a prince named Memnon. Paris shoots an arrow guided by Apollo at Achilles and wounds him in his heel. Odysseus is given his armor and Ajax kills himself after not getting the armor and killing a couple of chieftains.
  • Paris is Slain and the Horse is Devised

    Paris is Slain and the Horse is Devised
    A man named Philoctetes kills Paris with a bow and after Odysseus comes up with a plan including a horse. It was a wooden giant horse with a hollow body to allow men to hide in it. The ships were taken out of the port and hid nearby while a Greek named Sinon tells Priam that the horse was a gift to Poseidon that the Greeks made to sail safely home in defeat.
  • The Fall of Troy

    The Fall of Troy
    The Trojans take in the Horse and parade around it the whole day in celebration of victory. During the night, Greek soldiers slowly creep out of the horse and open the gates to let in the whole Greek army. The Greeks then sack, pillage and destroy building upon building in the destroyed city. Achilles's son Pyrrthus kills Priam and some of the royalty escape through tunnels. This is considered the end of the war.