Trojan War Timeline

  • The Golden Apple

    The Golden Apple
    This was made by Eris who was full of jealousy and resentment towards the gods. She put this apple at a wedding and on it said to the fairest. All the godesses wanted it and it came down to Aphorodite, Hera and Athena. Zeus was chosen to decide, but couldn't and sent them to
  • Paris's Judgement

    Paris was The King of Troy's castaway sun, for he was destined to tear Troy apart. All three of the goddesses bribed Paris. Aphrodite with the fairest woman in all the world, Hera with making him the lord of Europe and Asia and Athena with Paris leading the trojans against a great voctory over the Greeks. Paris chose Aphrodite.
  • Helen and Paris

    Paris chose to have Helen, the fairest woman in all the world. There was a conflict, because Helen was now with Menelaus. Paris gained their trust and took Helen away. Menelaus called all of Greece to help and they headed towards Troy.
  • The Greeks attack the Trojan Walls

    The Greeks attack the Trojan Walls
    The Greeks sail to Troy to find Helen and Paris. The war now officially starts.
  • The War Waivers back and forth

    Neither the Greeks nor the Trojans can get a leg up for 9 years until the tides turned for the Tojans.
  • Quarrel Between Achilles and Agamenmon

    Quarrel Between Achilles and Agamenmon
    Chryseis was given to Agamenmon as a prize, but her father was Apollo's priest. The priest prayed to Apollo and he shot fire arrows down at the Greek Army. The Cheiftans and Achilles decided it would be best if they returned his prize Chryseis for the sake of the army.
  • The Tojan War had Reached Olympus

    On the Torjan side was Zeus, Aphrodite, Ares, Apollo and Artemis. On the greek side was Hera, Athena and Poseidon.
  • The Fight Between Paris and Menelaus

    The Fight Between Paris and Menelaus
    The armies let the two fight it out themselves. Menelaus was about to take Paris down when Aphrodite got involved. She took him out of the war and back to Troy. The armies decided Menelaus was the winner, until Athena got a trojan warrior to shoot an arrow at Menelaus and the war raged on.
  • Zeus Ordered all the Immortals to Stop Getting Involved

    Zeus was now the only immortal fighting with the Trojans. The Trojans also had a skilled warrior and son of the king of Troy named Hector. The greeks were now cornered on the beach by the Trojans.
  • Hera and Zeus

    Hera and Zeus
    Hera made herself irressistable to Zeus and put him into a sleep that made him forget about the trojans. The war then turned in favor of the Greeks and Hector had been wounded. Poseidon was held responsible for the sleep of Zeus for he was helping the Greeks when Zeus said not to.
  • Zeus Comes Back

    Zeus comes back to help the Trojans and Hector had been healed. This then turns the favors to the Trojans.
  • Patroclus as Achilles

    Patroclus is Achilles best friend and decides to go fight for the Greeks. The only thing is that he takes Achilles armour and pretends to be him. This scares the Trojans, but he was no match for Hector. Achilles now comes back to the Greeks and is determined to get Hector back.
  • The Capture of Helenus

    Helenus is a prophet of the Trojans and is captured by the Greeks. He tells them that the only way that they could win is if they had the bow and arrow of Hercules. Odysseus tricks his way into getting the bow and Arrow. The first person killed with them is
  • The Palladium

    The Greeks also learn about the Palladium. This is a painting of the god Athena and as long as the Tojans have it, Troy could not be taken over by the Greeks. Odysseus and Diomedes steal it.
  • The Greeks make a plan

    The Greeks wanted to make a plan that would end the war that has lasted 10 years. The plan is made by Oddyseus and includes a giagantic wooden horse, Sinon and a few lies.
  • Sinon and the Horse

    Sinon is sent in with the horse and pretends that he has ran away from the Greeks. He says he was goign to be a sacrifice and with pity the Tojans took him in as a Greek. He told them that the Greeks were gone and had given up. His lies would bring the horse into the city. Sinon said the horse was a votive offering to Athena.
  • The Greeks and the Horse

    The Greeks and the Horse
    Part of the plan was to have Greek cheiftans and warriors hide inside the horse. So when the Trojans take the horse inside as an offering they will be inside the walls-their main goal.
  • The Attack

    The Trojans had no idea because they had assumed the war was over, they had won and never questioned Sinons story. When the Trojans were sleeping the warriors climbed out of the horse and started to attack.
  • The Greeks Jump Out

    The Greeks jump out of the wooden horse and set fires throughout the cities. They rip of roofs and foundations of buildings. The Trojans scramble to get organized, but continually get tricked; the Greek's put on Trojan armour.
  • Greeks Rush In

    The Greeks use a large beam to knock down the walls. All the Greeks had hidden to make the Trojans beleive the story. Now that the plan was working they all came out and helped attack Troy until all that was left were scraps.