Trojan horse

The Trojan War

  • Jan 1, 1200

    Eris - Goddess of Discord

    Eris is left out of a banquet and throws a golden apple into the banquet hall marked For The Fairest. Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena want the apple. Zeus doesn't want to get involved.
  • Feb 1, 1200

    Judgement of Paris

    Judgement of Paris
    Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera are sent to Paris of Troy by Zeus for him to decide which is the fairest. All offer bribes. He chooses Aphrodite who offers the fairest woman in all the world.
  • Mar 1, 1200

    Paris steals Helen from Greece

    Helen is the most beautiful woman in the world. Helen's husband calls upon the Greek Army to retrieve her and Odysseus and Achilles are sought out to join the army.
  • Jun 1, 1200

    Artemis stops Greek Army

    Artemis holds back the Army out on the sea until they sacrifice a royal maiden to make up for killing a family of hares.
  • Period: Jun 1, 1200 to Dec 31, 1210

    Trojan War

  • Period: Jun 1, 1200 to Dec 31, 1209

    No Advantage for Greeks or Trojans

  • Jan 1, 1210

    Achilles stays out of battle

    Agamemnon (Greek) took away Achille's (Greek) prize of honor and Thetis, his mother, convinces him to have nothing to do with the Greeks. Gives Trojans an advantage.
  • Jan 1, 1210

    Gods and Goddesses take sides

    For the Greeks: Hera, Athena, and Poseidon
    For the Trojans: Aphrodite, Ares, Apollo, Artemis
    Zeus favors the Trojans but would rather stay neutral
  • Feb 1, 1210

    Paris vs. Menelaus

    Menelaus (Greek), Helen's husband, wins and Trojans are nearly convinced to give Helen back but Athena persuades someone to break the truce and the war rages on.
  • Mar 1, 1210

    Diomedes vs. Aeneas

    Aeneas (Trojan) is wounded and Aphrodite tries to carry him away but Diomedes (Greek) hurts her so she flees. Apollo saves Aeneas.
  • Apr 1, 1210

    Diomedes & Athena vs Hector & Ares

    Diomedes & Athena vs Hector & Ares
    Diomedes (Greek) tells Greeks to fall back, having spotted Ares beside Hector (Trojan). Hera urges him to fight Ares and Athena drives Diomedes spear into Ares (picture of Athena helping Diomedes).
  • Apr 2, 1210

    Trojan Queen makes offering for Athena

    Hector urges the Queen of Troy to offer a beautiful robe to Athena. She prays for help but Athena denies the prayer.
  • May 1, 1210

    Zeus & Trojans vs Hera & Greeks

    Zeus helps Trojans gain advantage. Achilles is bribed into rejoining the fight but refuses. Hera puts Zeus to sleep and advantage goes to Greeks until he awakes.
  • Jun 1, 1210

    Patroclus vs Hector

    Patroclus (Greek), a friend of Achilles, urges him to fight. Achilles refuses once more but allows him to take his armor. Patroclus leads Achilles men until Hector kills him.
  • Jul 1, 1210

    Achiles & Athena vs Hector

    Achiles & Athena vs Hector
    Thetis has Hephaestus make Achilles new armor and weapons (as seen in picture). Achilles wants revenge for Patroclus's death and chases Hector. Athena tricks Hector into stopping.
  • Jul 2, 1210

    Achilles kills Hector

    Achilles kills Hector
    Achilles drags Hector's body behind his chariot (in picture). The Trojan King visits Achilles and the Greeks allow a 9 day truce for Hector's funeral.
  • Aug 1, 1210

    Achilles is killed

    Achilles dies when Paris shoots an arrow at him and Apollo guides it to hit his heel, his only weak spot.
  • Sep 1, 1210

    Ajax & Paris die

    Ajax (Greek) commits suicide. Paris dies by Hercules's bow and arrows
  • Period: Sep 1, 1210 to Dec 31, 1210

    Fall of Troy

  • Sep 2, 1210

    Greeks steal image of Athena from Troy

    Troy couldn't be taken while it had possesion of the image of Athena.
  • Oct 1, 1210

    Trojan priest and sons die

    Trojan priest and sons die
    The Trojan Horse is built and the Trojans think the Greeks gave up. They believe the story a Greek tells them - that the horse was an offering to Athena - and are about to bring it inside the city. A Trojan priest warns about Greeks bearing gifts but he and his two sons are strangled by Poseidon's serpents.
  • Nov 1, 1210

    Trojan Horse

    Trojan Horse
    Greek chieftains hide inside the wooden horse and climb out when night falls, opening the gates of Troy for the rest of the army. They set fire to the houses and triumph over the Trojans.
  • Dec 1, 1210

    End of Troy

    Trojan men are dead, the women are held captive, and the children taken from them.