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The Trojan War

By 14duker
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    Eris Becomes Upset

    The Goddess of Discord, Eris, was not invited to a banquet with the Gods. because of this, she wanted revenge
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    The Golden Apple

    The Golden Apple
    At a wedding, Eris tossed a Golden Apple into a croud of women. The apple was supposed to be "for the fairest" so all of the women fought over it.
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    Paris and the Goddesses

    Three Goddesses, Aphrodite, Hera, and Pollus Athena, were the three "contestants" for the Golden Apple. They were sent to Paris, who was said to be able to deicide which Goddess. He chose Aphrodite. This is thought to be the start of the War
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    Paris Broke a sacred Bond

    Paris took Helen to Troy. In doing so he took a sacred bond, which started up the beginning of the war
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    Menelaus and Greece

    Menelaus asked Greece for the help of their army to get Helen back
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    Odysseus and Achilles

    Odysseus and Achilles were both basically forced to join the Greek army
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    The Best fighters

    The best warrior for the Greeks was Achilles
    The best warrior for the Trojans was Hector
    They both knew that they would die in the War
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    Odysseus thought up an idea

    Odysseus realized that the only way to truly defeat the Trojans was to attack Troy from the inside
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    Plan of the Trojan Horse

    Plan of the Trojan Horse
    The plan the Greeks came up with was to use a giant wooden horse filled with warriors needed to be pulled into the city of Troy by the Trojans. At night, the warriors came out of the horse and opened the city gates. This allowed the entire Greek army to infultrate the city.
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    Trojans get slaughtered

    The Trojan horse plan works and the Trojan army gets destroyed. The only leader left alive in the morning was Aphrodite's son, Aenas
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    The Greeks Reign Victorious

    With the death of Hector's son, Troy was burned and defeated. The Greeks had won the War
  • Agamemnon and Apollo

    Agamemnon gets Apollo to shoot fire arrows at the Greeks; Trojans take small lead
  • Gods chose sides

    The Gods chose sides in the war
    For the Greeks - Poseidon, Aphrodite, Ares
    For the Trojans - Hera, Athena,Zeus, Artemis, and Apollo
  • Zeus wants the End

    Zeus wants the End
    Zeus wanted to End the war, so he attacked the Trojans while Achilles was sleeping. A small truce was made and they began bidding the Trojans to get Helen back.
  • The Continueing Arrow

    Pandarus, a Trojan, broke the truce by shooting Menelaus with a arrow. The fighting continues
  • Diomedes kills Ares

    Diomedes threw a spear and Athena guided it to kill Ares. With Ares dead, the Trojans were forced to fall back
  • Zeus comes down to Earth

    Zeus came down to Earth to help the Trojans. The Trojans basically pushed the Greeks back to their ships.
  • Hera's move on Zeus

    Hera distracts Zeus and he no longer thinks of the Trojans. This gives Ajax the chance to injure Hector. Greeks begin to push back Trojans
  • Apollo revives Hector

    Hector regained his strength; Thus the Trojans pushed the Greeks so far back they could almost burn the Greek ships
  • Hector is Deceased

    Achilles kills Hector to avenge his fallen friend Patroclus. Achilles then takes back his armor that Hector was wearing
  • Achiiles's Death

    Achiiles's Death
    Achilles is shot in the heel by a guided arrow fired by Paris
  • Ajax committs suicide

    Ajax committs suicide
    He was angry that he did not get the arms of Achilles; Athena mad him go mad and he slaughtered many innocent animals. When he regained his sane-ness, he killed himself
  • The Secret of Hercules's Bow and Arrow

    The Secret of Hercules's Bow and Arrow
    Odysseus informed the Greeks that the key to defeat Troy was to use the bow and arrow of Hercules
  • Paris is shot

    Philocetes was left on an island and had the bow and arrow of Hercules, so Odysseus was sent to get him. Odysseus brought him back to the battle and the first person killed with the bow and arrow was Paris