Timeline of the Trojan War

  • Paris gives the Golden Apple to Aphrodite

    Paris was offered 3 bribes from three different goddesses over which one of them to give the golden apple insccribed with the words "For the Fairest". When he accepts Aphrodite's bride, he is now owed the most beautiful woman in the world. The only problem is that she is already married.
  • Period: to

    Events of the Trojan War

    Events leading up to and during the Trojan war
  • Paris kidnaps Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world

    When Paris kidnaps her, he either does not know or overlooked the oath that all surrounding countries took when it came to for Helen to choose a suitor. It stated that no matter who Helen chose, the other countries would support her decision and back them in war in need be.
  • Helen's mother hold countries to their oath; War begins

    This is how the Trojan War starts, the Greeks are the first ones to jump at the opportuntiy, since they have been waiting for quite some time to leave Troy is ashes.
  • Agamenon sacrifices his own daughter;Iphingenia

    Agamenon sacrifices his own daughter;Iphingenia
    While the Greek ships are sailong to Troy, they anger Artemis, who stops the North wind from blowing. To win back the goddess, Agemnon, chief of the Greeks, is forced to sacrifice his own daughter
  • Greeks reach the Shore

    A 9 year war breaks out
  • Thetis (Achille's mother) tells Zeus to give Trojans victory

    Thetis knows her son is fated to die at the battle of Troy, so natrually she wants to avoid having her son killed. The gods have also divided against each other; as the war has reached Olympus. Greeks- Hera, Athena, and Poseidon. Trojans- Aphrodie (becaue of Pairs), Ares, and Apollo.
  • Agenmom kidnaps daugther of Trojan priest Apollo

    This gives the Trojans the advantage. Achilles does warn against this; but his advice is rethough when Apollo's fiery arrows rain down and nearly destroy the Greek army
  • Agammenon frees Apollo's daughter, but demands replacement

    Agamenon finds his replacement in Achilles' prizes female captive, Briseis. This enrages Achilles and he withdrawls his troops from battle. After this the Greeks appear to be doomed, and Peace appears to be on the horizon.
  • Hera breaks newly created peace

    Hera, who is bent on war, created a Trojan named Pandarus to break the peace.
  • Diomedes nearly kills Aeneas, and Ares

    The Greek warrior nearly kills Aeneas, but Apollo saves him, and wounds the god Ares himself
  • Zeus remebers promise to Thetis

    The Greeks appear to be holding their own, until, Zeus remembers the promise he made to Thetis about a Trojan victory. He comes down to the battle field and the Trojans drive the Greeks back towards their ships.
  • Agamenon returns Briseis, Achilles captive

    When Odysseus asks Achilles to accept his apology, Achilles refuses. Greeks lose again the next day without Achilles and are driven even closer to their ships.
  • Hera turns the tables by seducing Zeus

    Hera turns the tables by seducing Zeus
    This gives the Greeks an advantage while Zeus is not on the battlefield. Zeus, however, sense the deception after Ajax (a Great Greek warrior) nearly kills Hector and commands Poseidon to abandon the Greeks. The Trojans then press forward even further.
  • Patroclus, using Achiles' armor, enters battle

    Patroclus, using Achiles' armor, enters battle
    Patroclus, Achilles' best friend, helps the Greeks by pretending to be Achilles (he has his armor on) and strike fear into the Trojans.
  • Patroclus is defeated in battle by Hector

    After Partoclus is killed by Hector's spear, Achilles grieves terribly and returns to battle to avenge his death. Thetis (Achilles' mother) sees that she cannot keep her son out of battle forever, even if he is fated to die there, and gives him armor made by the god Hephaestus himself.
  • Troans retreat; Hector and Achilles face off

    Troans retreat; Hector and Achilles face off
    The Trojans retreat inside their city with impenetrable walls through huge Scaean gates. Hector remains outsdide, wearing Achilles' army he took off Patroclus's dead body. Hector is defeated after Apollo leaves his side, while Achilles still has Hera on his. Achilles in so angry, he mutilates Hector's body.
  • Hector is replaced by Prince Memnon of Ethiopia

    Prince Memnon is a great warrior and gives the Trojans the upper hand for a short period of time
  • Paris kills Achilles with an arrow and help from Apollo

    Paris shoots an arrow and Apollo guides it to Achilles' one vulnerable spot; his heel. The story behind he weak spot is the when his mother, Thetis, was trying to make him invulnerable by dunking him in the River Styx, she forgot to submerge the heel by which she held him.
  • Greeks give Achilles' armor to Odysseus

    The two Greatest Greek warriors remaining were Odysseus and Ajax, one of them was to recieve Achilles' armor. After Odysseus is chosen, Ajax begins plotting his revenge. His plot is interfered with by Athena, who makes his go crazy, Ajax then massacres some cattle, comes to his senses, and sadly, kills himself.
  • Calchas says Greeks must capture Helenus to win war

    Calchas says Greeks must capture Helenus to win war
    Calchas, a prophet, tells the Greeks the must capture the Trojan prophet Helenus to win the war. The Greeks then caputure him. Helenus tells them that Troy can only be defeated by Hercules' bow and arrows. The only problem is Hercules gave these weapons to Philoctetes, who was abandonded by the army.
  • Odysseus leads some Greeks back to get Philoctetes

    Odysseus and his crew go back and apologize to Philoctetes for leaving him behind.
  • Philoctetes kills Paris

    Philoctetes kills Paris
  • Greeks learn about the Palladium

    The Greeks learn that the Trojans have a sacred image of Athena, called the Palladium, the is protecting them. Odysseus and Diomedes are then sent behind enemy lines to steal the imagee.
  • Greeks come up with the idea for the Trojan horse

    Greeks come up with the idea for the Trojan horse
    Greeks come up with an idea to bring Troy down. They construct a horse and fill in with soldiers, hide their army just outside the city, and leave a man named Sinon behind. Sinon is pretending to be a traitor and tells the Trojans that the Greeks retreated and they left the horse as an offereing to Athena. He then says that the Greeks assumed that the Trojans would not take the horse inside the city, thus angering Athena. Trojans take the horse inside the city, thinking the better of them.
  • Greeks use the horse to invade Troy

    Once darkness falls, the Greeks sneak out of the horse and open the Scaen gates. The army that had been waiting nearby then storms through and Troy is ramsacked and pillaged all night long.
  • Troy is conquered

    Achilles' son kills Priam. Alll men are killed, women and children are separated and enslaved.
  • Aenes escapes

    He is the only major Trojan god to escape. He does so with his father on his shoulders and his son holding his hand.
  • Greeks kill Hector's infant son, Astyanax

    The Greeks take him from his mother, Andromache, and throw him of the high walls surrounding the city. This is the last death in the saga of the Trojan war.