The Trojan War

  • Jan 1, 1000

    The Judgement of Paris

    The Judgement  of Paris
    An evil goddess, Discord, gives an apple to Paris, a young prince of Troy. Aphrodite, Athena, and Hera appear and tell Paris to give the apple to the fairest goddess. Paris gives it Aphrodite. She had promised him the fairest woman in the world, Helen.
  • One Thousand Ships Are Launched!

    One Thousand Ships Are Launched!
    Paris goes to Greece. He is treated as a guest at the house of Menelaus, who had just married Helen. Paris steals her away when Menelaus leaves. Menelaus returns and Helen is gone. Menelaus gathers the Greek chieftains to make war on Troy. Achilles and Odysseus are leary about leaving.
  • The Olympians Take Sides

    The Olympians Take Sides
    The Olympians argue about which side to take, different gods and goddesses take different sides. Aphrodite, Ares, Apollo, and Artemis take the side of the Trojans, meanwhile, Poseidon, Hera, and Athena take the side of the Greeks.
  • The First Major Clash

    The First Major Clash
    Paris and Menelaus agree to fight. Menelaus is about to kill Paris when Aphrodite sweeps him up and carries him back to Troy. A Trojan shoots Menelaus and injures him. The Greeks then attack the Trojans.
  • Ares Fights with the Trojans

    Ares fights with the Trojans and Hector. The Trojans almost push the Greeks back to their ships, Achilles still refuses to fight despite the heavy losses.
  • Patroclus in Achilles' Armor

    Achilles' friend, Patroclus, convinves Achilles to loan loan him his armor. Achilles agrees. Patroclus straps on Achilles' armor and goes into battle. The Trojans run in fear. Hector steps forward and slays Patroclus.
  • Hera Sends Ares Back to Olympus

    Hera is angerd at Ares for helping the Trojans and decides to take action. She rides through the battle and stabs Ares in the chest. Ares is forced to flee back to Olympus in order to recover from the wound.
  • Achilles Decides to Fight

    Achilles is sangry at Hector for killing his friend and prepares to go into the battle and fight the Greeks. Before Achilles departs for battle, his mother the nymph Thetis, appears and warns him that his death will follow Hector. She also brings him armor made by Hephaestus.
  • Achilles' Rage

    Achilles' Rage
    Achilles and Hector meet in battle. Athena appears and assist's Achilles in killing Hector. Achilles kills Hector with his spear. He ties leather thongs around Hector's ankles and drags him around Troy, screaming in victory.
  • Achilles' Death

    Achilles' Death
    Achilles is shot by Paris in his heel, his mortal spot. The arrow was guided by Apollo.
  • Dividing Achilles' Armor

    Odysseus and Ajax receive Achilles' armor. Later, the two warriors play a game of dice. Odysseus wins all of the armor. Athena then makes Ajax go insane and eventually kill himself.
  • Paris Dies

    Paris is killed by Philoctetes.
  • " Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts"

    The Greeks have just about given up on destroying Troy, but Odysseus devises a plan. The Greeks will build a great wooden horse in honor of Athena, the main goddess of Troy, and will present it to the Trojans. Then Greek Soldiers hidden within the horse will let the Greek army into Troy.
  • The Execution of the Plan

    The Execution of the Plan
    The Greeks leave the giant horse with the soldiers inside of it outside of Troy, and sail out of sight with the ships. The Trojans wheel the horse inside and celebrate. Later that night the Greek soldiers emerge and let the returning army inside the walls of Troy.
  • The Last Killings

    The last people to die in the Trojan War are Hector's son and Hecuba's daughter, ending the royal bloodline in Troy.
  • Troy's Defense

    Troy doesn't release Helen and the Greeks send a message to the Trojans to prepare for war. Troy prepares to defend itself from the attackers. Prince Hector, son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba, will be the military leader of Troy.
  • Odysseus and Achilles Forced to Come and Fight

    Odysseus hears of going to war with Troy and think that war is a bad decision. When the messenger for the Greeks arrived at Odysseus's kingdom, Odysseus tries to appear insane, but is outsmarted by the messenger, Odysseus then tricks Achilles into coming out of hiding. The two reluctant chieftains are forced to join the rest of the Greeks for war.
  • The gods Unhappy With Achilles

    The gods and goddessses on Olympus watched Achilles and are unhappy with his celebration. They decide that he is dishonoring Hector, who fought bravely. With the Olympians agianst him Achilles is doomed.
  • King Priam Begs for Hector's Body

    The King of Troy, Priam, comes to Achilles and begs to have his son's body back to have a proper Trojan funeral. The usaully wrathful Achilles, decides to give the Trojans Hector's body and a time of mourning.
  • The Last Battle of Troy

    The Greek army starts to burn Troy, while, the Trojans slept. Trojans awoke and started to fight, but it was no use with the entire Greek army inside.