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The Trojan War

By a2n2s6h
  • Jan 1, 1000

    Troy existed.

    Troy existed.
    Troy, the place at which the war truly began, formed as an opulent, prosperous city in 1000 BC.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1000 to Jan 1, 1001

    Pre-Trojan War

  • Apr 1, 1000

    Dispute of Goddesses begins.

    Dispute of Goddesses begins.
    Eris, Goddess of Discord, was not invited to a banquet at Mount Olympus. To get her revenge, Eris through a golden apple marked 'The Fairest' into the banqueting hall amidst the goddesses- all the goddesses wanted it, as they wanted to be the fairest. The choices were narrowed down to Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena.
  • Apr 6, 1000

    The Judgement of Paris

    The Judgement of Paris
    Zeus abstained from judgement, instead telling them to speak to Paris, Prince of Troy. Each of the 3 goddesses promises something different- Hera, lordship over Eurasia, Athena, victory over Greece, and Aphrodite, love in the form of the fairest woman in the world. Paris chooses Aphrodite as the fairest, turning the other two goddesses against him.
  • Jun 1, 1000

    Paris kidnaps Helen.

    Paris kidnaps Helen.
    Helen was the daughter of Zeus and Leda, and the fairest woman in the entire world. She was already married to Menelaus of Sparta when Aphrodite took Paris to see them. Paris was given full trust and hospitality, so Menelaus felt comfortable with leaving Paris with Helen. Almost immediately Paris kidnapped Helen and took her away, in some ways sparking the Trojan War.
  • Jul 1, 1000

    Greece Prepares for War

    Greece Prepares for War
    Menelaus gathered all of the chieftains of Greece- they responded, being ready to go to war with Troy. However, two didn't- Odysseus thought that war with another country over a woman was foolish, and Achilles was detained by his mother.
  • Jul 15, 1000

    Odysseus and Achilles Join the Greeks.

    Odysseus and Achilles Join the Greeks.
    Odysseus pretended to be mad, but the messenger found him out by throwing his son in front of the plow- Odysseus stopped plowing to save his son. Achilles' mother Thetis knew he would die if he went to war. Instead, she dressed him like a maiden and hid him in Lycomedes' court. Odysseus found him by disguising as a peddler and bringing trinkets and weapons to the court. While the other maidens went for the trinkets, Achilles went to the weapons. Odysseus returned to the camp with Achilles.
  • Oct 1, 1000

    The Greeks at Aulis

    The Greeks at Aulis
    Aulis was a place of dangerous winds and tides, and it was impossible to get through when the north wind blew, and it blew every day. The seer found that Artemis was angry for the killing of a hare, and she demanded a sacrifice of a maiden. Agamemnon had to sacrifice his daughter, Iphigenia, to allow them to progress.
  • Jan 1, 1001

    The Greeks reach Troy

    The Greeks reach Troy
    The seer also predicted that the first man to land would be killed immediately. Protesilaus was brave enough to be the first to land and to die. The gods praised him, and Hermes allowed him to come back to say goodbye to his wife. When he had to leave again, his wife killed herself to be with him,
  • Period: Jan 2, 1001 to Jul 1, 1019

    Trojan War

  • Jan 1, 1010

    Troy Gains an Advantage

    Troy Gains an Advantage
    The war has been fought for 9 years, but finally the Greeks falter, once again because of a woman. Agamemnon procured Chryseis, the daughter of Apollo's priest. Due to the Priest's prayers, Apollo began shooting arrows into the army, killing them off swiftly.
  • Feb 10, 1010

    Agamemnon Solves Dispute

    Agamemnon agrees to give up Chryseis on the condition that he received another maiden in her stead.He sent two squires to find the maiden Bryseis instead. Apollo stops fighting for Troy.
  • Feb 15, 1010

    Thetis Goes to See Zeus

    Thetis, Achilles' mother, was angry at Agamemnon for his actions, and went to see Zeus to allow the Trojans to win, and let the war end. Zeus knew that Hera would be angry, as she was, so he acted discreetly, and planted the idea to attack at night immediately in Agamemnon's mind, leaving Achilles safe in his tent. Zeus knew that the Greeks could not win without Achilles.
  • Feb 28, 1010

    Trojans and Greeks Fight

    Paris and Menelaus faced off, and Paris nearly died, but Aphrodite distracted Menelaus and allowed Paris to get away.
  • Mar 1, 1010

    The War is Restarted with an Arrow

    The two armies wait at a truce, but Athena forced Pandarus, a foolish Trojan, to fire a shot into the Greek army, restarting the Chaos.
    Ajax and Diomedes, the two great fighters on the Greek side other than Achilles, nearly killed Prince Aeneas, but he was saved by Aphrodite, Apollo, and Artemis.
    Diomedes even faced Ares, and managed to force him back with his spear.
  • May 15, 1010

    Hera Gets Zeus to Stop Fighting

    Hera makes herself extremely beautiful, distracting him long enought to allow the favor to turn back to the Greeks.
  • May 30, 1010

    The Gods Turn the Tide For the Trojans

    Hera blames Poseidon for the incident, and Zeus makes him draw from the field. Apollo brings Hector back to life after he almost dies, and the Greeks flee. Achilles fears Hector, and hides in his tent, brooding.
  • Jul 5, 1010

    Patroclus Forces Achilles to Return to Battle

    After seeing the destruction of the Greek army, Patroclus makes Achilles return to battle. Hector's spear mortally wounds Petroclus, causing Achilles to fight to avenge his friend's death. Thetis has armor made for him by Hephaestus himself.
  • Aug 1, 1010

    The Gods and Heroes Fight

    As Achilles and Hector fought, Athena fought Ares, Hera fought Artemis, and Poseidon taunted Apollo. Hector is finally killed by Achilles, who mutilates his body as revenge for Petroclus.
  • Aug 26, 1010

    Achilles displeases the Gods

    The Gods are displeased with the way Achilles treats Hector's body, even though it was in revenge. Priam goes to see Achilles, and praises his strength and actions, even through his grief. Achilles finally feels guilty, and cleans Hector's body for Priam, who takes it home lament over for 9 days, after which he set fire to him on a funeral pyre.
  • Jan 1, 1015

    The War Continues

    For 10 years after Hector's death, the war continues. Achilles realizes that his death draws near.
  • Period: Jul 1, 1019 to Apr 18, 1030

    Fall of Troy

  • Feb 1, 1020

    Achilles Dies

    Achilles Dies
    Achilles fell after killing Memnon of Ethiopia in battle. Paris shot an arrow and Apollo guided it to Achilles' heel, the one spot on his body that Thetis did not make invincible.
  • Apr 1, 1020

    Paris is killed

    Neoptelemus, Achilles' son, was given a stolen bow and arrow to learn with- the first man he wounded them with was Paris. Paris, knowing that Oenone had a cure for any ailment, so he went to go see her. Oenone refused to help him, however, as he had deserted her and done incorrect things. She therefore watched him die, then killed herself.
  • Jan 1, 1030

    Odysseus Devises a Plan to End the War

    Odysseus Devises a Plan to End the War
    Odysseus had a worker create a huge horse that was hollow, and could fit many men. He then left a sigle Greek back at Troy named Sinon, who, when the Trojans saw the horse, told them the story that he devised. Sinon said that Athena was very mad, and demanded a Greek man's life to allow them to travel home. Sinon was sacrificed, but he escaped. The horse was taken as a gift for Athena's temple, which is where they brought it. At night, the men sprang out and fought, causing the fall of Troy.