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  • mocking jay

    mocking jay
    katniss's last battle with the capatil distcirt 12 is blown up peeta is held prisner
  • diary of a wimpy kid rodrick rules

    diary of a wimpy kid rodrick rules
    easy to read but funny as greg has a diary and rodricks got hold of it before and that was not good knowing rodrick now knows the most enbrassing thing that has happend to greg in the summer hoildays.
  • diary of a wimpy kid dog days

    diary of a wimpy kid dog days
    for greg the peferct hoilday is playing viedio games all day long and sleeping in but gregs mum thinks the perfect summer hoilday wich is playing side every day and if you dont they think someting wrong with you so with gregs mum a family hoilday is the perect way to spend a summmer hoilday will this be the worst hoilday or will it be the best summer ever!!!.
  • the ugly truth

    the ugly truth
    so wried as is ungle gaets married for the fourth time its held at gammies wich is not good for gegory because once you get to a certian age you get a talk from gammie and now that gregoury is old enough he goes in a room and gets the talk
  • charlittes web

    charlittes web
    this book is really good better than the moive their were a lot of new words in the book but luckly they but words that i did understand as well its probaly on of my fav books i have read