Top 10 Events in Lebanon History

By mpt4298
  • 551

    Beirut Destoyed

    It was the year 551, people are living their daily lives. Then an Earthquake happens and the people are startled. They don't know what to do. They hope it ends and it does. Later a Tsunami happens also which floods and kills many people. The Earthquake and Tsunami killed over 120,000 people. Later they rebuilt the buildings. Beirut might not be their capitol today if they hadn't rebuilt.
  • Jan 1, 1109

    Tripoli Captured

    Crusaders of Bertrand of Touluse capture Tripoli and it's surrounding areas to turn it into a county. The people were taken hostage and when they had enough they rebelled against Bertand of Touluse. After this Tripoli could be ruled by a foreign leader if the people didn't rebel.
  • France helps Lebanon

    France is granted the mandate to rule Lebanon and Syria by the League of Nations, If they didn't help Lebanon could still be struggling with their government. This means that France helped with the government and economy.
  • Independence from France

    France had ruled over Lebanon since 1920. France was making laws that were unfair to the Lebanese people. Lebanon's people were really mad and they rebelled against French rule.
    They werre fighting with France and eventully on November 26, 1941 Lebanon became Independent.
  • Period: to

    The Six Day War

    The Six day war was between Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. The nations of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Algeria also sent soldiers and weapons to the Arab army. Lebanon was used as a military base for Palestine forces and some attacks on the Israeli forces. Israel eventuly won and took over the Sinai Penensula. They eventually gave it back to Egypt as a peace offering.
  • Period: to

    Lebanese Civil War

    The Lebanese Civil War was between Christians, Muslims, and Jews. The war started because Israel refugees went into Lebanon and were getting involved in Lebanese politics and made some conflicts with the Government. This made Lebanon mad so there were fighting which made it a civil war. After a couple battles the fighting was mostly in the southern part of Lebanon. At the end of the war there were 120,000 people killed overall. Syria put troops in Lebanon during this time who didn't leave.
  • Period: to

    Deadly Israeli attacks on Lebanon

    Israel attacks a U.N. base and kills 100 Lebanese refugees. This made the Lebanese Government mad. Then they were fighting back and forth trying to make the other country give up. That will never happen the people thought. The U.S tried to make peace but it didn't happen. This effects the people because they are battling with Israel today.
  • Syria affecting Lebanon's people

    Syria had troops in Lebanon for a long time, and finaly takes 27,000 tropps away and leaves 14,00 troops still in Lebanon. The people wanted to have all Syria soldiers out. They didn't leave so there were lots of clashes in the streets in Lebanon. One time Syria had enough and massacered alot of Lebanese people because one person released video tapes with info that was classified. This effects them today because there is still no peace with Syria.
  • Hariri is Assastionated

    Rafik Hariri was driving down the street in his car, but he doesn't know the his car has been hooked to a bomb so when he was driving down the street the car blew up. This made the Anti-Syrians have rallies in Lebanon to make them feel depressed. This also made Omar Karami resign from his cabinet. Assationations of Anti- Syrian figures now became a feature in political life
  • July War

    The July war was with the country of Israel and Lebanon. It started when Lebanon was firing missles on the border of Israel. The Israeli Air Force retaliated by bombing southern suburbs of Lebanon's capitol city, Beirut. The Israeli also did it to smaller tows in Lebanon to hurt the civilization and destroy Lebanon. It kept going like this and at the end of the war there were 1,300 Lebanes people were killed. 165 Israeli perople died during the war.