Tom W's Life

  • Birth

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    Tom W's Life

  • Graduated High School

    I graduated with pretty good marks from high school, and had already been accepted into Grant Macewan University to begin a bachelor's degree program designed to transition into an Education degree at the University of Alberta.
  • Graduated from University

    After what seemed like an unending amount of time, I finally received my bachelor's degree. The biggest obstacle to getting my dream job was finally out of the way.
  • Hired to be a Substitute Teacher

    I had been hired to substitute teach for the same school division in which I completed my student teaching. I was proud to return quite often to the same school and teach for my former mentor teacher. Some of the students there recognized me from when they were in grade 10, and I had a great time on each occasion I got to teach there.
  • Began teaching at Glenmary.

    I was happy to have lucked into this teaching position after being let go from the school that first hired me. Teaching at Glenmary has been a positive and formative experience.
  • Today

  • Future - Marriage

    I'd like to marry within a couple of years. I've always known that I wanted a family, and since I'm quickly growing ancient, it's about time I snagged a wife before I lose my dashing good looks.
  • Future - First Child

    I'm excited to one day begin a family. Children are definitely in my future.
  • Future - Trip to India

    I had the chance to visit India for two months when I was in my early twenties. I'd love to return and bring my family when the children are old enough to truly appreciate and remember the experience.
  • Future - Retirement

    I plan to enjoy "Freedom 55," or, retirement by the age of 55. With some smart and diligent investing, I believe it's possible. My kids will be adults and I'll have plenty of lifetime left to travel and enjoy the spoils of my long and successful teaching career.
  • Future - Trip to Mars

    Obviously light-speed space travel will be possible by this time, and I'd like to visit Mars. Not for any particular reason, just to say that I'd been.
  • Death