Toby mac

tobyMac's Life

  • Birth

    On October 22, 1964, Kevin Micheal McKeehan normally called Tobymac (normally styled tobyMac) was born in Fairfax, Virginia until he moved to Franklin Tennessee. Until 1989 they never knew he would become one of the first Christian Rap artists.
  • Musical Career

    Musical Career
    In the year 1989 was when tobyMac released his first album although named DC Talk it ws with a group (I am doing his solo career) and it was with a group called DC Talk (normally styled dc Talk). This sort of started his musical career.
  • Married

    In the year of 1994 tobyMac was married to Amanda or Mandy who is know Amanda McKeehan.
  • First Child

    First Child
    On September 4, 1998 Toby's oldest son Truett was born.
  • Momentum (His First Album)

    Momentum (His First Album)
    On November 6, 2001, tobyMac released his first album it was called Momentum. This album included: Get This Party Started, What's Going Down, Irene, Toby's Mac, J Train, Do You Know, Tru-Dog, Momentum, Yours, The Quiet Storm, Wonderin' Why, Somebody's Watching, Triple Skinny, Love Is In the House, Extreme Days, Don't Bring Me Down, and In the Air.
  • Second and Third Children

    Second and Third Children
    In the year 2002 Toby adopted his second and third child Moses and Marlee.
  • Welcome To Diverse City (second album)

    Welcome To Diverse City (second album)
    Welcome To Diverse City was released on October 5, 2004. It included: Hey Now, Catchafire, The Slam, Poetically Correct, Atmosphere, Gone, TruDog: The Return, Diverse City, Stories, Getaway Car, Burn For You, Fresher Than A Night at the W, III-M-I, Phenomenon, Gotta Go, and Atmosphere (Remix).
  • Fourth Child

    Fourth Child
    On November 2, 2004 tobyMac's fourth child Leo was born.
  • Fifth and Last Child

    Fifth and Last Child
    On March 24, 2006, Toby's fifth and final son was born. His name was Judah.
  • Portable Sounds (third album)

    Portable Sounds (third album)
    On February 20, 2007 tobyMac's third album Portable Sounds was released. It included: One World, Made to Love, Boomin', I'm For You, Face of the Earth, No Ordinary Love, Ignition, Hype Man, Suddenly, All In, Feelin' So Fly, No Signal, Lose My Soul, Boomin' (Remix), and Ignition (Remix).
  • Alive and Transported (first live album)

    Alive and Transported (first live album)
    Alive and Transported was tobyMac's first live album. It included: Ignition, Catchafire, Boomin', No Ordinary Love, J Train, Gone, Irene, I'm For You, In The Light, Yours, The Slam, Love Is In The House, Atmosphere, Lose My Soul, Diverse City, Made To Love, Burn For You, Jesus Freak, and Extreme Days.
  • Artist of the Year

    Artist of the Year
    On June 14, 2008, Toby received the Artist of the Year award.
  • Grammy

    At the 2009 Grammy's Toby received a Grammy award for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album and that was for Momentum.
  • Tonight (fourth album)

    Tonight (fourth album)
    On February 9, 2010, tobyMac's fourth album Tonight was released. It included: Tonight, Get Back Up Again, Funky Jesus Music, City On Our Knees, Showstopper, Changed Forever, Hold On, Loud'N'Clear, Hey Devil, Wonderin', Captured, Start Somewhere, and Break Open the Sky.
  • Tour Dates

    Tour Dates
    Toby appeared at Orlando, Florida.
  • Tour Dates

    Tour Dates
    Toby appeared at Sandusky, Ohio at Cedar Point.
  • Tour Dates

    Tour Dates
    Toby appeared at Clarkston, Michigan.
  • Tour Dates

    Tour Dates
    Toby appeared at Leesburg, Virginia.
  • Tour Dates

    Tour Dates
    He appeared at Chorlotte, North Carolina at Six Flags.
  • Tour Dates

    Tour Dates
    He appeared at Tulsa, Oklahoma. And there were many, many more.