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Marina And The Diamonds

  • Marina's Birth

    Marina's Birth
    Marina Lambrini Diamandis was born in Brynmawr, United Kingdom to Dimos and Esther Diamandis. She is a libra.
  • Parents' Divorce

    Parents' Divorce
    When Marina was only 4 years old, her parents divorced. After they divorced, she moved with her father and sister Lafina in Greece.
  • Moving To Greece

    Moving To Greece
    At 16 years old, when her parents officially divorced, Marina moved to Greece to complete her final 2 years of schooling. She earned an International Baccalaureate from St. Catherine's British Embassy School in Athens.
  • London

    Marina moved to London and attended dance school for two months. In 2005, she then took a one-year singing course at Tech Music Schools.
  • Mermaid Vs. Sailor

    Mermaid Vs. Sailor
    In 2007, Marina released Mermaid vs. Sailor. It was made using Garageband and sold on MySpace.
  • Mowgli's Road

    Mowgli's Road
    In late 2008, Marina released "Mowgli's Road," the The Family Jewels' second single. The music video would later be released on YouTube in October 2009.
  • Obsessions

    On February 14, 2009, Marina released her first single, "Obsessions." This song would later be the sixth track on a later album, The Family Jewels.
  • I Am Not a Robot

    I Am Not a Robot
    Marina released her single "I Am Not a Robot" in April of 2009. The song, according to Marina, is about being emotionally detached. She says, "Even though I'm this jolly and bubbly person on the surface, I'm very different with certain people."
  • Hollywood

    Marina released Hollywood preceding The Family Jewels. As she says in an interview with BBC, "I'm saying: "This is who I was. Hollywood infected my brain and I really valued the wrong things in life, but I changed dramatically."
  • The Family Jewels

    The Family Jewels
    Marina's debut album, The Family Jewels was released soon after its singles. The album was released by 679 Recordings and Atlantic Records. It reached number 43 of NME's top 75 albums of 2010. It includes some of the most iconic tracks of Marina's music career, such as "Girls," "Hermit The Frog," and "Are You Satisfied?"
  • Oh No!

    Oh No!
    Marina's fourth single, "Oh No!" is, according to Marina, a part two to Mowgli's Road. She explains, "'Mowgli's Road' questioned who I want to be, 'Oh No!' confirms it." It was written on the way to Los Angeles a week after The Family Jewels was mastered.
  • Shampain

    Shampain was the final single from The Family Jewels. Marina explains it as "the depressing side of getting drunk, the obliteration side of a good time."
  • Katy Perry's Concert

    Katy Perry's Concert
    Beginning in February 2011, Katy Perry started her California Girls Tour. Marina opened up for her, as well as other artists, such as Robyn, Yelle, and Janelle Monae.
  • Radioactive

    Marina released her first single for her upcoming album, Electra Heart, in September of 2011. It peaked at number 25 in UK and Scotland, and spent 3 weeks on the UK chart. In Ireland, it peaked at number 37.
  • Primadonna

    Preceding Electra Heart was one of her most iconic singles, "Primadonna". Marina describes the track as "a song for girls or women who are trying to validate themselves without validation from others."
  • Electra Heart

    Electra Heart
    In 2012, Marina released her second album, Electra Heart. The album is based on a made up character with four different archetypes: Homewrecker, Primadonna (the "beauty queen), Teen Idle, and Su-Barbie-A (the house wife).
  • Power & Control

    Power & Control
    Power & Control was a single released in 2012 soon after Electra Heart. It was also used in The Archetypes video series.
  • How to Be a Heartbreaker

    How to Be a Heartbreaker
    Marina's most iconic song, How to Be a Heartbreaker, was released as a single almost a year after Electra Heart. The lyrics give 4 rules on how to be a heartbreaker:
    1. You gotta have fun
    2. Don't get attached to somebody you could lose.
    3. Wear your heart on your cheek.
    4. Kiss him goodbye at the door and leave him wanting more.
  • E.V.O.L

    E.V.O.L is a song written by Marina in 2013. It was originally recorded for Electra Heart. It was used as part 8 in The Archetypes video series.
  • Just Desserts

    Just Desserts
    In 2013, Marina collaborated with Charli XCX to create Just Desserts. The original song, The Other Foot, was recorded by Marina as a solo for Electra Heart. However, it did not make the cut, and was leaked in Early 2013.
  • Froot (song)

    Froot (song)
    Marina released her first single for her third album, FROOT in late 2014. The single was called Froot. The album was eventually named after this track in 2015. It was officially released on November 11, 2014.
  • Happy

    In late 2014, Marina released her latest single, Happy, a track slower than most of her singles. She had a harder time writing this one. She did not know what emotion she would express in the chorus.
  • Immortal

    In 2015, Marina released her third single for the FROOT album: Immortal. She started writing it when she was at a war memorial in Poland. She says, "Something that somebody I was with just struck me... they said "It's not a very beautiful memorial, but it deserves to be visited to keep their memory alive."
  • I'm a Ruin

    I'm a Ruin
    In February 2015, Marina released I'm a Ruin, which will be the fourth single from FROOT that she released. Marina explains that the song is about dealing with guilt after hurting a lover.
  • Forget

    In March of 2015, Marina released her fifth single, Forget. The song is about taking a look at life at a larger perspective. She calls Forget her favorite song on the ablum.
  • Blue

    Blue was released in July of 2015. Marina describes it as both 70s inspired and "the most pop sounding" track on the album.
  • FROOT (album)

    FROOT (album)
    On March 13, 2015, Marina released her most recent studio album, FROOT. It is a pop album with dream pop, synth pop, electronic, indie pop, and rock music. Starting November 11, she started a Froot of the month concept, releasing a song every month when the date is the same number as the month. Those froots were grape, lemon, blueberry, cherry, apple, and orange.
  • Gold

    Marina released her sixth single, Gold, in April 2015. She wrote it on a day off from touring with Coldplay, and it was written in frustration.
  • Disconnect

    In June 2017, Marina released a new song called Disconnect. This song was in collaboration with Clean Bandit.
  • I'm Not Hungry Anymore

    I'm Not Hungry Anymore
    One of Marina's unreleased songs, I'm Not Hungry Anymore, was originally recorded to be on her FROOT album. It was recorded in 2013-2014, and leaked in 2017.