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Maroon 5

  • A New Group Is Born

    A New Group Is Born
    Adam Levine(lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist), Jesse Carmichael (keyboardist), Mickey Madden (bass guitarist) and Ryan Dusick (drummer) formed a garage band called Kara's Flowers.
  • First Gig

    First Gig
    The band played its first gig at Whisky a Go Go on September 16, 1995. While they were playing a beach party in Malibu, indie producer Tommy Allen heard them play and offered to manage them and record a complete record with his partner, songwriter John DeNicola.
  • Signed to their first Recod Label

    Signed to their first Recod Label
    After searching for a long time Tommy Allen finally convinces Bob Covalle (owner of Reprise Records) to sign them to a record deal but their name back then was Kara's Flowers.
  • Release Of Their First Album

    Release Of Their First Album
    The band released their first album The Fourth World. It gained little success and sold a very few copys. They only soled 5000 copys!!!
  • A Short Breakup

    A Short Breakup
    After being dropped by their record label for low sales the group decides to take a break from writing music and decide to seperate.
  • Back From Their Break

    Back From Their Break
    With a new guitarist James Valentine, the band comes back to making music and make a small album with hopes of being signed to a record label.
  • They catch a break

    They catch a break
    After being rejected by alot of record laberls, Ben Berkmen signs them to Octone Records after falling in love with the song This Love. Their name is them changed to Maroon 5.
  • Songs about Jane

    Songs about Jane
    It is on this date that the band releases their second album, which gains them alot of success since it sells 2.4 million copys and they begin to tour around the world for 3 years with Michelle Branch, Nikka Costa, Vanessa Carlton, Graham Colton, and The Rolling Stones
  • Harder To Breath

    Harder To Breath
    On this date the group releases their first single Harder To Breath which at first sold very little copys and after a couple of months it becomes a best selling single and reaches #1 in the almost every country in the world.
  • This Love

    This Love
    The band releases their second single This Love which gives the band even more success since it reaches #1 in it's first week of release.
  • She Will Be Loved

    She Will Be Loved
    On this date the song She Will Be Loved was released. It quickly hit #1 on the billboard hot 100. This became Maroon 5's biggest hit and thanks to the song they got 3 Grammy Nominations and became World Renound Artists.
  • Even More Success

    Even More Success
    On this date the 2005 Grammy Awards were held, the group won 3 awards: Best New Artist, Best Male Vocals (on the song This Love) and Best Rock Album. Thanks to this Maroon 5 became even more famous and loved by the fans.
  • A Very Sad Goodbye

    A Very Sad Goodbye
    On this date lead vocalist and leader Adam Levine announces to the world that their drummer Ryan Dusick was leaving the group because of injuries suffered durin the 3 year tour around the wrold and the new tour that had just finished. They then announce that their good friend Matt Flynn would be replacing him
  • Harder To Breath

    Harder To Breath
    On this date Maroon 5 releases the first single Harder To Breath from theit third album It Won't Be Soon Before Long which in 2 weeks also reaches #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • Third Album

    Third Album
    On this date Maroon 5 releases their third album tittled It Won't Be Soon Before Long which once again reaches #1 on the Billboard 200 very quickly, one week to be exact. It sold 429, 484 copies in that one week
  • New Tour

    New Tour
    On this date Maroon 5 began their first solo world tour (just touring by them selfs no other band came along) It Won't Be Soon Before Long world tour. They started in Detroit and finished one year later in China!!!
  • Live on a TV Show

    Live on a TV Show
    In the episode Page Turner of the tv show called CSI:NY, Maroon 5 performed the song Goodnight Goodnight during the first scene of the episode were the murder of a young women occurs.
  • Anoher Break

    Anoher Break
    After concluding their It Won't Be Soon Before Long world tour the group decided to take yet another break from writing music, so another member wouldn't have to leave the group like Dusick because of injuries.
  • Misery

    On this date the band released the first and only succesful single from the album Hands All Over which was the song Misery. It debuted on #12 in the billboard hot 100 but only rose to #3. This song like the new album failed to reach #1. The song was also loved by music critics
  • Hands All Over

    Hands All Over
    On this date the group released their 4th album only this time it didn't sell alot of copies. It debuted on #3 in the Billboard 200 and never rose from that spot. Altought their album sucked, the band still stayed together and it helped that the music critics really enojoyed the album.
  • Big News For Maroon 5 Leader

    Big News For Maroon 5 Leader
    On this date it was announced that Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine would be a coach on the new reality tv show called The Voice!!!
  • The Show Debuts....Maroon 5 becomes bigger!!!

    The Show Debuts....Maroon 5 becomes bigger!!!
    On this date The Voice debuts on national tv and Adam Levine's fame as well as Maroon 5's instantely rises since he is the most loved coached on the tv show.
  • He's The Winner

    He's The Winner
    On this date on live television they announce that Javier Colon has won The Voice which ment that his coach Adam Levine also wins. Maroon 5 and Javier Colon celebrate by playing a free concert in New York City!!!
  • A New Hit Single

    A New Hit Single
    On this date Maroon 5's new single Moves Like Jagger ft Christina Aguilera rises to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and launches Maroon 5 to fame once again.
  • New Single- Stereo Hearts

    New Single- Stereo Hearts
    On this date Maroon 5 Frontman Adam Levine was featured in the song Stereo Hearts by The Gym Class Heroes, thanks to Adam Levine and his level of fame the song debuted at #5 in The Billboard Hot 100.
  • Performing Live Once Again

    Performing Live Once Again
    On this date Maroon 5 will perform in an Awards Ceremony for the first time in 3 years. They are set to perform Moves LIke Jagger in the American Music Awards were they have 3 nominations.
  • New Tea

    New Tea
    Maroon 5 will release a new teas calles Tea Will be Loved and they will give a free concert. All the proceeds will go to an organization calles Feed America.
  • People's Choice Awards

    People's Choice Awards
    On this date The People's Choice Awards will happen and Maroon 5 could possibly win 5 awards since they are nominated in 5 categories which are Best Song, Best Rock Album, Best Rock Group, Best Duet and Best TV Show personality (this one is only for Adam Levine)
  • New Hit Single

    New Hit Single
    *The date is not secured yet
    In the begining of this month (February) Maroon 5 will release a new hot song to start promoting their 5th album which will also debut in the spring!!!
  • The Voice Season 2

    The Voice Season 2
    On this date he second season of The Voice will air after the SuperBowl and Adam Levine will reprise his role as one of the four coaches and he will also premier his new hit single along with Maroon 5!!!
  • Possible Win and Performance

    Possible Win and Performance
    On this date Maroon 5 will perform in the 2012 Grammy Awards were they could possibly win 3 awards since they are nominated in the categories for Best Group, Best Rock Album, Best Vocals for Moves Like Jagger.
  • Guest Apperance on a TV Show

    Guest Apperance on a TV Show
    *Date not secured yet
    During mid March the TV show Glee will make a tribute movie to Maroon 5, Michael Jackson and The Beatles all in one. Adam Levine will guest star in it and will sing with the actors.
  • Untitled Fifth Album

    Untitled Fifth Album
    *Date is not secured yet
    Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has announced that Maroon 5 will release a new album in Mid April. The album doesn't have a name yet but he has stated that the album is gonna ROCK!!!!!
  • The End of an Era

    The End of an Era
    *No date has been announced
    Adam Levine has stated in Rolling Stone Magazine that after the tour and promotion of Maroon 5's album he will personaly leave the group (since he doesn't want to keep doing being a rock star at 50 years of age like the Rolling Stones) which means the end of Maroon 5.