Gordon Lightfoot

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  • Birth

    Gordon was born on November 17, 1938 to parents Gordon Sr. and Jessica Lightfoot.
  • Lessons Begin

    Gordon began piano and vocal lessons at the age of 12, under the mentorship of Ray Williams.
  • Period: to


    Gordon first began preforming in bars and at festivals with a quartette called the Collegiate Four.
  • First Song

    First Song
    Gordon writes his first song, entitled The Hula Hoop Song.
  • Period: to

    Continuing Performances, Television, and Radio

    Gordon continues to perform at bars and festivals, now in a duo called the Two Timers. They gain enough popularity to play on the radio in 1957 and a television show in 1958.
  • Change of Taste

    Change of Taste
    Around this time, Gordon became interested in folk music, and learned to play 6 and 12 string gutairs, rather than 4 strings.
  • First Singles

    Gordon's first two singles ("(Remember Me) I'm The One" and "Negotiations"/"It's Too Late, He Wins") were local hits in Toronto, reaching 3rd place and 25th place in the charts, respectively.
  • Recording Songs

    Recording Songs
    Gordon traveled to Nashville and recorded 12 songs for Art Snider's Chateau label.
  • Marries

    In April 1963, Gordon marries his first wife, Brita Olaisson. They move to London, England.
  • Writing Flourishes

    Before this time, Gordon had written 75 songs. Now his writing begins to flourish. He also appears on many talk shows and plays larger gigs.
  • First Album Released

    In January on 1966, Gordon's first album, "Lightfoot!" is released.
  • First Concert

    Gordon's first actual concert attracts 3,500 people to Varsity Sadium in Toronto.
  • Period: to

    Increasing Popularity

    Gordon starts going on tours, playing at sold-out shows, and becoming increasingly popular in the Untied States.
  • New Albums

    In late 1972, two more albums were released, the first time since 1968.
  • Massey Hall

    Gordon sets a new record after Massey Hall sells out five consecutive nights in a row.
  • Divorce

    Gordon and his first wife, Brita, divorce.
  • Sundown

    Gordon releases a new album, titled "Sundown".
  • "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald"

    "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald"
    In late november after the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Gordon writes and records one of his most popular songs: "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald".
  • 2 More Albums

    Two more albums are released in the first half of the year.
  • The Edmund Fitzgerald

    The Edmund Fitzgerald sinks in Lake Supierior.
  • 20 Years

    In November, Lightfoot marked his 20th year in the music business. CHUM-FM in Toronto declares a "Gordon Lightfoot Day".
  • "Endless Wire"

    "Endless Wire" is released.
  • Canada's Male Singer of The Decade

    Lightfoot is declared Canada's Male Singer of The Decade for his music work from the 70's.
  • "Dream Street Rose"

    "Dream Street Rose" is released.
  • Acting

    The film "Harry Tracy Desperado" is released, with Lightfoot co-starring with Bruce Dern.
  • "Shadows"

    A new album, "Shadows", is released.
  • "Salute"

    Lightfoot's 16th album, "Salute", is released.
  • Unusual Year

    Lightfoot does not tour at all this year, instead putting all his energy into completing a new album.
  • "East Of Midnight"

    "East Of Midnight" is released after 6 months of hard work writing and recording.
  • Canadian Music Hall of Fame

    Lightfoot was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.
  • Digitalizing

    By winter of 1988, Lightfoot's albums were beginning to be reissued onto CD's. The first to get digital treatment is: "If You Could Read My Mind", "Sundown", "Gord's Gold", "Summertime Dream" and "East Of Midnight".
  • "Gord's Gold II"

    "Gord's Gold II" is released as Lightfoot's 22nd album.
  • New Songs Live

    Many new songs are played live during the touring season of this year.
  • UA Albums

    Lightfoot's UA albums are finally released on CD.
  • "Waiting For You"

    "Waiting For You" is released.
  • SOCAN Awards

    SOCAN Awards
    Lightfoot wins 12 SOCAN career airplay awards, signifying that some of his songs have been played over 100,000 times each on Canadian radio.
  • Gordon Lightfoot Auditorium

    The concert hall at the Orillia Opera House is named the Gordon Lightfoot Auditorium during a ceremony.
  • Governor General's Arts Award

    Lightfoot is presented with the Governor General's Arts Award at a presentation in Ottawa.
  • Canadian Walk of Fame

    Lightfoot is among the new members inducted into the brand new Canadian Walk Of Fame in Toronto. Out on tour, he is unable to attend the ceremony.
  • "A Painter Passing Through"

    Lightfoot's new album, "A Painter Passing Through" is released.
  • New Song For New Album

    New Song For New Album
    By the end of January, Lightfoot has 30 new songs written for his next studio album.
  • Inducting The Hip

    Lightfoot inducts the Tragically Hip as new members of Canada's Walk Of Fame.
  • Illness

    Lightfoot suffers severe stomach pain and is airlifted to McMaster Medical Center in Hamilton, ON. Lightfoot undergoes surgery for a bleeding problem in his abdomen and remains in the ICU. Lightfoot's remaining concerts dates are cancelled. After more than 3 months in the hospital, Lightfoot is released in December.
  • Order Of Canada status

    Lightfoot's Order Of Canada status is elevated to Companion, the highest ranking of the order.
  • "Harmony"

    After almost two years, Gordon's album "Harmony" is completed and released.
  • Return To Touring

    The year of 2005 sees Gordon returning to touring after recovering from his illness.
  • Stamps

    Canada Post issues 52-cent limited-edition stamp honouring Lightfoot.
  • 70th Birthday

    Lightfoot celebrates his 70th birthday.
  • Sculpture

    Lightfoot appears in Hamilton, Ontario, for the unveiling of a sculpture of himself.
  • False Alarm

    False Alarm
    The news reports that Lightfoot has died. The rumours are quickly put to rest as Lightfoot goes on the radio in Toronto to tell a relieved public that he is fine.
  • Period: to

    Touring and Surprise Visits to Play

    Throughout the 2010's, Gordon has been very busy on tours and playing at other unscheduled places around North America and the world.
  • Remarries

    Lightfoot marries his wife, Kim Hasse, in Toronto.
  • Unveiled Statue

    Unveiled Statue
    A Lightfoot statue is unveiled on the Lightfoot Trail in Orillia's
  • Continuing On...

    Continuing On...
    As of this year, Lightfoot continues to tour, this time throughout Flordia. At the end of the year, he celebrates his 80th birthday. Gordon was and still is a great influence on all Canadians, giving us strength and pride through the wonderful music he makes, and that he is still going stong after 80 years on the road.