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    Bob Dylan's Lifetime

  • Bob Dylan is born

    Bob Dylan is born
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    Folk Rock Generation (1960's)

    Dylan started a Folk Rock Revolution: rock groups with folk roots started popping up everywhere. This new movement helped traditional music become known and loved by a whold new generation.
    The Byrds- "Turn Turn Turn"
    turn turn turn
    The Greatful Dead- "Man of Peace"
    the greatful dead
    The Mama's and Papa's- "California Dreamin"
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  • "Song to Woody"

    "Song to Woody"
    Song to WoodyBob Dylan's song to his major influence Woody Guthrie. Uses the tune of "1913 Massacre", written by Guthrie.
  • Dylan Moves

    Dylan Moves
    Bob Dylan moved to new york to further pursue his folk music career. His reputation only kept growing.
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    Protest Songs

    Dylan did write some of the most affecting and evocative songs ever conceived about racial injustice, unnecessary war and the threat of nuclear peril in which influenced fans and artists all over the world.
    Top Ten Protest Songs
  • Album: Bob Dylan

    Album: Bob Dylan
    Bob dylans first ablum titled Bob dylan.
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    Protest Music

    "Masters of War" to "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" to "With God On Our Side." The image of him singing these songs was so powerful and became so ingrained in the minds of his generation that nothing he did in the ensuing years could make them view him as anything other than a protest singer.
  • Corrina Corrina

    Corrina Corrina
    Corrina CorrinaDylan uses "Corrina Corrine", which is a black American folksong, to create a memory of a woman instead of its tradition jug band song.
  • A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

    A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
    A Hard Rains A Gonna Fall
    Dylan uses lyrical structure of "Lord Randal", which is a child's ballad.
  • Girl From the North Country

    Girl From the North Country
    Girl From the North CountryThe song is based on "Scarborough Fair", written by Martin Carrthy. Carrthy said that Dylan's version was a more creative version
  • The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

    The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
    His second studio album.
  • Times They Are a-Changin'

    Times They Are a-Changin'
    In 1963 Dylan released his 3rd album, and one of his most well-known in history, Times They Are a'Changing. This is one of his most popular political albums.
  • Another side of Bob Dylan

    This album was less sucsessful but a more personal level of Bob Dylan. Critics said that he lost touch with the people and was caught up in the fame.
  • Bringing it all Back Home

    Bringing it all Back Home
    This was Dylan's album that began controversy. It was his first album that featured electrical instuments.
  • Like a Rollin' Stone

    Like a Rollin' Stone
    He realeasd his hit album that reached number two in under a month of its realease.
  • The beginnning of Folk to Punk

    The beginnning of Folk to Punk
    By the summer of 1965, Dylan began penetrating the minds of fans, with his influenctial musical contemporaries from folk to punk.
  • "4th Time Around"

    Uses John Lennon's melody from "Norwegian Wood".
  • The accident

    The accident
    Dylan crashed his motorcycle, fracturing several vertebrae and causing severe hand damage. He completely withdrew from society to recover and ended up not touring for 8 years.
  • "Sunshine Superman" by Donovan

    "Sunshine Superman" by Donovan
  • The Dire Straits- "The Man's Too Strong"

    The Dire Straits- "The Man's Too Strong"
    The Dire Straits song "The Man's Too Strong" off the album "Brothers in Arms" was influenced by Dylan in it's sound, lyrics and political undertones .
    The Dire Straits
  • Self-portrait

    Bob dylans second double album. This included mainly covers of other popular pop songs.
  • Joan Baez Released "To Bobby"

    Joan Baez  Released "To Bobby"
    To Bobby"To Bobby"
    Her lyrics clearlly foced towards Bob Dlyan himself to get back into the action and help solve the problems of humanity.
  • Bruce Stringsteen- "Rosalita"

    Bruce Stringsteen- "Rosalita"
    Springsteen’s lyrics and vocals were rough and expressive, sometimes spoken as much as sung, all of which was influecned by Bob Dylan over the years.
    “Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)”
  • Dylan Signs With A New Label

    Dylan Signs With A New Label
    After Dylan's accident he signs with a new record company amd begins work on his new album, Planet Waves.
  • Back on Tour

    Back on Tour
    Bob dylan's first tour back since his motorcycle accident eight years prior.
  • "Diamonds and Rust"

    "Diamonds and Rust"
    "Diamonds and Rust"
    Baez called out to Dylan again with her romantic reminiscence, "Diamonds and Rust"
  • Divorce

    After 12 years of marriage Sara and Bob decide to get a divorce.
  • Born Again

    Born Again
    In the late 1970's Dylan decides to change religons. He is no longer Jewish but a born again Christian.
  • Never Ending Tour

    Never Ending Tour
    Dylan starts his never ending tour. It ended in 2011 but over that 23 year period he preformed 2,300 shows.
  • Oscar

    Dylan wins his first oscar for "things Have Changed."
  • Academy Award

    Academy Award
    Dylan wins his first Academy Award.
  • The best of Bob Dylan

    The best of Bob Dylan
    This was a single disk album that compiled of his best musical works.
  • Our Generation: Skye Zentsz

    Our Generation: Skye Zentsz
    Skye Zentz
    23, singer-songwriter from Norfolk
    "Next Generation Folk"
    As a singer-songwriter, Zentz says Dylan's greatest influence on her has been to teach her to clearly communicate her point.
    Album: Legitimate Bohemia
    Skye Zentz