Tarea Colaborativa 2 (Maribel Gil)

  • Louis Armstrong

    Louis Armstrong
    What a wonderfull worldHello,Dolly Louis Armstrong was a singer and jazz trumpeter. Born in New Orleans on four August 1901. He is the most popular musician on the histori of jazz. . In 1964 he wrote his most important song "Hello, Dolly" which became number one, above the band The Beatles. Another of his most famous songs is "What a wonderful world"
  • Lola Flores

    Lola Flores
    "A tu vera"
    Lola Flores was born in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) in 1923.
    She was a singer, dancer and actress. She was known as “The Pharaoh”.
    Lola Flores was one of the greatest Spanish singers. Today after many years after her death she is known worldwide.
    Her musical legacy was great, for example: “A tu vera”, “Torbellino de colores”, “Ay pena penita pena”.
    She sang worldwide for example at Madison Square Garden in New York.
  • Bob Marley and his legacy

    Bob Marley and his legacy
    Bob Marley in Dortmund Personally I think what this artist conveyed in their songs and specially in concert was unique.
    Robert Nesta Marley Booker (1945-1981) better known as Bob Marley. He was a Jamaican musician, guitarist and composer. He is considered a legend of reggae, and he was responsible to bring this music to the world. Thanks to him, nowadays we find reggae artists worldwide.
  • Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson
    we are the worldMichael Jackson was an American artist. Called the King of Pop because he was a global figure in popular culture for more four decades. He popularized a number of complicated dance techniques, such as the robot and the moonwalk and He's album ''Thriller'' is the best selling album of all time.
    He won many awards including the "Artist of the Century".
    The Guinness World Records recognized him for supporting 39 charities. Michael died of intoxication on 2009.His death a homicide for his physician.
  • Whitney Houston

      Whitney Houston Whitney Houston was born in Newark, New Jersey, August 9 of 1.963.
    She began singing at a young age in a church group. Known as "The Voice" , she came to fame in 1.985 with her album "Whitney Houston". The song I chosen for this activity is " I Will Always Love You" published in 1.992 and was the soundtrack of the movie " The bodyguard".I love this artist because she has a unique voice and transmits a lot of feelings. I have all her albums. I love her!
  • Feeling good. Nina Simone

    Feeling good. Nina Simone
    She was born in Tryon, United States in 1933. She was an American singer, songwriter, pianist and arranger of jazz, blues, rhythm and blues and soul.
    She was a great fighter for civil rights of black people and she expressed it across her songs.
    Feeling good it’s a song written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse for a Musical. It has been performed by many singers, but in my opinion, the best interpretation is from Nina. I really feel good when I'm listening it.
  • Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez' >video</a> My favourite singer is Jennifer Lopez, she into the music in 1999 with her album “On the six”. She was born on July 24, 1969 in New York. She is also an American actress, author, fashion designer, producer, dancer and songwriter. She began to sing at the age of ten at school where Jennifer won a beauty pageant. She is popular all over the World, I personally like because she has a melodic voice, for me the best album is How a woman loves
  • Abba

    This group of music was very important and popular thirty years old . It is composed of four people: Benny Andersson, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Agnetha Fältskog y Björn Ulvaeus.
    This group was created in the 70s. His music was characterized by catchy melodies , rhythm moved disc , simple lyrics and a very own sound style.
  • U2

    U2 - The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
    One of the most important rock bands for me is U2. U2 is an Irish band formed in 1976, and the members of the group are Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen. When Larry Mullen was 14 years old, he posted a note on the school’s notice board, because he wanted to form a rock band, and thereby U2 was formed. I would like to attend to their concert, but this dream has not come true at moment.
  • Beyoncé

    Link: Beyónce in the Super Bowl (2013) My favourite singer is Beyoncé. She has marked a milestone in the modern music. She was born in Houston, Texas, EE.UU. She is singer, composer, recording producer, actress, dancer, choreographer, model and businesswoman. She began to sing in 1990 as principal vocalist in the group Destiny's Child. In 2003, she debuted as soloist singer with the álbum "Dangerously in love".
  • David Bustamante

    David Bustamante
    Bustamante in OT (Operación Triunfo). Bustamante is a singer that he became in famous singer in the program television Operación Triunfo when he was younger. Nowadays he has many songs and he is very known in the world. I like his songs because his song lyrics are beautiful and romantic. Three years ago I went to the concert of Bustamante with my friends, in Malaga, it was amazing and excinting.
  • Bruno Mars

    Bruno Mars
    Uptown FunkBruno Mars, born in 1985 (Honolulu, Hawaii). He is an American singer, songwriter, choreographer,etc. His main influences were Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. He moved to Los Angeles. In 2010 he released the album "Doo-Woops and Hooligans", and in the album 2012 Unorthodox Jukebox.Mars has received many awards and nominations, including two Grammy Awards. He performed at halftime of Super Bowl XLVIII. Bruno Mars is my favorite singer. In November 15, 2013 I went to his first concert in Madrid
  • Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga
    Bad Romance Music Video My favourite singer is Lady Gaga. She was born in New York and actually, she is 28 years old and she is singer, composer, dancer, actress...
    Her first album was The Fame and now she have 4 albums. My favourite song is "Bad Romance"
    Unfortunately, I never been to a concert of her.
  • Extremoduro, Basic poetry

    Extremoduro, Basic poetry
    My favorite album
    Extremoduro is a Spanish rock group founded in Plasencia by Roberto Iniesta in 1987. His style can be defined as transgressive rock, his lyrics are explicit and cover topics such as sex, drugs and love. I love this group so as his lyrics. All his songs are about earthly matters and situations that people have ever lived. I began listening this group since very young. I really enjoyed, I went with my friends and my boyfriend. To go to a concert of Extremoduro was a dream come true
  • Adele

    She is my favourite Singer because she has got a great voice. I knew her by her song Someone like you. I love listening her music to learn English because I understand very well her pronunciation.
    Her full name is Adele Laurie Blue Adking and she was born in London. She began her artistic career publishing a video in her account by Myspace. Afterwards, She won the talent show Sound of… by the BBC and also she has got numerous award after.
  • Blur

    <a href='' ></a>The band that I’m going to talk about is "Blur". "Blur" was the most famous group of the 90s in the United Kingdom, and because I’m a 90s girl, I want to mention them. This band born in London in 1989. This was the band that begin combining pop-rock with loud guitars. In my opinion, in 1997 "Blur" composes “Song 2” their best song. This song is the one played in FIFA 99, and it remembers me my childhood. In addition, "Blur" was one of the band that began the Britpop.
  • Destiny's Child

    Destiny's Child
    Say My Name
    The Destiny’s Child group was formated in 1990 by Beyoncé Knowles and LaTavia Roberson. Later the group would increase Kelly Rowland and Letoya Luckett. In 1998 released their first álbum and their first single “No No No”. This issue became a success. With their álbum "The Writing's on the Wall" get another number one with the single “Say my Name”.
  • Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit.

    Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit.
    I have chosen the band called “Nirvana” because they created a new style of music, the grunge. The band was founded in 1987 in Aberdeen, Washington. The group got its greatest succes in 1991 with the album called “Nevermind” and the song “Smells like teen spirit”. In 1994, the singer and guitarrist of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, committed suicide with only 27 years old. Today, Nirvana is considered one of the best bands in history.
  • The Cranberries

    The Cranberries
    The Cranberries is a band of rock music created in Irlanda in 1989. This band was formed in Limerick. First, they called The Cranberry Saw Us. Later, they changed his name and at the present they are popular like The Cranberries. This band is composed by Dolores O´Riordan, the singer, Noel Hogan, the guitarrist, Michael Hogan, the bass and Fergal Lawler, battery.
    In 1990, they started to sing and they published his first CD in 1993 called “Everybody else doing it, so why can´t we?”
  • The Black Eyed Peas

    The Black Eyed Peas
    The Black Eyed Peas was a hip hop, pop, R&B and electronic music band established in 1995 in Los Angeles, California. It was integrated by Will.I.Am, Fergie, and Taboo.
    The band became internationally famous, especially in its first global success with the song “Where is the Love?”. They won Grammys and others important prizes. In 2003, the music group revolutionized the world with their songs until their separation.
    I like The Black Eyed Peas and I could never go to their concerts.

    I have chosen to Alejandro Sanz, because he has scored the Spanish music pop. I like from my infancy. I went to a concert with my mother and my cousins in Madrid. It was a lovely concert and there was thousands people there. Every gone was singing theirs songs. I like his songs, but among my favorite is “ Amiga mia”.
    He is one of the world´s most internationally known Spanish artists. A singer, songwriter and composer of all this songs.
    He has a lot of Grammy 20. Alejandro Sans is career in musi

    Coldplay is a Britannic Alternative-Rock band founded in London 1996. The band is so famous as U2, Oasis... Among their best hits you can find Clocks, Viva la vida, Paradise, etc.
    I discovered this band a night when I was in a pub with my friends and I heard a fabulous song. It was Clocks from Coldplay band. Since then I enjoy hearing their music and despite the fact that I haven't been able to asist to any concert yet, I've become a big fan and I have all their albums. I recommend them to you.
  • Pablo Alborán.

    Pablo Alborán.
    Born in Malaga, Pablo Alborán is a singer and composer who was known thanks to his videos in Youtube. Pablo Alborán is a milestone of the Spanish music and is popular in many countries as Portugal or Latinoamerica. He has obtained several discs of platinum and is one of the Spanish singers with more sold discs. I like his way of interpreting the songs, my favorite song is "Por fin" of his last disc though it was known for "Solamente tú ". I have not gone to his concerts but I would like to go.
  • Melendi un alumno más

    Melendi un alumno más
    The singer Melendi is stars in the rocks. I like lyrics of the songs. The songs talk about the love and heartbreak. My favorite song is Tocado y hundido. I remember me good times of my life with my girlfriend and friends in the vacations. I listen the songs of Melendi in to the radio in my car. The last summer I went to the concert in Madrid with my friends and my gilfriend. Melendi at this moment is a milestone because he has very a lot of fans in Spain and twitter. He is at his best time.

    José Monge Cruz "Camarón de la Isla" born in San Fernando (Cádiz) in 1950. Artistic name because of the color of her hair blonde but it was Gypsy Singer. Since very little singing in sales near San Fernando, especially the Sale Vargas - and at private parties. It turns professional at age 16 with the Flemish companies Miguel de los Reyes and Dolores Vargas. After one season in the tablao Torres Bermejas (Madrid), recorded his first album with guitar Paco de Lucía, The best flamenco singer.
  • Rocío Jurado.

    Rocío Jurado.
    Rocío Jurado is one of the greatest and most beloved singers.
    Your voice was unique so that she was called the greatest.
    SHe sang Flamenco songs and romantic ballads.
    She was born in Chipiona and his father was a shoemaker.
    She always won in the contest of radio and she was called ''the girl of prizes''.
    She died in 2006 of a pancreatic cancer.

    “Imagine” is one of the best songs in the twentieth century. His author is John Lennon. It is a song which talks about the peace in the world. Maybe, this song could be based in Yoko Ono's experiences in her childhood in Japan during 2nd World War. This song was number one in sales in several countries. Imagine is sung every year in the new year's eve at Times Square.
  • Supertram, The logical song

    Supertram, The logical song
    I don’t know important has been this song for the music world but for me it has signified a lot.
    I have known this group since I was twelve or thirteen years old.
    I listened to this song for the first time when I was becoming be teenager.
    Every time when I listen to it mesmerizes me at that time
    Have I ever gone to a concert of Supertramp? No, I have never gone but I would like to go.
    I remember in the year 1980 triumphed in Spain three “super”: Superpop a music magazine, Superman a film and S

    One Direction - Night ChangesOne Direction is a British-Irish boy band formed in 2010 in London, UK, during a television program. It consists of five members: Harry Styles,Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik
    In 2011, they released their first single, "What Makes You Beautiful ', which managed to debut at number one of the main lists of the United Kingdom and Ireland. Thus, received several awards. His musical style is pop and although I have not had the opportunity to enjoy one of his concerts would love
  • Rosa Lopez

    Rosa Lopez
    Rosa Lopez is a spanish singer and represent Spain in Eurovision with the song Europe’s living a celebration.
    She has recorded several albums among them are counted Rosa, Ahora, Me siento viva and his last album to date is called like her , Rosa Lopez.
    I have never gone a our concerts but I have several of his albums.
  • The Beatles

    The Beatles British group created a myth; I know them by my father. They were an English rock band active during the 1960s, and recognized as the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed in the history of popular music. Although the group had an active period of a decade we can see the huge number of followers who still have. I remember as he listened to his album "Abbey Road" and he told me the story of how he met my mother. Once my father left me to take the album to school to homework.
  • The Rolling Stones

    The Rolling Stones
    SatisfactionMy group favorite rock they are The Rolling Stones the group of rock together with the beatles more important of the history of the music rock. They are English and his first disc they extracted it in the year 1964. They have done more than forty discs, and his leader is the singer Mick Jagger. His music has influenced hundreds of later groups of rock. I have all his discs and last year I could not go with my father to the concert that they gave in Madrid because it didn't have tickets.
  • Medina Azahara

    Medina Azahara music group of me tarea colavorativa 2 is Medina Azahara. The group of medina Azahara are of Cordoba but they have known in the world. This group has music for 25 years ago. The song which I more like is the title "Paseando por la Mezquita, however, I have all his disc. The last year, I went a concert of they in the town of Hinojosa del Duque. This concert was brilliant. Three months ago, the group of Medina Azahara that published his album last and might that this album we not be the las
  • Madonna

    Madonna was born in Míchigan, United States (1958). She is singer, songwriter, actress, dancer and businesswomen. She released her first album in 1983. She was very successful with this album. Some of her best known songs are: “Like a virgin”, “Material girl”, “Vogue” and “Music”. People call her ‘The Queen of Pop’. She has sold more than 300 million discs in the whole word. She is considered one of the most influential contemporary music women.
  • Nach

    Nach- El idioma de los diosesNach is a spanish MC Rapper, he born in Alicante and his music is heard in Spain and Latin América. I have chosen Nach because is my favorite singer and his songs are very poetic. Nach released his first LP En La Brevedad de los Días in 2000. I remember when i was 18, i went to see him in concert, and was a great day, he is a great artista. In my opinion Nach is the best Spanish rapper. His last album is a recital of poetry and it calls Los viajes inmóviles .
  • 1964,Pink Floyd

    1964,Pink Floyd
    Few groups have been as big as Pink Floyd. In its history, changed the music, and created new styles, besides giving a new meaning to the rock opera, composing songs and full albums like life stories, and letters and deep music, full of emotion, during his nearly 50 years history.
  • Band Spandau Ballet

    Band Spandau Ballet
    rtva Spandau Ballet is British band composed by 5 members. This band formed in 1979 by the guitarist and composer Gary Kemp, and his brother, the bassist Martin Kemp. The other members are John Keeble, battery, Tom Hadley, singer and Steve Norman on guitar, later saxophone.
    I have chosen this band because it best reflects the music of the 80s; this is the period of my youth.