Charles Mingus Timeline

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    Charles Mingus Timeline

  • Charles Mingus, Sr. Born in North Carolina

    Charles Mingus, Sr. Born in North Carolina
    "Sergeant Mingus, born in 1877 in North Carolina, was the offspring of a liason between a black farm-hand and a Swedish lady in the 'big house,' who was claimed to be a cousin of the late President Lincoln." (Priestly, 1-2).
  • Mingus, Sr. joins the Army

  • Charles Mingus, Jr. Born in Nogales, AZ

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    Charles Mingus's Life

  • Langston Hughes publishes first book of poetry: "The Weary Blues"

    Series of poems attempting to capture rhythms of jazz and blues. Later, Mingus would record with Hughes.
  • Mingus's proclaims this was the time he began to play with changing time, creating plastic forms.

    1940s- self-proclaimed beginning of Mingus playing with “new dimensions of jazz time”, this was the start of him wanting the sound unconstructed by a steadily pounding jazz beat. TL
  • Mingus' first recordings

    Mingus joined local orchestra of Les Hite, backing Louis Armstrong during broadcast transcription sessions in California. Mingus begins playing with more musicians, including Lee Young. GH
  • Marriage to Jeanne Gross

    Mingus marries his first wife, Jeanne Gross (Jenkins, 9). SL
  • Mingus first arrives in New York

    Discovers true bebop music, as opposed to the west coast bebop he was hearing in Califoria. GH
  • Married Celia Nielson

    Had a son together named Dorian. SB
  • First Debut Records recording: Strings And Keys

  • Marriage to Celia

    Mingus marries Celia Nielson in San Francisco (Jenkins, 17). SL
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    Debut Records lifespan

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    Mingus's short-lived stint with Ellington

    From Jenkins, p. 20 "Unfortunately, Mingus' temper and ego worked him out of the job within a month." AF
  • "Jazz at Massey Hall" is recorded live - Ben M.

    "Mingus's Debut Record Company was responsible for one of the most remarkable recordings in the history of jazz, which featured Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Max Roach, Bud Powell, and Mingus. That recording is a milestone" (139 Saul archives).
  • "Mingus at the Bohemia"

    Mingus Jazz Workshop (Charles Mingus, George Barrow, Mal Waldron, Eddie Bert, Willie Jones) performs at New York's Cafe Bohemia. Recorded and released as "Mingus at the Bohemia". JC
  • Newport Jazz Festival

    "Mingus and newly formed sextet play the Newport jazz festival to showcase some of Mingus's experiental work. His sextet consisted of Mingus, Ernie Henry, Teo Macero, Al Dreares, Hardman, and Waldron. It was very well received a standing ovation of the 4,000 people listening despite pouring rain" Priestly, Brian pg. 72.
  • Charles Mingus Records "Tijuana Moods"

    Wouldn't be released until 1962 AMF
  • Mingus releases album "The Clown" (Atlantic)........Ben M.

    Included definitive version of the "Haitian Fight Song". Not sure of the actual date?
  • Wrote "Revelations" for Brandeis University - Ben M.

    Brandeis University commisioned Mingus to compose a jazz piece. He wrote Revelations, and critics promptly awarded him a place among the greats of avant-garde jazz (pg 111 Archives).
  • Mingus Ah Um Recorded

    Mingus and a band including Booker Ervin, Dannie Richmond, Horace Parlan and others, records the material that would become Mingus Ah Um on May 5th and 12th (Jenkins 63).
  • Ornette Coleman releases "The Shape of Jazz To Come"

    Jesse C.
  • Mingus signs with Candid Records

    First record he released from the label: Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus (Where he talks to a fake audience)
    *unknown exact day of his signing JC
  • Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus Recorded

    Actual date in 1960 is debated: Jenkins says October. First album for Candid
  • Release "Oh Yeah" album from Atlantic Studios

    First album where Mingus plays piano through the entire set. *unknown release month/day
  • "Let My Children Hear Music"

    Releases "Let My Children Hear Music" through Columbia. Worked with arrangers and orchestrators for big band.
    *don't know the month/day release date
  • Money Jungle

    Ellington, Mingus, and Roach recorded Money Jungle. SL
  • Town Hall Concert

    New York City: Mingus performs an "open recording session"/concert that many consider to be a train wreck. SB
  • Mingus beats out NY court rap for beating up Jimmy Knepper

    After punching Jimmy Knepper in the mouth while at Mingus' apartment, which nearly permanently destroyed Knepper's embouchure, Mingus was charged with assault. However, he was able to beat out the assault charge, but he was given a suspended sentece. Taken from: Primary Mingus, p.92 GH
  • Birmingham Protests

    Dr. King arrested, police use attack dogs and fire hoses on peaceful protesters. TH
  • Records Black Saint and the Sinner Lady

    Santoro, 210
  • Mingus at Town Hall

    Mingus records "Town Hall Concert" with 30-piece band. First recording on the United Artists label. JR
  • Mingus and Band in Oslo

    Concert recorded with Dolphy, Jordan, Byard, Coles, Richmond In Norway; source of Live in Norway video
  • Mingus Sextet in Paris

    Thru April 19th: The Sextet (Mingus, Byard, Dolphy, Coles, Jordan, Richmond), minus Coles after he fell ill, performed material in Paris, which would eventually be featured on 'Revenge!'
  • Eric Dolphy Dies

    Of diabetes. From Jenkins
  • Mingus evicted from New York City home

    Faced financial issues and was forcibly removed from his NYC home, which he hoped to turn into a music school. GH
  • "Mingus" documentary premieres in a NY theater

    Documentary produced by Tom Reichman on Mingus being evicted from his New York apartment in 1966. Shows Mingus being interviewed inside of his apartment, along with shooting a rifle through the ceiling. GH
  • "Mingus" documentary airs on television

    Taken from a newspaper review by Hollie I. West from The Washington Post. See: Primary Mingus, p.137. GH
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    Recording sessions for "Let My Children Hear Music"

    Let My Children Hear Music, released 1972. Recording sessions on these dates, for Columbia: Sept 23, Sept 30, Oct 1, Nov 18 (all 1971) ML (dates from Priestley)
  • Nat Hentoff interviews Mingus for NY Times

    In "Mingus: 'I thought I was finished'", Mingus is shown as a resurgent force in jazz, coming into his most productive period yet.
  • "Charles Mingus and Friends" concert at Philharmonic Hall

    Recorded as a live album: Columbia KG31614
    (Philharmonic Hall is the previous name of Avery Fisher Hall, at Lincoln Center) ML
  • Mingus plays Philharmonic Hall

    Mingus returns from a long hiatus to play at Philharmonic Hall. It was the first concert of his works to be played there in ten years.
  • Mingus Concert with guest Milt Jackson at Kennedy Center Concert Hall

    Reviewed by Hollie West in The Washington Post, April 14, 1975, p. B9 ML
  • Todo modo premiere

    The Italian drama 'Todo modo' is first shown in Italy, featuring music by Mingus. NB
  • Records "Cumbia and Jazz Fusion"

    Atlantic Records
    One of Mingus' last recordings GH
  • Mingus Invited by Jimmy Carter to White House

    Jimmy Carter threw an event for the 25th Anniversary of Newport Jazz Festival, and Mingus attended, among others. AMF Source: Gordon, Max. "Twenty Years with Charlie Mingus." Live at the Village Vanguard. New York:
    St. Martin's, 1980. 103-11. Print.
  • Newport Jazz 25th Anniversary

    July 1978- White house lawn, Mingus gets a standing ovation from audiences, and handshake from President Jimmy Carter to celebrate the Newport Jazz festivals 25th anniversary. He died soon after. TL
  • Charles Mingus dies in Cuernavaca, Mexico

    Charles Mingus dies in Cuernavaca, Mexico
  • Mingus Obituary Published in New York Times

    "Charles Mingus, 56, Bass Player, Bandleader and Composer, Dead" Credits Mingus for having "venturesomeness," pushing limits of bass-playing, contributing to civil rights movement. AMF
  • Joni Mitchell releases 'Mingus'

    Mitchell releases an album wholly dedicated to Mingus. Mingus composed three new songs for the record, which was recorded in the months before his death. NB
  • Epitath first performed

    Epitath is finally performed a decade after the death of Mingus. Produced by Sue Mingus, Conducted by Gunther Schuller with 30 piece orchestra, and performed at the Alice Tully Hall.
  • Miles Perkins founds Mingus Amongus

    only says the year, not the day or month....http://www.mingusamungus.com/bios.html SB
  • Birth of the Third Stream

    This compilation CD of many "Third Stream" composers, including Mingus, Gunther Schuller, and George Russell. This is a synthesis of the two Columbia records Music For Brass (1957) and Modern Jazz Concert (1958). JR
  • Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award

    Mingus received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997. SL
  • "Triumph of the Underdog" released.

    Documentary on Mingus, "Triumph of the Underdog," released. Directed by Don McGlynn. SL
  • Black Saint and The SInner Lady

    Recorded January 20, 1963
  • Weary Blues

    1958, MIngus records with Langston Hughes