By DannYEE
  • Lead vocalist and pianist Chris Martin is born

    Lead vocalist and pianist Chris Martin is born
    Frontman of the band Chris Martin was born in Exeter, Devon, England.
  • Lead guitarist, Johnny Buckland is born

    Lead guitarist, Johnny Buckland is born
    Johnny was born in Islington London
  • Bassist, Guy Berryman is born

    Bassist, Guy Berryman is born
    Guy was born in Kirkcaldy, Scotland
  • Drummer, Will Champion is born

    Drummer, Will Champion is born
    Will was born in Southhampton England
  • Chris and Johnny Meet in College

    Chris and Johnny Meet in College
    Chris Martin and Johnny Buckland meet each other in a class at University College London. They would jam together in their rooms and in the public gardens covering Simon and Garfunkel and The Beatles.
  • Guy and Will join the band

    Guy and Will join the band
    Originally, Chris had not envisoned starting a band, he just wanted someone to jam with. But shortly after jamming out in public, Guy Berryman,who played bass came up to them and asked if he could play with them.
    A few days later, Will did the same.
  • First gig

    First gig
    The guys scheduled a small gig at a small London pub to play a few songs, but not as Coldplay, as The Starfish, their original name.
  • First gig as Coldplay

    First gig as Coldplay
    The band has their first offical gig as "The Coldplay" at the Dublin Castle in Camdentown, London.
  • First EP - Saftey

    First EP - Saftey
    The band gathered up enough money to record a 3 song EP in a professional studio
  • Coldplay signs with Parlophone Records

    Coldplay signs with Parlophone Records
    Coldplay signed to Parlophone for a five-album contract.
  • The Blue Room EP is released

    The Blue Room EP is released
    A year after releasing their first EP, Coldplay releases "The Blue Room", a 5 track EP.
  • "Yellow"

    Yellow Yellow became an instant hit and gained Coldplay a lot of attention in the UK and across Europe. This is my favorite Coldplay song of all time.
  • Coldplay opens for Muse UK tour

    Coldplay opens for Muse UK tour
    Muse asked Coldplay to open for all of their shows on their UK tour for the month of May, which gave the band a lot of exposure.
  • First album - Parachutes

    First album - Parachutes
    The 10 track, exquisitely dark and quietly abrasive, melodic pop album made a lot of noise across the world with hits such as Yellow, Don't Panic and Shiver.
    It went 7× platinum in the UK, but only peaked at 51 on the US charts.
    Won the Grammy for Best Alternative Album in 2002.
    It won the Grammy for Best Alternative Album in 2002
  • Mince Spies

    Mince Spies
    A Christmas EP that consists of only two tracks. Only 1000 copies were made and given out a small concert. Considered the rarest Coldplay release ever.
  • Coldplay named "band of the year"

    Coldplay named "band of the year"
    Select Magazine named Coldplay "the band of the year" for 2000 because of their instant success with Yellow and Shiver.
  • First show in the US

    First show in the US
    Coldplay plays their first show on US soil in Portland Oregon.
  • Norwegian Live EP

    Norwegian Live EP
    The band releases an EP featuring song from a concert in Oslo Norway beacuse they wanted to impress the country of Norway because they thought Norway had the best looking girls
  • 'In My Place"

    'In My Place"
    In My Place The first single off of the band's second album. It won the Grammy for Best Rock Song of 2003.
  • A Rush of Blood to the Head

    A Rush of Blood to the Head
    The band's second album became their most critically acclaimed of all time sweeping the Grammy's for Best Album of the year, Best Rock Album of the year, Best Single (Clocks), Best Rock Single (In My Place) and Song of the Year (Clocks), Along with being put on multiple lists of best albums of all time (Rolling Stone, NME, BBC, VH1, Billboard).
    The songs on the album were considered to contain "lush melodies and feature heartbreak. Chris said that the band had a "newfound confidince" recording.
  • Live 2003

    Live 2003
    The band recorded a CD/DVD of their concert in Toronto in 2003 to be released as an album and movie which featured two unreleased songs.
  • First song to be featured in a movie

    First song to be featured in a movie
    Don't Panic 'Don't Panic" was featured on the soundtrack to Zac Braff's film, Garden State. This was the first time they had put one of their songs in any sort of media.
  • 'Speed of Sound"

    'Speed of Sound"
    Speef of Sound After taking a two year hiatus from music, Coldplay released the first single from their 3rd album, "Speed of Sound".
  • X&Y

    The band's 3rd album became the second fastest selling album in UK history, featuring hit songs like Speed of Sound, Fix You and Talk. The inspirtation for the album comes from ruminations of Chris Martin's doubts, fears, hopes, and loves.
    The band recorded 60 songs to go on the album, and 3 versions of the album were recorded, all with different songs and themes. The third version of the album is the one they ended up releasing
  • Rumours of the band splitting up

    Rumours of the band splitting up
    After holding an interview after the Brit Awards in Febuary 2006, reporters interprted Chris Martin's comments as the band was going to break up. This sent the media into a frenzy and the band had to lay low for a while.
  • Dan falls in love with Coldplay

    Dan falls in love with Coldplay
    In Mrs. Dutchers 5th grade class is when I first fell in love with Coldplay.
    All of the students were allowed to bring in their ipods for a math test one day, and by accident, I took my older sisters Ipod.
    During the test, I put the songs on shuffle, and Yellow came on.... The rest is history. I couldn't concentrate for the rest of the test, I listened to the song for the rest of the school day, on the bus and at home for the next few days. And I haven't stopped listening to them since.
  • First tour in South America

    First tour in South America
    The band went on their first tour of Latin America and South America. After finishing touring, the band stayed in Argentina for a few months to find inspirtation for their next album.
  • Recording the new album

    Recording the new album
    The band went on quite a trek to record their 4th album. It had them splitting up and going their seperate ways for a few months to find inspiration. After finding their inspiration, they recorded the album in a cathedral in Barcelona Spain.
  • 'Violet Hill"

    'Violet Hill"
    Violet Hill The first single from the band's new album.
    The song was relseased a free download on the band's website and was downloaded more than two million times in a week.
    Violet Hill was the first song by Coldplay to portray some sort of political message in it as they slam the Bush Administration for being "a carnival of idiots on show"
  • Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends

    Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends
    Viva La VidaThe band's 4th and most popular album. The album was named after a painting by Frida Kahlo that Chris Martin saw in Aregentia titled "Viva la Vida" which means, "Live the life".
    Lyrically, the album contains references to love, life, death, and war. The album was inspired by the French Revoultion and old Spanish tales that Chris heard while in Barcelona.
    This album swept the Grammy's just like "A Rush of Blood to the Head" did in 2003/2004 winning all the awards it was nominated for.
  • Prospekt's March

    Prospekt's March
    After "Viva La Vida or Death and all of His Friends" came out, many songs were left unreleased, and the band thought it was wrong to keep them from the public. So they decided to release an 8 track EP titled Prospekt's March".
    Even after the release, over hundred songs were left unreleased, leaving many Coldplayers disheartened and wanting more.
    The cover features Eugène Delacroix's original painting, Battle of Poitiers
  • Live in Tokyo; 2009

    Live in Tokyo; 2009
    Lovers In Japan LIVE The band travels to Japan for the first time to play in front of their biggest audience ever in Tokyo.
  • Don Quixote/Spanish Rain

    Don Quixote/Spanish Rain
    Don Quixote An unreleased song written especially for the Latin America tour in 2010 that was played live once in Buenos Aires. Coincidentally, one of my favorite songs by them.
  • 'Christmas Lights"

    'Christmas Lights"
    The first original Christmas song by the band, played in a mid-tempo number in the key of G major.
    The first new song in over two years, thought to be the first single to their 5th album, but speculation was quickly shot down
  • "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall"

    "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall"
    Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall The first single from their fifth studio album.
    The song contains elements from the Peter Allen song, "I Go to Rio".
    The song became a hit, bus raised some eyebrows because it was a much different sound than the band's other music.
  • Mylo Xyloto

    Mylo Xyloto
    The fifth and most recent album by Coldplay which became their most succesful and popular album to date,
    Mylo Xyloto is a concept album, and a thematic rock opera that is based on a love story with a happy ending.
    The album started off as a more acoustic sounding album, but as the writing process went on, it transformed into a louder and more electric sound.
    The style or theme of the album is based on creating color and life where there was once none there and graffiti
  • My first Coldplay concert

    My first Coldplay concert
    Live in DetroitColdplay had not been to the US since 2008, so when I heard heard that Coldplay were coming to Detroit in the summer of 2012, I knew I had to be there.
    All of the visual effects were just mind-blowing. The confetti that rained down during In My Place, the light up wrist bracelets, the lasers, the inflatebale globes that fell from the sky during Lovers in Japan, the stage lights, the fireworks made it the best day ever.
  • Live 2012

    Live 2012
    The band released their second CD/ Film. The footage showed performances from shows in Paris, London and Montreal from their 2012 tour.
  • Paralympics

    Strawberry Swing LIVEColdplay played the closing ceremony for the 2012 Paralympics.