AC/DC: A timeline of a legendary rock and roll band

  • Bon Scott was born

    Bon Scott was born
    Ronald Belford "Bon" Scott was born in Scotland. He emigrated to Fremantle, Australia when he was 6.
  • Malcolm Young was born

    Malcolm Young was born
    Malcolm was the 4th child born from William and Margaret. He was born in Cranhill, Glasgow.
  • Angus Young was born

    Angus Young was born
    Angus was the 5th and last child born from William and Margaret. He was born in Cranhill, Glasgow.
  • Young family moved to Australia

    Young family moved to Australia
    The family moved to Sydney, Australia. They were interested in the 10 pound immigration package.
  • Malcolm Young dropped out of school.

    He dropped out of Ashfield Boys Academy when he was 15. Angus would do the same 2 years later.
  • Malcolm became a member of The Velvet Underground

    When he was 19, he became a member of The Velvet underground. He would leave the band a year later to sart AC/DC with his younger brother.
  • Founding of the band

    Founding of the band
    Malcolm and Angus Young first founded the band sometime in 1973. There were many member changes over the first year. Malcolm was on rhythm, Angus on lead, Dave Evans as the first singer, Colin Burgess as drummer, and Larry Van Kriedt as the first bassist.
  • Bon Scott became the singer for AC/DC

    Bon Scott became the singer for AC/DC
    He was referred by George Young, who had known him from the band Fraternity.
  • Period: to

    The Bon Scott Era

  • Period: to

    Mark Evans Era

  • Period: to

    The First Phil Rudd Era

    Phil Rudd was first fired from AC/DC in 1983. He had huge problems with drugs and alcohol, and his friendship with the members decreased.
  • Album: High Voltage

    Album: High Voltage
    The album is pure "rock 'n roll". Bon Scott plays the bagpipes in "It's A Long Way To The Top", adding some contrast. The lyrics are full of sexual innuendo.
  • Album: T.N.T.

    Album: T.N.T.
    This album was very important in the history of AC/DC because it seized the rumours that they were glam metal and classified them as hard rock, which would stay with them for the rest of their careers. Scott is featured on this album on the bagpipes once again.
  • Got Signed With Atlantic Records

    Got Signed With Atlantic Records
    They got signed with Alantic Records. This is their first major record label signing.
  • First European Tour

    Since getting signed with Alantic Records, they began their first tour outside of Australia. They also relocated there for the heavy tour.
  • Album: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

    Album: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
    This album was said to capture the malevolence of Bon Scott and the maniacal riffs of Angus Young. There was a real sense of danger in this album.
  • Evans fired and replaced with Williams

    Mark Evans was fired from the band because of disagreements with Angus. He was quickly replaced with Cliff Williams
  • Period: to

    Cliff Williams Era

  • Album: Powerage

    Album: Powerage
    Critics say it was one of their best albums that didn't have anything to do with sex, drugs or Satanism.
  • Album: Highway To Hell

    Album: Highway To Hell
    Richard Ramírez was responsible for several brutal killings in Los Angeles. Nicknamed the "Night Stalker", Ramírez was a fan of AC/DC, particularly the song "Night Prowler". Police also claimed that Ramirez was wearing an AC/DC shirt and left an AC/DC hat at one of the crime scenes. This brought a lot of bad publicity to AC/DC.
  • Bon Scott's death

    Bon Scott's death
    Bon Scott died in London, Engliand after a long night of partying. He died from alcohol poisoning. The band talked about disbanding after Scott's death, but continued on, because "it's what they would have wanted them to do".
  • Brian johnson became the new singer of AC/DC

    Brian Johnson joined AC/DC as their new singer in 1980. He was a member of the band Geordie beforehand.
  • Period: to

    The Brian Johnson Era

  • Album: Back in Black

    Album: Back in Black
    Back in Black is their most successful album to date, and one of the best selling albums ever. It was also the first album without singer Bon Scott.
  • Album: For Those About To Rock We Salute You

    The name of the album was inspired by a book Angus Young read, entitled For Those About to Die, We Salute You, about Roman gladiators. The gladiators' final words to the emperor were "Ave Caesar morituri te salutant" or, "Hail Caesar, we who are about to die, salute you".
  • Period: to

    The Simon Wright Era

    Simon left the band in 1988 to go record with Dio.
  • Rudd was fired from AC/DC

    Phil Rudd was fired from AC/DC. He had problems with drugs and alcohol, and his relationship with the members decreased.
  • Popularity began to decrease

    In 1983, shortly after Rudd was fired, their popularity began to decrease.
  • Album: Flick of the Switch

    Album: Flick of the Switch
    The drummer was fired midway through the album.
  • Album: Fly on the Wall

    Album: Fly on the Wall
    This is the Young Brother's solo album.
  • Album: Who Made Who

    Album: Who Made Who
    5 music videos were made for this album.
  • Return to commercial success

    In 1987, the band began to return to commercial success after their recent depression.
  • Album: Blow Up Your Video

    Album: Blow Up Your Video
    This was the final studio album to feature drummer Simon Wright. It would also be the last album that Brian Johnson was credited as a songwriter.
  • Malcolm Young left band for a season

    Malcolm Young left the band for one summer tour to try to get over his drinking problem. He came back the year after. He was replaced by his nephew Stevie Young, and no one could tell the difference.
  • Johnson's Divorce

    Brian Johnson was going through a divorce with his wife. He was absent for quite a period of time.
  • Induction to the Recording Hall of Fame

    AC/DC was inducted intp the Australian Recording Hall of Fame in 1988.
  • Period: to

    Chris Slade Era

  • Popularity Regained

  • Album: The Razors Edge

    Album: The Razors Edge
    This album was made in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Album: Live

    This is their first live album.
  • Rudd hired back into the band

    Phil Rudd was hired back into the band after a few jam sessions and also after coming to the conclusion that they missed him and wanted him back,
  • Period: to

    The Phil Rudd Era Part 2

  • Album: Ballbreaker

    Album: Ballbreaker
  • Album: Stiff Upper Lip

    Album: Stiff Upper Lip
  • Album: Black ice

    Album: Black ice