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The Evolution of Punk to Punk Pop

  • The Ramones hit the punk rock scene head on

    The Ramones hit the punk rock scene head on
    There's no actual date for when the Ramones brought their music into the punk rock scene, but it was evident that they formed into a band in January 1974. They are often defined as the first group to define the original punk rock sound.
  • Birth of the Sex Pistols

    Birth of the Sex Pistols
    There is no specific date for the arrival of the Sex Pistols, but this is the year they made their first live apperance.
  • "Anarchy in the UK"

    Again, there is no official date for this, as it occured over time, but the Sex Pistols began to spark bands all around the United Kingdom to become punk bands and sing about their feelings on the world
  • The Appearance of American Hardcore

    From the years 1977-1979, American punk bands such as The Misfits, Black Flag, Bad Brains, and The Dead Kennedys.
  • The Clash (The Album)

    The Clash (The Album)
    The Clash release their self-titled album, which hits number 12 on the charts. The Clash is widely referred to in the genre as "the only band that matters"
  • Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols

    Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols
    Sex Pistols drop their chart-smashing album, defining the punk rock sound. They're known worldwide as one of the most influential bands within the genre
  • Punk takes a rest

    Alternative music and '80s pop became the next wave of music. "New wave" and post punk bands became the craze, and punk would take the back seat for a while and begin to go esentially "underground"
  • Pop punk's arrival

    The Offspring and Green Day appear in 1985, signaling the beginning of a boom in pop punk
  • Sweet Children

    Two 14 year olds, Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt, create a band 'Sweet Children' that wiould in 4 short years be known as 'Green Day'
  • 39/Smooth

    Green Day (formally known as Sweet Children) releases their first album trhough Lookout!Records.
  • blink-182's birth

    blink-182's birth
    blink-182, consisting of Mark Hoppus, Tom Delonge and Travis Barker (arrived in 1998, before him was Scott Raynor). In 1995, they released their first debut "Cheshire Cat". It wasn't until they released "Dude Ranch" in 1997, "Dammit" as a single, and "Enema of the State" in 1999 did they begin to gain mega attraction.
  • Kerplunk's release and Green Day rise to fame

    Kerplunk's release and Green Day rise to fame
    Kerplunk, Green Day's sophmore album, brought light to the Bay Area that Green Day was about to become big.
  • The release of Dookie and the rise of pop punk

    The release of Dookie and the rise of pop punk
    Green Day release their new album, 'Dookie', in 1994 and shake the grounds of punk music forever. Their song, "Basket Case" was the biggest song off the album, and one of their biggest hits to this day. This was the turning point for pop punk, when it finally had its own label.
  • Smash releases

    Smash releases
    The Offspring, a pop punk band that also changes the sound and creates the subgenre, releases their album Smash, featuring their hit song "Come Out and Play"
  • Warped Tour's Birth

    Warped Tour's Birth
    Warped Tour, now know as Vans Warped Tour, is a tour where near 100+ bands go on a tour and perform all over the united states from June to Augus. It began June 21, 1995 in Idaho Center in Boise, Idaho, and ended August 18 at the Comerica Park parking lot in Detroit. It has played every year since then. It started as a skate punk and third-wave ska punk tour, but later began to feature mostly pop punk and metalcore acts.
  • The Young and the Hopeless

    The Young and the Hopeless
    Good Charlotte, formed in 1995, release the album that contains hit song "The Anthem". Smashes through pop punk, and begins to shape the sound for 2000s punk pop.
  • American Idiot

    American Idiot
    Green Day's album, American Idiot, releases and climbs the charts instantaneously, eventually becoming a Broadway musical. The song named after the album is one of Green Day's most well-known anthems, and one of their fan favorites.
  • Still Not Getting Any...

    Still Not Getting Any...
    Simple Plan, a band that formed in 1999, release their sophmore album, featuring hit song "Welcome to My Life." Their sound brought more pop to pop punk, forming the sound more than Green Day and blink-182.
  • Move Along

    Move Along
    Though the band formed in 1999, The All-American Rejects created the highest grossing album of their career, "Move Along" with big smash hits "Dirty Little Secret" and "Move Along" named after the album's title. They were another band to largely change the sound of pop punk, similar to Simple Plan just a year before.
  • From Under the Cork Tree

    From Under the Cork Tree
    Fall Out Boy, band formed in 2001 in Chicago, release their defining pop punk album. They really emphasize the pop aspect of pop punk music, and the genre sets off a whole new sound for the 2000s.
  • Riot!

    Paramore, a band formed in 2004 from Tennessee, release their sophmore album, "Riot!" and set off a spark with an angsty female front, Haley Williams. To this day, Paramore is one of the most known and only female fronted pop punk bands
  • So Wrong, It's Right

    So Wrong, It's Right
    Though the band had been together from 2003, Baltimore kids Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson and Zack Merrick, better known as All Time Low, create their debut album through Hopeless Records, and set the genre shooting off with their smash song "Dear Maria, Count Me In".
  • pop punk gets loud

    From 1997-2009, pop punk's sound had a vaguely similar sound, some bands more pop, others more punk. But that was soon to change, as a new wave of pop punk was about to start
  • The State Champs

    The State Champs
    The State Champs form in 2010, coming out with an angsty, angrier pop punk EP called '2010'. Later, they would be signed to Pure Noise Records and become further known for their loud sound.
  • Knuckle Puck

    Knuckle Puck
    Knuckle Puck still hasn't released a full length album, but have released several extended plays, or EPS. They follow a similar sound style to the State Champs.
  • 5 Seconds of Summer

    5 Seconds of Summer
    5 Seconds of Summer, an pop punk band from Sydney, Australia, is formed. They put the pop feel of pop punk back later in 2014 when they release their debut album.
  • AS IT IS, or the newest wave of pop punk

    AS IT IS, or the newest wave of pop punk
    The band, AS IT IS, sets off a new spark of pop punk, infusing the harsh, angsy vocals from State Champs, Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck and so on with pop-sounding vocals, embracing the old and new sounds together with vocalists Patty Walters and Ben Biss.
  • The Finer Things

    The Finer Things
    The State Champs finally release their first studio album, featuring their hit song "Elevated". Soon, many bands would begin to follow their sound, with louder, angstier vocals.
  • Neck Deep

    Neck Deep
    Neck Deep, a band formed in 2012, release their debut album, 'Wishful Thinking'. They are closely knit with the band "Knuckle Puck" and follow a similar sound choice
  • The Debut Album

    The Debut Album
    5 Seconds of Summer release their debut self-titled album, featuring tracks that bring pop punk back to it's 2000's roots.
  • Never Happy, Ever After

    Never Happy, Ever After
    AS IT IS release their debut album, with their songs "Dial Tones", "Cheap Shots and Setbacks", and "Can't Save Myself" feautred on the album. The harsh vocals mix with the pop-sounding vocals to create a double subgenre infused harmonic masterpiece. Who knows where pop punk will go after this band, but it's clearly heading in a good direction.