Michael jackson

Michael Jackson's Timeline

  • Michael's Born

    Michael's Born
    Michael Joseph Jackson was born in Gary, city of Indiana
  • The Jackson Five

    Michael, with five years, comes to be a member on his brothers band, The Jackson Five, under over command of his father.
  • First Jackson Five's Album

    First Jackson Five's Album
    "Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5" was the albumn's name.
    Here, songs like "ABC", "I'll be there", and "I Want You Back," was a hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, at begining of 1970.
  • Ascension of a Five Stars

    Ascension of a Five Stars
    Here it's the beginning of The Jackson Five to the media and public, with Michael on vocals
  • Got Be There

    Got Be There
    That was the first solo album of Michael, but he still was singing with Jacksons band.
    Here Michaels had only 13 years old
  • Many tours

    At the period of 1971 until 1973, Michaels keeps singing with The Jackson Five, and he made many tours over EUA.
  • High level

    At this date until the beginning of 2011, Michael's albums remained at the top o EU top 40 singles.
  • Broken ties

    After many conquers, Joseph Jackson (father of the young stars) and his producer on record company had many discussions about the destination of the band.
    At this moment, Jacksons had many tensions about the management of his songs on record company Motown, what they made part.
    So, they broke ties with Motown and make new accordings with the record company called Epic Redords.
  • "Destiny" with Epic Records

    "Destiny" with Epic Records
    Now calling themselves The Jacksons, the new group make a new recording with Epic Records, and with "Destiny" album, they emerged like a talented songwriters, writing all songs of the album.
  • Off the Wall'

    Off the Wall'
    Here was when Michael impressed the public with his new album solo, called Off the Wall.
    The track "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough" made him to win a Grammy Award, but he still keep singing with The Jacksons.
  • "Triumph" has just began!

    "Triumph" has just began!
    Thats the release day of Triumph album, from The Jacksons. With that record, they made more than one million of copies, but all the fame came with the success of his brother Michael, who keeps composing and shining with and without the band
  • This Girl is Mine

    This Girl is Mine
    Recorded on 1982 at Westlake Studios, Los Angeles, Michael makes a duet with Paul McCartney. This song exploded in every radio in every place on a big scale and very fast, was a big sucess.
  • Thriller

    At this date was release of the most top sucess from the Michael's lifetime.Was released Thriller, with tracks like "Billy Jean" and "This girl is mine"
    Actually, this is the cd with more copies sold along all world
  • The "MoonWalk"

    The "MoonWalk"
    Soon, in a Tv show, Michael makes the first "MoonWalk", his most famous dance move, singing "Beat it" one great sucess of sold.
  • Altruism

    Michael Jackson did a co-writing and recording of "We are the world" for charity, to help children in Africa,
  • Dangerous

    Release of Dangerous, great album with the number one sucess called "Black or white"
  • Superbowl XXVII

    At this phase in his career, Michael keeps making great shows, like in the event Superbowl XXVII, who was one great decision of North american football.
  • Oprah Winfrey talkshow, on Tv

    Michael was on Oprah Tv talkshow, and explained that the change in his skin was the result of a disease known as vitiligo.
  • Acusation

    Michael Jackson was accused to molest a 13 years child. The case was archived over lack of proves.
  • Just Married

    Just Married
    At this date, Michael was married with Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of the King Elvis
  • Decline

    The critics said Jackson career is declining, and Michael is an very eccentric person
  • Divorce.

    Lisa and Michael were divorced, after two years of relationship
  • Just Married, again.

    After conclusion of his divorce, Michael and Lisa Presley remained his friendship, but Michael begins a relationship with Debiie Rowe, who makes an artificial insemination.
  • Michael Jr.

    Michael Jr.
    His name's Michael Joseph "Prince" Jackson Jr., and he's the first child of the couple born at artificial insemination.
  • Paris Michael Katherine Jackson

    Paris Michael Katherine Jackson
    Daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Bowie. She's the second child of the couple, and too born with a artificial insemination.
  • Divorce, again!

    Michael and Debbie divorce, but the father keeps guard over the children. He pretends to have a third child, with a unknow surrogate. His name's would be Prince Michael "Blanket" Jackson II.
  • Declining

    At the beginning of the milennium, Jackson's career comes to down with the bad reception to "1995's HIStory: Past, Present, and Future, Book I" when Michael explored old songs and the new song, with Janet Jackson featuring the song called "Scream".
    But another track from the album, called "They Don't Care About Us," recieved intense criticism to using an anti-Semitic term.
  • Excentric

    Michael release Invencible, and it sold well, but his performer as artist than excentric fought, and the excentric won the public. Michael apeared only using a mask, and he hid his children's faces under veils.
  • Michael "Blanket" Jackson II

    Michael "Blanket" Jackson II
    The third child of Michael was born in La Mesa, California. Blanket is the third child of the late Michael Jackson. The identity of child's biological mother, a surrogate, is unknown.
  • A Documentary

    One great scandal: Michael appeared on a documentary talking about do parties with children, but sleepovers.
  • in the jails

    After the screening of the documentary, allegations of pedophilia led Michael Jackson to be arrested and released on jail. The singer was indicted.
  • In front of Justice

    Michael was judge and got liberty over the acusations of pedophilia.
    The actor Macauley Culkin came to testified at his side.
  • Liberty

    At this date, Michael was liberted over all acusations., but his career and fame and his money were destroyed.
  • The Final curtain

    Michael said about the last tour in this career, called "The Final curtain', and he saw tickets sold at 24 hours, for only 50 shows. The shows were beginning at 8 july. But it never happen...
  • Tragic death

    With 50 years old, die Michael Joseph Jackson,
    Jackson sufered a cardiac arrest at his home in Los Angeles.
    Did not do their shows.
  • R.I.P. M. Jackson.

    R.I.P. M. Jackson.
    At this day, after very months of velorium, Michael was and his family held a private funeral at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles, for the immediate family members of Michael Jackson and 200 guests.
  • Causes of death

    In February was released the oficial relatory reporting the cause of death of Michael.
    According to the report, Michael had died from acute propofol intoxication. The overdose had reportedly worked in combination with a lethal prescription drug cocktail, which included the many substances, to shut down the star's weakened heart. Aided by his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray,
  • Murray in the jail

    Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Jackson's death and was later sentenced to a maximum sentence of four years in prison
  • Children's destiny

    A judge has temporarily suspended guard of Paris Katherine Jackson, Michael Joseph Jr. and Prince Michael II, during which TJ Jackson, son of Tito received temporary custody of the children.
  • Back to mother

    A judge restored Katherine Jackson as the main guardian of Paris, Prince and Blanket.
  • Michael Jackson: The Legend!

    Michael Jackson: The Legend!
    his influence makes too much to many dancers along the world, makes inspiration to artists like Byoncee and others.
    Michael will be always with us, between our songs and jokes and clothes etc.
    Thats his mark.