The best of John Winston Lennon

  • John Lennon was born

    John Lennon was born
    He was born in Liverpool, Merseyside, England, as happened German air raid in World War II. When Lennon got older, his mother taught him how to play the banjo and piano and gave him his first guitar.
  • Creating a band

    Creating a band
    At age 16, inspired by Elvis Presley burst on ROCK, created a band called'' The Quany Men'' in tribute your school.
  • Meeting Paul McCartney

    Meeting Paul McCartney
    Lennon met Paul Mccartney at a church party, inviting him to join his band.
  • His mother died

    His mother died
    The death of his mother was a traumatic event in his life. When he was a child was very playful and enjoyed adventures, drawing grotesque figures and cripples. He hadn't good grades, his school master thought that Lennon could go to a college of arts because he had an artistic talent.
  • Changing the name of band

    Changing the name of band
    The first recording was made ​​that the group'' That'll be the day'' by Buddy Holly.Holly group, The Crickets, was the inspiration for which there was a change of name of the band to the Beatles.
  • Establishing the group

    Establishing the group
    The group was established with input from George Harrison, Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best.
  • Discovery of the Beatles

    Discovery of the Beatles
    The Beatles were discovered in Liverpool at Cavern Club by Brian Epstein.
  • First wedding

    First wedding
    Married Cynthia Powell and they had two sons.
  • Early Success

    Early Success
    Was released the first single from the group with a new drummer called Ringo Starr ''Love me do''. Arrived in 17th in the UK charts. Won success in Britain after releases like'' She loves you'' and'' I want to hold your hand.''
  • Global Success

    Global Success
    Britannic first band to appear on television program The Ed Sullivan Show in the United States. After appearing on the show british, the Beatles returned to England to shoot his first film'' A Hard Day's Night'' and make preparations for their first world tour.
  • Rising higher

    Rising higher
    Queen elizabeth named the beatles second member of the Order of the British Empire and was released his second film'' help''.
  • Biggest audience

    Biggest audience
    Held a show at shea stadium in NY beating the record for the biggest audience in the history of music shows.
  • Second wedding

    Second wedding
    Met his second wife future in Indica gallery, and married her on 20 March 1969. Her name was Yoko Ono.
  • Losing fame

    Losing fame
    The success of Beatles began to lose the power, were accused of snubbing the presidential family in the Philippines and Lennon made ​​a comment unhappy when told that now the Beatles were more popular than Jesus.
  • Extended Break

    Extended Break
    Ended the tour at Candlestick Park in San Francisco doing an extended break.
  • Epstein died

    Epstein died
    Epstein died of an overdose of sleeping pills.
  • Divorce

    Divorced from his first wedding.
  • Lennon left the group

    Lennon left the group
    Lennon's second marriage caused serious tensions in the group. In the form of peaceful protest Lennon and Ono stayed in bed while being filmed and interviewed which was recorded as'' plastic Ono Band''. Her single'' Give peace a chance'' became a sort of anthem for pacifists. Lennon left the group.
  • Starting solo album

    Starting solo album
    McCartney announced the departure of Lennon of the Beatles. Shortly after Lennon released his first solo album called'' John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band''.
  • Shoot ''Imagine''

    Shoot ''Imagine''
    Shoot'' Imagine'', produced second album of Lennon with Yoko Ono and Phil Spector, reached first place in the USA and England.
  • Lennon and Yoko moved to the USA

    Lennon and Yoko moved to the USA
    Lennon and Yoko moved to the USA but was threatened with deportation by the Nixon administration. He believed that the cause of this threat could be because he is an activist against the unpopular war Vitnã. After documents have confirmed the suspicion of it.
  • End of career

    End of career
    Was born the only son of the couple and later Lennon decided to devote himself to his family and leave the music business.
  • Always promoting peace

    Always promoting peace
    Even fighting to stay in the USA, Lennon gave a presentation at the Madison Square Garden in New York with the aim to benefit children with mental deficiency and continued promoting peace.
  • End of wedding

    End of wedding
    Lennon's fight to permanency in the USA had a negative effect on their wedding, causing Ono and Lennon parted.
  • Back together

    Back together
    Lennon and Ono returned to stay together.
  • Nixon resigns

    Nixon resigns
    Nixon resigns and was granted a permanency of Lennon in the USA.
  • Returned to composing

    Returned to composing
    Returned to composing and released the album Double Fantasy.
  • Lennon died

    Lennon died
    Lennon had a tragic death. In front of the complex NY where he lived a deranged fan shot him several times. Died at Roosevelt Hospital at 40 years of age.
  • Songwriters hall of fame.

    Songwriters hall of fame.
    Was placed in the songwriters hall of fame.
  • Rock and Hall of Fame.

    Rock and Hall of Fame.
    Was included in the Rock and Hall of Fame.