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David Geftakys Music Career

  • David Geftakys - Solo Artist Begins

    David Geftakys - Solo Artist Begins
    After several years of various bands and colaberation, David moves forward as a solo artist. Still working fulltime job, David begins developing old material and starts to see his style coming through.
  • So Much To Do - So Few Hours

    So Much To Do - So Few Hours
    David finds juggling the fulltime job and all the duties of a solo writer tough, but the new musical venture he is pursuing keeps him energized.
  • Summer Time Fun!

    Summer Time Fun!
    David still finds time to get out and enjoy the surf.
  • First Sounds As Solo Artist

    First Sounds As Solo Artist
    The first few songs start to immerge. These have either been sitting on the shelf for years, or result from David's new focus on his personal creativity. Working from a 2' by 2' corner of a full garage, David finds joy in having any space to create. The results have a young quality to them, but show promise.
  • Song 1: See The Light

    Song 1: See The Light
    David records his previously acoustic song 'See the Light' at Uncles Studio in Van Nuys California. This rarely heard track is David's first completely developed song as a solo artist. This was his first attempt at working full vocal harmonies and pushing his tenor range. It was during these recordings that David began to understand both his vocal ability and writing style, as well as his need to push his vocal abilities even further.
  • New Song - You're Mine

    One of the earlier songs David worked on.
  • New Song - See the Light

    Another early song which David worked on.
  • New Song - Believe

    Believe was the fourth song David worked on.
  • New Song - Another Drink

    David approached this song with a more technical approach to the vocals.
  • New Song - Why I Miss You

    David begins work on his latest song 'Why I Miss You'.
  • New Song - It's Alright

    David kick starts 2009 with a new song It's alright.
  • Begin Vocal Lessons

    Begin Vocal Lessons
    Pushing the bounderies of his abilities, David starts working with Valerie Morehouse and the GMH Vocal Studio.
  • Rebuild the Studio

    Rebuild the Studio
    <a href='http://www.vimeo.com/3707119' target="_blank">David Rebuilds The Studio Video</a> After fighting the limitations of his surroundings, David decides to rebuild the garage studio and get back his workspace.
  • First records with Jay

    First records with Jay
    David's turning out songs from the studio, but he's in need of a solid drummer. Eager to join in Jay gets started pumping out drum tracks. Jay's hard rock, sometimes boardering on metal gives a lot of bit to any song.
  • Good New In An Ugly Package

    Good New In An Ugly Package
    Big news! After stopping off at the post office to pay his taxes David arrives at work on Tax day and is layed off in another wave of company downsizing. Sometimes good news comes in strange forms.
  • New Song - Say It All

    New Song - Say It All
    "It's still surprises me that this song came together so quickly, and so soon after getting laid off from my job. It's like it was waiting to come out. I actually had two different verses for this song that I had to choose between. And although I think the chorus is definitely the strong point, the verse I finally chose may have made as much of a difference in the final strength of the song as the catchy chorus itself."
  • New Song - Stellar Phoenix

    New Song - Stellar Phoenix
    "I wrote this song back in 2005 sitting on the 10 freeway in Hollywood/Los Angeles coming back from a modeling casting. In the audition they asked me to smile and that day I just didn't have it in me for some reason. The heartache that came out with the lyrics, 'The feeling hurts my mouth,' revealed a lot to me about what was going on in my life that I had not admitted to myself up to that point. When I decided to produce it in 2009 it was an amazing window into my past."
  • Sidekick Party with Weezer

    Sidekick Party with Weezer
    A longtime fan of Weezer, David gets to see them live on the Paramount lot during the 2009 Sidekick party.
  • New Song - Can You Feel

  • New Song - Your Sun Shines

  • New Song - Castaway

    New Song - Castaway
    "This song wrote itself in 3 days. It seems like the keepers do. So much imagery came out with the emotion and ideas that I had as I played it that it seemed to really come together effortlessly. The catchy change-ups in the rhythm came from the very start when I tried to use a 4:4 click as a guide to play against this 6:8 rhythm during the verse. The combination of the two was immediately a favorite of mine."
  • New Song - Strange

    "This song developed quickly into a kind of call for peace and change inspired in large part by the demonstrations that were taking place in Iran at the time."
  • David takes his first flight

    David takes his first flight
    As if music didn't get him high enough, David indulges his love for flight with his first flying lesson. Thank you Ksenia!
  • New Song - Diamonds Are Blue "Diamonds"

  • First Live Performances

    First Live Performances
    A bands gotta test their material out with a the fans. David begins playing his new material at various Hollywood locations including The Unknown theater, open mics and Memorial Day event.
  • GMH Vocal Studio Interviews

    GMH Vocal Studio Interviews
    David partners up with <a href='http://www.gmhvocalstudio.com/' target="_blank">GMH Vocal Studio</a> to interview and make connections with some of today's up and coming stars including Jasmine V, Lisa Origliasso, and Reeve Carney.
  • Mixing the Album with Terry and Holger

    Mixing the Album with Terry and Holger
    David mixes the EP, Lines In My Hands, in two different studios. Terry Glenny Mixes Say It All and Castaway in his La Canada studio, and Holder Gerome mixes Stellar Phoenix in his Flashman Studio.
  • Trip To Nashville

    Trip To Nashville
    Summer 2009 David makes contact with several people from Nashville and Memphis and sees an opportunity to take a trip to Nashville and see the world famous Music Town USA. While there he meets with Scott and Christy Tremell, Charlene Quire, Nadine Loren and many others in Nashville. He gets his first shows at the Blue Bird Cafe, the Listening Room, the Basement and Douglas Corner.
  • New Song - I Remain The Same

    "I wrote this song without a guitar in my motel in Nashville. I was definitely affected by the music around me there in Tennessee, and by Dylan who I've always love. It was a challenge when I arrived home a week later to write the guitar arangement for the piece because I had to match what I had heard in my head. But it all came together and is now lovingly referred to as my 'Sad Bastard Song'."
  • Social Networking in the 21st century

    Social Networking in the 21st century
    David gets into the game with Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, iLike, Squidoo and a myriad of online social networking sites to promote music and connect with fans.
  • New Song - And You

    "Many times I find it's better if I write a song without getting into the producers chair where I start getting mixed up in a bunch of tracks. This song was one of those ones that really proved that too me. To me it wounded beautifully atmospheric and had a combination of both love and heartache that I really wanted to get write with the lyrics. Once that was in place producing was just adding icing on the cake.”
  • Meets with Brendan @ ASCAP

    Meets with Brendan @ ASCAP
    David joins ASCAP after Reeve Carney introduces David to Brendan Okrent.
  • New Song - All Over Town

  • Release First EP

    Release First EP
    Though the EP Lines In My Hands has been finished for three months, it takes another two months before the EP distribution is complete and the album is released. This is new ground for David and the new album begins to pick up steam as friends and new fans begin sharing the music.
  • Trip To New York

    Trip To New York
    David takes a trip to the east coast of the US to meet some of his most viament supports and co-writes "You'll Never Get A Cab On Mott St." with noted songwriter Philippa Catherine Crane.
  • Fans bring in listeners

    Fans bring in listeners
    Fans from all over the world start flexing their muscle and showing support for David's music. Anne in Australia posted this picture showing the source of many new fans, Skinnard in UK, Tao in France, Sean in Canada, and so many more. Thank you all!
  • New Song - Games We Play

    "Is it boasting to say that I feel like I'm lucky to have written this song? But that's honestly how I feel. I was sitting on the couch that afternoon and thought I'd just mess around on the guitar. Next thing you know this beautiful little melody comes out and the first lyrics that popped into my head where 'Games We Play'. Of all the licks I've written it's a favorite for sure."
  • Begin to Audition Other Players

    Begin to Audition Other Players
    David gets a chance to book a show at Universal Studios and begin auditioning additional members for the event.
  • David Valdez Show

    David Valdez Show
    David Performs on the late-night style show "Live Taping with David Valdez" at Universal Studios.
  • Night with Blue Oyster Cult

    Night with Blue Oyster Cult
    Thanks to Harry Zinn, David goes backstage with Blue Oyster Cult and Foghat for an amazing performance.
  • Incredible Review!

    Incredible Review!
    After submitting his music for review David's song Say It All scores in the top 5% of songs reviewed from Fontana Music's SoundOut.
  • Initial Press

    Initial Press
    New Jersey based underground radio, RockNation, posts rave review of the EP Lines In My Hands.
  • First radio play

    First radio play
    Moheak Radio show hosted by Sara "Smitten" Alexia plays new EP, Lines In My Hands, on her new weekly show.
  • Meet Stewart Copeland

    Meet Stewart Copeland
    Through a friend and acting manager, David gets to meet Stewart Copeland and hears first-hand stories from one of his most inspiring groups.
  • Performing New Material

    Performing New Material
    David starts testing out new material for the next album in clubs and open mic venues throughout Los Angeles including Café Muse and Viva Fresh.
  • New Song - Remembering How To Smile

    "I came up with this beautiful piece on the guitar which, at least to my ear, seemed hauntingly beautiful. I almost felt like I would ruin the melody by trying to add lyrics to the song. But the more I played the song the more it brought floods of memories to me and those images were the lyrics that I ultimately chose to write."
  • Begin Planning Production for 1st Music Video

    Begin Planning Production for 1st Music Video
    David gets the green line to start planning a music video with up and coming director.
  • David Meets Another Lifelong Idol

    David Meets Another Lifelong Idol
    Though a small moment in time it's a thrilling memory as David meets Alice In Chains lead guitar Jerry Cantrell.
  • Judy Davis Artistic Rendering

    Judy Davis Artistic Rendering
    Award winning artist Judeth Davis creates an amazing sketch from one of the promo covers of the EP, 'Lines In My Hands', for David's new merchandise.
  • Climbing the Charts

    Climbing the Charts
    David's music begins to get a steep increase in the ReverbNation charts passing up several well known Los Angeles groups as fans from all over the worlds start pushing his EP, Lines In My Hands.
  • The Official David Geftakys Website.

    The Official David Geftakys Website.
    David's first official website goes up!
  • First Radio Interview on the "IN" Show

    First Radio Interview on the "IN" Show
    David spent an entertaining hour chatting with Gus Summers about his about his musical influences and his creative process. He played a few acoustic versions of songs from the new album. Gus also played songs from David's EP 'Lines in my Hands'. The interview was <a href='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49Cbhqi3b58.html' target="_blank">videotaped</a> so go check it out!
  • Sneak Peak Video

    Sneak Peak Video
    David releases a <a href='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1r1NqWsVuhs&feature=player_embedded' target="_blank">sneak peak acoustic performance video</a> of 'Remembering How To Smile' a song from his upcoming album!
  • May Day for a Cure

    May Day for a Cure
    David plays in a benefit concert to raise money for the Music For a Cure Foundation along side other local artists.
  • Video Shoot

    Video Shoot
    David shoots the video for 'Games We Play' in downlown LA.
  • Behind the Scene Photos Released

    Behind the Scene Photos Released
    David releases behind the scene photos from the shooting of his first music video <a href='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOApoE7cKac.html' target="_blank" >Games We Play.</a>
  • Thank You Video

    Thank You Video
    David releases a <a href='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spuGkMK73F4&feature=feedwll&list=WL' target="_blank" >thank you video </a>to all the fans who have been so instrumental in helping to promote his music.
  • Games We Play Single and video released

    Games We Play Single and video released
    David releases his first video and the new single <a href='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOApoE7cKac.html' target="_blank">Games We Play</a>
  • Crash Into Me Cover

    Crash Into Me Cover
    Crash Into Me Cover VIDEO David creates his first cover performing 'Crash Into Me' by Dave Matthews Band.
  • Strange - New Song by David Geftakys

    Strange - New Song by David Geftakys
    Strange - New song by David VIDEO As riots seize the streets of cities all over the UK and unrest builds throughout a economically trouble world David decides to releas a new songs focused on the sacred mission of stepping out and being different to do the right thing.
  • Trip To New York City

    Trip To New York City
    Trip To New York VIDEO David takes of for a trip to New York Ciry. This time he's just going to play, but when he returns it's time to make NYC hear the music!
  • New Album Promotion Begins

    New Album Promotion Begins
    Promo Photo Shoot VIDEO As Team DG promotes the new single David gets close to finishing the new album and a photo shoot in Malibu starts off the beginning of the new album promo.
  • New Single 'And You' Mixed

    New Single 'And You' Mixed
    David's new single 'And You' is mixed with Terry Glenny. Also being mixed are new songs 'Crossroads Empire' and 'Remembering How To Smile' which appear on the new album.
  • Happy New Year 2012

    Happy New Year 2012
    New Year 2012 - VIDEO David begins celebrating the new year with fans with a message for the sunny beaches of Malibu California.
  • The New Band Rehearsing

    The New Band Rehearsing
    David gets together with the live band and a new bass player to begin preparing for the shows that will announce the new album.
  • Special Birthdays Need A Special Song

    Special Birthdays Need A Special Song
    On this day a very special person celebrated her birthday. And it was no surprise that for this amazing person David wrote and recorded a new birthday song. ~ T
  • More than 20,000 views of Games We Play

    More than 20,000 views of Games We Play
    David's first ever music video, <a href='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOApoE7cKac.html' target="_blank">Games We Play</a> reaches more than 20,000 views on YouTube. Even more amazing is that is popularity seems to be growing fast than it did the first months of it's relese.
  • David is Featured Artists on Wise Radio!

    David is Featured Artists on Wise Radio!
    After being in the top 10 requested artists for more than a month, David is the featured artists on
    <a href='https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=350473498341427&id=181618691893576' target="_blank">Wise Radio</a>
  • #1 Requested Artists

    Fan requests push David's music up the charts on online radio play. David is kept at #1 for 4 weeks straight on Wise Radio thanks to the unending efforts of dedicated fans.
  • David Geftakys & David Gielan in studio

    David Geftakys & David Gielan in studio
  • David Geftakys Releases "You're Alive with David Gielan

    David Geftakys Releases "You're Alive with David Gielan
  • New Album - The Games We Play

    New Album - The Games We Play
  • Artist Of The Year - Indie Music Bus

    Artist Of The Year - Indie Music Bus
    After so much support from fans who requesting David's music all 2012 he's named Artists Of The Year by Indie Music Bus.