To Kill a Mockingbird Timeline of Events

  • Scout gets into a fight

    Scout gets into a fight with a kid at school then has to go home and deal with Atticus. This in my opinion is a major event because it foreshadowed Scouts courage yet abrasive stature.
  • Scout and Jem start finding things in the knot hole

    This by far is a major event because it shows how Boo really cares for the kids. Also it foreshadowed where the attack would happen the night of the pageant.
  • Atticus Shoots Tim Johnson's dog

    This makes Jem and Scout question Atticus. After all Atticus had always taught them not to harm something not bothering anyone.
  • Cal takes Jem and Scout to church

    This sparks controversy because Atticus is the one defending Tom Robinson in his court case. So many wonder why Scout and Jem are there.
  • The trial of Tom Robinson takes place

    This really matures all of the characters of the book. Showing the younger generation the injustice being served on Tom Robinson.
  • Dill takes a drink of Mr. Raymond's mysterious drink

    Dill has a drink of what he thought was whiskey but turns out to be Coca-Cola. In turn this shows how everyone is judging eachother with little or no thought to it at all.