To Kill a Mockingbird

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  • Scout and Jem Meet Dil

    Scout and Jem Meet Dil
    In the summer time, both Jem and Scout meet a boy named Dil, he is a boy who likes to go on adventure and he is playful. Later he would impact Scouts life. We found significance in this because, Dil latter developes the Boo Radley incident. Dil introduces them to the mystery of Boo Radley and the children are captivated at the mysteries and entrigued to find out for themselves whether these gossip is the truth or not.
  • Period: to

    To Kill a Mockingbird

    The events that create the controversial novel.
  • Scout goes to School for the first time.

    Scout goes to School for the first time.
    Scout starts her first day of school, and she is nervous about what will school will be like, and she finds out that it is not as good as she thought it would be. Scout is ahead of the class when it comes to reading. Her teacher punishes her for knowing how to read already. She latter recieves punishment.
    This is important to the story line because, she latter on uses these experiences. It is the start of school and school is an important setting in the story.
  • William Cunningham is coming over for dinner

    William Cunningham is coming over for dinner
    Jem invites William Cunningham to the Finch house hold for dinner. By inviting William Cunningham, Scout gets taught a lesson in judgement. When he eats his food, he takes more then the rest of them and Scout in concerned, Calpurnia talks to Scout about it
    Calpurnia tells Scout that in this house hold they do not judge you or treat you like a less of a person if you eat diffrently or act diffrently. She teaches Scout that you do not judge people on their action, you judge them by who they are.
  • Scout Learns about the Cunninghams, theme

    "Hush your mouth! Don't matter who they are, anybody sets foot in this house's yo' comp'ny, and don't you let me catch you remarkin' on their ways like you was so high and mighty! 3.25-26
    Cal tells Scout that she needs to respect people no matter their differences. And by acting that you are better than someone esle is never a good thing. This a good quote becaues it explains how you should not think of someone as a lesser person just because they do not act like you. You need to know them.
  • The Hole in the tree and the Radley game

    The Hole in the tree and the Radley game
    One day, Scout was returning from school when she spotted chewing gum inside of hole in the tree. She takes the gum home and shows Jem, Jem makes her spit it out. And Dil returns for the summer and starts the Radley game with Jem and Scout.
    This is important to the plot because, Jem and Scout latter find out that the tree holds many gifts for them, and this is the notion of friendship form someone unknown. And Dil gets Jem to play his Radley game where they try to find out about the Radley's.
  • Atticus attempts to stop the Radley game

    Atticus attempts to stop the Radley game
    Scout gets kicked out of the group and it becomes duo. She deciedes to spend more time with Miss Maudie instead. Finally when she has enough she breaks into the duo and finds out what they are up to. They try to deliver a note to Boo Radley but instead they get caught by Atticus.
    This is significant because, Atticus is starting to catch onto what the boys are doing. Once he has heard of what the boys were doing he hides inside the Radley's property and catches Jem and Dil in the act.
  • Another attempt at the Radley's House

    Another attempt at the Radley's House
    Dil, Jem and Scout get permission to stay at Dil's aunts fish pond. Dil wants to try to see Boo Radley. They attempt look in the window and they get scared and run for it. Jem gets his pants stuck in the fence and it rips, but they keep on running.
    While the neighbors gather around to see what happened, Jem, Dil and Scout also go to see what happened. They see Jem's pants on the fence and everyone notices that he is missing his pants. Dil makes up a story of playing strip poker to cover up.
  • Miss Maudie's lesson to Scout, theme

    Miss Maudie's lesson to Scout, theme
    "There are just some kind of men who – who're so busy worrying about the next world they've never learned to live in this one, and you can look down the street and see the results." 5.45
    Miss Maudie is talking about Mr. Nathan Radley and the baptists. She talks about they are not living life to the fullest, they do not see the good in life. Miss Maudie tells Scout to not get too caught up in life and enjoy it while you can.
  • Jem retrieves his pants and the tree is no more

    Jem retrieves his pants and the tree is no more
    Jem later goes to the Radley's place to retrieve his pants. To his surprise the pants are all fixed and it is sitting on the fence. And later he finds two carved figure that resemble Jem and Scout. Then after the hole in the tree was filled with cement.
    This is important because, Jem ripped his pants and they were magically repaired the next time he goes to retrieve it. When Jem leaves a note in the tree, the next day they found the tree filled with cement and Jem cries that night.
  • Winter in Maycomb

    Winter in Maycomb
    It is winter in Maycomb for the first time in years. The children have not seen snow in their life. They build the snowman. Halfway through the night, Atticus wakes up the children because Miss Maudie's hous is on fire.
    This is significant because, Miss Maudie is a significant character in the book and she influences the children greatly. And now her house is on fire and destroyed. While all of this was happening Scout has mysteriously aquired a blanket and they suspect Boo Radley gave it to her
  • Atticus talks about racism, theme

    Atticus talks about racism, theme
    "For a number of reasons," said Atticus. "The main one is, if I didn't I couldn't hold up my head in town, I couldn't represent this county in the legislature." 9. 75
    Atticus is defending a black man in a court case, he knows that he will lost but he does it anyways. Atticus believes that he is doing this because, he believes that it is the right thing to do and he does not care whether he gets voted off the legislature, or his neighbors criticize him. He wants to make things right.
  • Trouble at School for Scout

    Trouble at School for Scout
    At school the kids are making fun of Atticus and Scout dislikes it. She quickly goes to Atticus defence. She is offended when they say that her father is fighting for the wrong race.
    This is important because it describes what kind of person Atticus is. He defense African American people because he believes in equality for everyone. And he tells Scout that the people who are racists are people who are arrogant and think that they are better than others. Atticus tells them racism is never okay.
  • Racism In Maycomb

    Racism In Maycomb
    "Scout," said Atticus, "nigger-lover is just one of those terms that don't mean anything – like snot-nose. It's hard to explain – ignorant, trashy people use it when they think somebody's favoring Negroes over and above themselves." 11.108
    This corresponds to our theme because the kids at her school are all born in a racist soceity in which they state that black people are not equall to white people. They are raised that way and they think it normal that a colored man is not equall to they are.
  • Atticus proves himself

    Atticus proves himself
    Both Jem and Scout think that their father is an old person who doesn't do much. Scout goes to Miss Maudie and Calpurnia to question them about their father, but nothing as important as what he is going to do. When a mad dog is in the street, Atticus gets handed a rifle to shoot the dog.
    When he does, Jem and Scout are dumbfounded that he was cappable of this. Jem and Scout realize that Atticus has talents that he does not talk about. They are curious why he does not tell them about the past.
  • Mrs. Dubose

    Mrs. Dubose
    Everytime Scout and Jem pass Mrs. Dubose's house she insults them each time. Jem and Scout ignore it and move on. One day she insulted Atticus and Jem snaped. He took Scout's new baton and ruined her camella patch. As a consequence Mrs. Dubsoe wanted Jem to read her a story everyday after school.
    This is important because it teached Jem courage, he had to have courage to go into her house and read to the person he hated the most. This builds Jem's character and later decisions that he makes.
  • Atticus does not approve of Jem

    "... to do something like this to a sick old lady is inexcusable. I strongly advise you to go down and have a talk with Mrs. Dubose," 11.105
    Atticus clearly is dissapointed in Jem's actions. Even though Mrs.Dubose has insulted the Finch family, it does not give Jem rights to destroy her property. Atticus teaches Jem that eventhough some insults you does not mean that you can take revenge and destroy property. Jem gets tought that his morals are not correct. Atticus is teaching Jem right morals.