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to kill a mocking bird

  • dill arrives

    dill arrives
    Dil comes to maycomb,
  • scout starts school

    scout starts school
  • boo leaves gifts

    Boo leaves gifts in tree. Dill comes back to Maycomb.
  • letter for boo

    Boo leaves gifts in tree. Dill comes back to Maycomb.
  • more gifts

    Boo leaves more gifts. Hole is filled with cement.
  • tom arrested

    tom arrested
    Tom arrested for alleged rape
  • christmas

    Atticus agrees to defend Tom Robinson. Scout fights Cousin Francis
  • miss maudie

    Cold winter. Snow in Maycomb. Miss Maudie's house burnt.
  • rabid dog

    Atticus shoots a rabid dog
  • mrs. dubose

    mrs. dubose
    Jem beheads Mrs. Dubose's camellias and has to read to her. She overcomes her morphine addiction and dies.
  • church

    Children go to First Purchase church with Calpurnia. Aunt Alexandra arrives.
  • Jail

    The Old Sarum mob tries to lynch Tom. Scout intervenes and unwittingly saves him.
  • news about tom

    The missionary circle meets for tea. News comes of Tom's death.
  • Jury

    The trial begins. The children sit in the black people's balcony.
  • meeting

    Scout and Dill meet Dolphus Raymond outside. Atticus sums up for the defense. The children are found to be in the court.
  • toms vertict

    tom is found guilty
  • bob ewell

    Bob Ewell spits at Atticus and vows revenge.
  • pagent

    Jem and Scout go to the pageant. Bob attacks them, but they are rescued. Bob is found dead at the scene.
  • Boo

    Boo is revealed as the children's savior
  • decision time

    Atticus thinks Jem has killed Bob Ewell. Heck Tate proves that it was Boo.
  • boo and scout

    Boo and Scout go to see Jem. Scout takes Boo home.