Timmy Yip

By TimmyY
  • The day I was born

  • First needle taken.

  • I grew my first tooth.

  • Learned how to walk.

  • First flight taken to Hong Kong.

    I went to Hong Kong.
  • Went to first Christmas Party.

  • Went on first family vacation with grandparents.

  • My sister was born.

  • First time i went to school. I went to Buttonville Public School.

  • Stayed up for millennium countdown.

  • First time I went to chinese school.

  • Lost first tooth.

  • Help dad plant blackberry and blueberry tree.

  • First time i went to science center.

  • Learned to skate.

  • Went to summer camp.

  • Learned to swim

  • Moved to Calgary, Alberta.

  • Learned how to dragon dance.

  • Move back to Markham,Ontario.

  • First day of highschool

  • I volunteered at the library.

  • I turn 16 and want to go for my G1.

  • I turn 17 and want to get my G2.

  • I will become 20.