timeline week3

  • Date of Birth

    Meet my mom.dad and older brother for the first time
  • Ronnie

    Ronnie was born on the same day, and at the same hospital I was. Judy was his mother, not sure how my mom meet her, but we spend the next 7 yras together almost everyday. We went back to California when I was 15 to see Judy and Ronnie, haven't seen him since, but my mom still stays in touch with Judy.
  • Dad Left

    Remember going to the Elk's lodge with my dad, drinking a Shirly Temple, and my dad telling me he was leaving. Didn't understand until a couple years later.
  • Marion

    Marion was my mom's long time boy friend. He was nice to me and my brother, but not too my mom. He would leave for weekends, or not come home which broke my moms heart. They drank and smoked a lot of pot together. This is the man that my mom choose over us when my uncle came to get us and move us to Oregon. He came to visit us in Oregon once after we moved in with my uncle, never saw him again.
  • Jimmie W and Brad B

    Two older boys in my neighborhood who I had really big crushes on. They just saw me as a little pest. Both were very handsome, the 80's rocker look. I used to steal his combs out of there back pockets and run off. Beth dated him when we were in the 7th grade, broke my heart a little bit. I finally got a chance to date Brad my junior year of high school, decided to stay friends only. Still talk to Jimmie, but have no idea where Brad is (their relationship ended over a girl named Sylvia)
  • Beth

    Meet Beth Mooney, and made a friend for life. Her family took care of me when my mother could not. We spend almost every day together from fifth grade until graduation from high shcool. Beth lives in Bend,with her husband and her two children. We see each other 3-4 times a year.
  • Mr Anderson

    Mr. Anderson was my fifth grade teacher at Plesant Hill Elem. I will always remember him, he was the best teacher. He made math and science fun. He dated my mohter for a couple of months the summer after my fifth grade year. I moved to the Junior High school the next school year, and would only see Mr. Anderson at the grocery store.
  • Gary W

    A man my mom meet throught the pin pal program at some prison. When he got out of prison, my mom and him married. My mom and him did a lot of drinking and drugs, he had a lot of money. He hit my older brother, and the next day he was gone. A couple months later he was arrested for drugs again. Have never heard from him again.
  • Mike G.

    Mike G. was Jimmie's best friend (besides Brad) and was my first kiss. He was the drummer in the high school band, same age as Jimmie
  • Katrina, kelly, Carrie, Lisa, Jeff, Brian, Caroline, Jerry, Michelle

    Group of kids hung out with until graduation. Don't really stay in touch with anyone (except facebook updates) except Beth. Which is really wierd, since we pledged our undying love our senior year to each other.
  • Coach Stringe

    Softball coach, started playing when I was in 8th grade. He was an amazing coach, and would drive me home everyday after softball practice (lived approx 2 miles from our house), would give me his daughter's hand-me-down softball equipment.
  • Mrs. Greenburg

    My high school guidence counselor. She was very supportive and tried to help my mom when she could. She would always make sure my brother and I had lunch at school.
  • Mark

    Mark was my first serious boyfriend. He was two years older than I was, and one of my good friends brother. He joined the army my junior year, and when I was seeing him off at the airport, to boot camp, he gave me his Army sweatshirt as a memento, later that night I found a note in the pocket from another girl describing their sexual relationship and how she was going to miss that. He has not changed, cheats on his wife and is not a good person.
  • Lyn

    Lyn is my step-dad. His family grew up in Pleasant Hill, and I went to school with his younger brothers. Lyn and my mom, were married in 1988, had a son, Lindale, in 1989, he is 20 years younger than me. My mom stopped drinking and drugs when she got pregnant with my brother, and has been sober ever since, which I beleive is Lyn's doing.
  • Chad

    Chad came into my life the the summer after I graduated high shcool, he was going into his Jr year of high school. We dated, but I think we were more of the buddy types, he taught me how to golf and trust again. Still keep in touch occasionally, but his wife doesn't care for me.
  • Dave W

    Meet Dave my freshman year in college. He was the funniest person I have ever met. We dated for a little over a year, decided we are better friends. He is divoreced with five kids, four of them his, the oldest a step-son, but he won custody due to the mother was unstable. I admire him for who he is. He is still one of my cloesst friends, we also meet up every football season - Go Ducks!! Me, my hubby, Amber, Dave, Chris, Laurel 1, and Laurel 2 go to most of the home games together.
  • Lindale

    Lindale, Dale, is my younger brother. He was raised completely different than my brother and I. My mom was clean and sober while she raised him. He is spoiled and has no ambition, because he has never had to work for anything or lived without.
  • Amber

    Amber!! The most energetic, fun loving friend of my life. I absolutely love Amber and will always be one of the best people I have ever met. She is my dearest and ultimate best friend for life. Even though she lives in Eugene, we spend all of football season together, and at least one weekend a month together
  • husband

    Meet my husband, we were married March 16, 1996.
  • Justin's family

    Brougth into Justin's family, they are totally controlling and snobish, but they try to keep all the family close, so we accetp them for who they are. We do vacation with them a lot, but set rules and they respect that. the do not let my girls use electronic devices at their house, which I am okay with. When the girls stay at grandma/pa's house bed time is 9pm, no TV, again totally okay with that too. The girls don't like it, but they always have fun and grandma/pa's farm in Scappoose.
  • Emily

    First child, Emily born. She is energetic, bubbly, goofy, and an amazing person. She brightens up the room, and she is a talented dancer.
  • Julie

    Julie is my youngest daughter. She is an amazing person who lightens up the room with her smile. She is a people person and likes to be a pleaser. She is very sensitive, and gets her feelings hurt easily when her dad or I raise our voices to her. We try really hard not to do this, becasue the look on her face is heart breaking. She is extremely good at math and writing. She is a tomboy, her best friend is the little boy next door, and a beautiful fballet dancer !
  • Loren

    meet Loren W at Oregon Ballet Theatre. He was the finance director and my mentor. He took the time to teach me about financial statements and budgeting. He promoted me to the Accounting manager of OBT, but then he got really sick and had to leave work. I left shortly after he did. We do not talk anymore, he moved to Coquile Oregon, kinda dropped off the radar, but I will never forget his kindness, friendship and support.
  • Cristina and Dave Berry

    Cristina and Dave Berry are our best friends, and we are the god parents to their childre. At this moment Cristina is my closest friend, probably because we spend a lot of time with them.
  • BAC5-03

    Meet all my freinds from BAC5-03, love my group!! Wish to become closer to the other people in the class, but I am a little scary and controlling, a trait I am working on, so I scare people off.
  • Shauna

    Shauna is my work friend. She listens and helps me cope at work.