Timeline threw the years

  • Beginings (Prenantal Development & Birth)

    I was born April 15th, 1994. I came out with dark brown hair. I was jaudiced and had a birth mark on my foot. I was very attached to my grandmother and when I was around her I alway felt comforted.
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    First two years (Cognitive)

    As a baby I always wanted my mom or grandma. They always made me feel comforted. When I was in there arms I never cried. My dad was around, but my mom and grandma were my csregivers. By 6 months I am able to sit up on my own, and become a independent baby. I loved to crawl all over the house, thankfully my grandmas house was all carpet. Starting at around 4 months I loved to play with rattles or have my mom and grandma rattle it for me, I loved noises, and touching things.
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    First Two Years (Cognitive cont.)

    Once I was able to walk I loved to explore things, they even had to put up a gate because all I did was get into things I shouldn't have.
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    First Two Years (Psychosocial)

    I developed fear of the stove because when I was about 1 and half I somehow climbed up on a chair and touched the hot stove. I still remember it to this day even though I was so young. I also had an instance where I ran off in Toys R US. The manager found me, and I was in tears, I never had been away from my grandma or mom in a public place.
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    First Two Years (Biosocial)

    I had all the immunizations that were required as a baby. I was not breast fed, my mom fed me formula. I had a hard time latching on to my moms breast.
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    Early Childhood (Biosocial)

    I started dance classes, I loved to dance, and also played outside everyday. At age 4 I was able to brush my own teeth and was in preschool, then that the September I started kindergarten.
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    Early Childhood (Cognitive)

    I have become a big reader and loved to color. Having my picture taken was my thing to.
  • Early Childhood ( Started kindergarten)

    Started my first day of kindergarten and remember crying almost the whole time when my mom and grandma left.
  • Early Childhood (Psychosocial)

    Me and my friend Molly both colored on the desk and were sent to the corner and then tell our teacher sorry.
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    Middle Childhood (Biosocial)

    Everyday after school I did my homework and then would go play with the neighborhood kids. This is also the time when I was very active, yet I started to put on weight and eventuall became overweight.
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    Middle Childhood (Cognitive)

    I loved math and it was my favorite subject, my grades were the best in math and I did not like any kind of social studies.
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    Middle Childhood (Psychosocial)

    Dealing with my parents divorce and fighting was the worst part about my middle childhood. I was also made fun of my weight and acne that started at such a young age. I depended a lot from my friends who always made me feel beter. My parents did not ever help except remind me I was also overweight.
  • Middle Childhood

    My parents finalized there divorce, and me and my sister were told we were had to stay with our dad.
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    Adolescence (Cognitive)

    Middle school is going wellm except the fact that I am getting bullied for being overweight and hair on my arms. Technology became my friend.
  • Adolescence (Biosocial)

    Puberty has begun, the hair under the armpits and my mom embarassing me about it in front of all my friends. My acne was horrible and I was overweight. My stress was threw the roof, with my parents who are divorced and seeing new people come into my life.
  • Adolescence

    Me my dad, sister and his girlfriend and her daughter all move 60 miles away from Garden City my dad would not allow us to tell our mom till days later. I did liked where we moved since we now lived on a lake and living on a lake was always my dream.
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    Adolescence (Psychosocial)

    Conflicts with both my parents were bad. I never got along with my mom. Since my dad cared more about women I really did not get along with him. All I could think was as soon as I graduate I will be moving back with my grandma. I could have moved back before but I met so many great friends at this school. I was on homecoming court my senior year, I was a cheerleader, it would have been hard to leave all of that. I was never bullied at this school so that could have been why also.
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    Emerging Adulthood (Psychosocial)

    Me and my boyfriend are still living together. I am still working at U of M. I have had some issues with what I really want to do. Seeing sick kids really lost my motivation to become a nurse. I got over this bump and still trecking along.
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    Emerging Adulthood (Biosocial)

    I have been actively going to the gym, trying to keep myself in shape. I also have been making friends at college and been dating my boyfriend.
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    Emerging Adulthood (Cognitive)

    College and working have been taking a toll on me, so has trying to run and keep a home clean. I have change jobs from a Valet attendant to working in a hospital.
  • Graduation

    Finally the day I graduated, my mom, grandma, grandpa, sister, and my mom's boyfriend were all there. The one person who let me down was my dad he did not show.
  • Starting college

    I offically was starting college, and had plans to become a RN and eventually a Nurse Practitioner. My first day I had a math and english class, that day wads such a happy day for me.
  • A bad crash

    On this day I wrecked my grandpas race truck at the race track. The brakes had went out and I did not have enough room to stop and make the turn at the end of the track, so I went up and over the concrete wall.
  • Started my job at U of M

    Today I was no longer consider a temp employee I was hired in as a regular employee on the childrens cancer unit.
  • Moved in with my boyfriend

    Me and my boyfriend made the comminment to live with each other.
  • Graduation

    The day I graduate with my Medical Assistant certificate, medical billing, and phlebotomy certificate. My goal after is to get a better job and continue on with my goal to become a nurse.
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    Adulthood (Biosocial)

    Married to what was my boyfriend. Done with college Offically a Pediatric Nurse practioner. Living on Lake Erie. Traveling with my husband. Then eventually going threw menopause.
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    Adulthood (Cognitive)

    I am coping with stressors. Children, marriage, a house. Trying to buy a vacation house.
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    Adulthood (Psychosocial)

    Meeting casual acquaintances and spending much needed time with my family. My children are my number one priority. My marriage is going awesome and my oldest child is going away to college.
  • Purchased a vacation home in Florida

    Me and my husband purchased are beach front vacation house today in Key West Florida.
  • Midlife crisis

    Today is the day I have a mid life crisis. I am not happy with the way I look so I go and get the ballon put in to help me lose weight
  • 1st grandchild is born

    Its a boy!!!
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    Biosocial Development: Late Adulthood

    I am enjoying exercising everday, and dancing with friends at a weekly class. I am still able to drive, and my hearing and eyesight is still very good.
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    Late Adulthood: Cognitive Development

    I am starting to have slower thinking, my memory is still strong though.
  • Retired!!

    I am finally retired!
  • Second grandchild is born

  • 3rd grandchild is born

  • Family trip to Hawaii!

  • Diagnosed with Heart Disease

    Today I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with heart disease. Since my grandpa had it I suspected I would one day get it.
  • Husband passes away

    My husband passes away, he was in good health. They ruled it as old age.
  • Death year

    I am predicting that I will die on this day and this year, due to heart diesease and diabetes.