Timeline Project

  • Birth

    On this day I, Danielle Elli Mitchell was born into this world. My body healthy and happy, out I came crying like the little baby I was. This long and louad shriek started off my journey to descover the world I had just entered.
  • Period: to


    My mother is an all natural kind of woman. We only have organic food, use amoebic soaps, and she had 3 natural births. Mine especially special! I was born in a bath of water. I have done swimming lessons since before I could walk; I did them all the way up to become a life guard/swimming instructor and been able to play competitive sports. I will peruse other goals in life but I am thankful to have an amazing head start when it comes to earning good money and loving what I do!
  • Bree Fournier

    Bree Fournier
    My first friend, my best friend, Bree Fournier. I am not too sure when the first time I meet her but I am sure it was probably around when I was one year old. Shea F. is her older sister who was best friends with my older sister. So naturally we became close since we were the same age as were our sisters. She taught me how to be a friend, how to not be a friend, what I liked in a companion and what I did not like in a companion. We grew up teaching each other about life without even knowing it.
  • Jealousy or Gratitude?

    Jealousy or Gratitude?
    My sister Chloe was born two years after me. The first time I laid eyes on her my initial action was a big kiss on her forehead. I loved her but as the days went by after she came home from the hospital, I began to get less and less attention from my parents. I became more independent and still to this day I am more independent then my siblings. I learnt to be on my own, to be able to provide on my own and be my own person and it all started unravelling the day my sister came home.
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    In my life time I have always been involved in some kind of sport. Ballet was my first step into the aggressive athletics environment. Since I was ___ till I was ___ I danced for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.
  • Jackie

    I named my second dog Jackie. The day we got her was big for me. My sister and I had to buy her with our own money. She was my first big buy with my own personal dollars. She taught me responsibility. I had to feed her, walk her, bath her and take care of her! In return, Jackie would give me a sense of love and need.
  • Gymnastics

    Gymnastics made me fall in love with the rush of adrenaline. This natural high sustained me to stay away from the pressures of getting involved with drugs later in life. Once I turned 6 I was invited to compete competitively for Panthers Gymnastics Club. May 3ed, 2003 was the first big rush I got; when I won my first competition meet in Winnipeg.
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    Pan-Am diving was probably my favorite sport I have ever done! It was also easily for me to get into because I had background in gymnastics so I knew how to throw myself in the air properly. Diving brought a whole different level of competiveness to the table! This is when I started traveling Canada to compete. This opened up my eyes to different cities and different places. After high school traveling the world is my only certain goal in life at this moment.
  • Determined

    Ever since gymnastics I’ve always wanted the biggest rectangle, top of the line trampoline. This particular trampoline I wanted was 2000$. I always asked for it for charismas and birthdays but my parents never delivered. They would tell me they could buy me a circle trampoline like normal kids had but that did not suffice me. I took matters into my own hands. I was determined. I babysat an infant 4 days a week after school. I gave all my money to my parents and finally bought the one I wanted.
  • Tonka

    Tonka was my third dog. We got him because Spike was getting old and Jackie would need someone to play with once Spike passed away. Tonka became my best friend. He was always there when I was sick or needed cuddles. He kept me happy with his spunk when I was down.
  • Dealing with Death

    Dealing with Death
    Spike was my first dog. My mother saved her from being slaughter on my grandpa's farm before I was born. I was _ when I watched her pass peacefully and patiently. For weeks after; I cried everyday and didn’t go to school some days. She was a huge part of my life. Ever since I started breathing she had been there to greet me at the door when I came home. That changed. This was a learning process for me. As time went by I came to terms with the facts that she was old and it was her time to go.
  • Over Seas

    Over Seas
    The last good memories of my father were on the last trip we took to England together. My father was born there so I have many relatives in Yorkshire. As a family, we used to travel to his home land often. So often that I would fall asleep on the tour bus considering I thought I’d be back in a year or so. I now know that I took these trips for granted. I will return, hopefully before any elderly relatives died. I have had a great taste of the world and would love to see more!
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    The New Girl

    Changing schools was tough. Not knowing anyone was worse. Because I didn’t see my elementary school friends every day anymore, I found out who were my real friends were in the end. The ones that kept in contact and cared to make time for me, and I’d do the same for them back. To this day I still have my three best friends whom I met in grade three. Grade 8 to grade 9 was a huge transition for me. No one seemed too interested in being a true friend in high school. Girls enjoyed drama too much.
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    My three friends that I chose once I entered a new school were my complete and only motivation to wake up every morning to go to a school that I hated. Alexis, Keegan and Chris were my rocks. Alexis changed to UofW when we were going into grade 11 so that was a big part of why I decided to move provinces. Chris started getting into drugs in grade 10 and Keegan; well he wasn’t exactly the smart one of the group. Either way I couldn’t have even gotten to this point without them! <3
  • Water Polo

    Water Polo
    I played Water polo for Bushido for four years and also on the National team when I was 15-17. But I would like to talk about the school leagues. I played for Glennlawn who before I joined the team was an average team; didn't win much. But the first year I played for them I brought them into Finials and all the way to gold. This proved to me that I know I was an amazing player and had much potential in sports. This event in my life keeps up my spirit when I fell low.
  • Splitting Up

    Splitting Up
    Parents breaking up are a confusing time in any person’s life no matter how old. The first semester of grade 10, I was 16 when mine decided they couldn’t hold on; not did I only lose my father, I lost my house and gained a tone of responsibly. I haven’t talked to my dad nor has he has tried engage in a relationship since that day. This messed with my mental health. Once my mother moved into a small house I had to get a job to pay rent and maintain my own living. This day changed my life forever.
  • My first Job

    My first Job
    I was rushed to find my first job. I needed money and fast so I took the first most convenient position open. I was young with no car so I needed something close. After moving houses I got a job at a gas station as a cashier. This job wasn’t so bad, it was good to know how to use a register on a resume but what I took most insightful from this minimum wage job was how to work and act like it was a career. I learnt how to stay and cooperate with people high up in the business then me.
  • Is That a Rat?

    Is That a Rat?
    I went on a Trip with my National Team to the States. It wasn’t a long trip, maybe a week or two. But upon my return, my mother said she had a surprise. Once I got to Winnipeg she picked me up from the airport and told me to look in the front seat of the car. Sitting there was a Chihuahua named Consuela. My mother said she had missed me so much that she went out and bought a very expensive replacement. I found this endearing and thoughtful. My mother loves me!
  • Dropping Out

    Dropping Out
    Surprisingly, I actually liked school before high school. Grade 11 felt quite lonely so in the second semester, I question what I was doing with my time and decided that school could wait. An opportunity of a life time came up. I moved to my aunt’s house in Kelowna, BC to peruse my passion of snowboarding. Sadly on my first day on the mountain I broke my arm and couldn’t continue the season. On my return home I decided this was a sign. I needed to go back to school next year to continue my life.
  • Moving On

    Moving On
    Hopefully on this day I will finish the struggle of finishing high school and finally be able to move on with figuring out the rest of my life. YAY! I have mixed feelings though. I feel like I have this huge height attached to me, holding me down because I have not finished high school, yet I have a tiny bit of a worry that I won’t know what to do with myself if I get school over with. Either way I know finishing is necessary and I will know my next step once I get it all over with.