Timeline of the Computer

  • First Computer

    First Computer
    Very interesting to see how big computers used to be and how far we have come today.
  • Transistor is Invented

    Transistor is Invented
    Even though it isn't a computer it is in every computer and most electrical devices and has changed technology.
  • First concepts of tablet computer

    First concepts of tablet computer
    The tablet computer is still way in the future but Alan Kay still had the idea and scetched his idea of a tablet computer. I liked this milestone because I thought tablet computers were a recent idea and that they were new technology. It turn out the technology might be new but the idea is not.
  • Mouse invented

    Mouse invented
    The mouse on a computer is something we use everyday. It was invented by Douglas Engelbart who was also helped with the computer mouse, windows, computer video teleconferencing, hypermedia, groupware, email, the Internet and more. It was called the mouse because it had a tail(cord) coming out of the back.
  • The internet was created.

    The internet was created.
    ARPAnet was the first form of the internet. It was created by the government as a way to communicate and protect the information being communicated. I liked it because I never really knew where the internet had come from, or how it started and this answered both questions.
  • The Macintosh Computer was invented

    The Macintosh Computer was invented
    The Macintosh computer was created and was one of the first computers to be lighter weight and still affordable. I liked this milestone because I like Apple/Macintosh computers and think that they are very useful. It was interesting to see how it all started.
  • Microsoft joins the race.

    Microsoft joins the race.
    Microsoft joins Apple in a competition to see which computer is the best.
  • Apple iPod revealed

    Apple iPod revealed
    In October of 2001 the new Apple iPod was revealed and was harshly graded. Besides the harshnes the iPod became a very good seller and went on to become one of the biggest icons in the world.
  • iPod Touch revealed

    iPod Touch revealed
    The iPod touch revolutionized the computer world with a portable device that you touched the screen to select an item. I picked this milestone because iPods are one of the most used, boughten, and a necessity to life today.
  • iPad released

    iPad released
    The iPad was the next big thing after the iPod touch. It combined the usefullness of touch controls with the large screen of a monitor. I chose this milestone because the iPad really has changed history and how we live today. Without these wonderful devices we wouldn't be able to do half the things that we do on a everyday basis.