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The Veldt

  • Period: to

    The First Sound transmition (lovers phone) was used around the house

    the lovers telephone was the first sound transmition object there was it consisted of two cups and a string reaching a maximum distance between 800 meters and 4.8 kilometers
  • Jhon Frederic Daniell creates the first practical battery

    john frederic daniell invented the Daniell cell, which consisted of a copper pot filled with a copper sulfate solution, in which was immersed an unglazed earthenware container filled with sulfuric acid and a zinc electrode. The earthenware barrier was porous, which allowed ions to pass through but kept the solutions from mixing.
  • The Bird Cell

    Originally, the Daniell cell held the two solutions in two separate, but linked, containers, an arrangement described as two half-cells. The first single-cell version of the Daniell cell was invented in 1837 by the Guy's hospital physician Golding Bird
  • The grove cell is invented

    the grove cell (invented byWelshman William Robert Grove) consisted of a zinc anode dipped in sulfuric acid and a platinum cathode dipped in nitric acid, separated by porous earthenware. The Grove cell provided a high current and nearly twice the voltage of the Daniell cell
  • The first recharchable battery

    Gaston Planté invented the lead-acid battery, the first-ever battery that could be recharged by passing a reverse current through it.
  • Period: to

    The gravity cell is invented

    Sometime during the 1860s, a Frenchman by the name of Callaud invented a variant of the Daniell cell called the gravity cell. This simpler version dispensed with the porous barrier. This reduced the internal resistance of the system and, thus, the battery yielded a stronger current. It quickly became the battery of choice for the American and British telegraph networks, and was used until the 1950s.
  • The first patented electric telephone

    The first patented electric telephone
    Alexander Graham Bell was the first to be awarded a patent for the electric telephone by USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office) in March of 1876.Bell's patent was the parent patent which other electrical phone would follow
  • the first clear transimition

    the first clear transimition
    The first successful telephone transmission of clear speech using a liquid transmitter when Bell spoke into his device, "Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you." and Watson heard each word distinctly.
  • the first patented dry cell battery

    Carl Gassner obtained a German patent (No. 37,758) on a variant of the Leclanché cell, which came to be known as the dry cell because it did not have a free liquid electrolyte
  • the first alkaline battery

    a Swedish scientist named Waldemar Jungner invented the nickel-cadmium battery, a rechargeable batterythat the used an alkaline electrolyte
  • the rotary dial

    the rotary dial
    the rotary dial becomes common in phones
  • the first colossus was operational

    The first Colossus is operational at Bletchley Park. Designed by British engineer Tommy Flowers, the Colossus was designed to break the complex Lorenz ciphers used by the Nazis during WWII
  • MArk-1 Was created

    Harvard Mark-1 is completed. Conceived by Harvard professor Howard Aiken, and designed and built by IBM, the Harvard Mark-1 was a room-sized, relay-based calculator. The machine had a fifty-foot long camshaft that synchronized the machine’s thousands of component parts. The Mark-1 was used to produce mathematical tables but was soon superseded by stored program computers.
  • The Sart Of wireless Phones

    The Sart Of wireless Phones
    In 1946 AT&T was Founded and produced a wireless phone company that worked in you car. AT&T satrtes in ST.Louis
  • AT&T comercialization

    AT&T commercialized Mobile Telephone Service. From its start in St. Louis in 1946, AT&T then introduced Mobile Telephone Service to one hundred towns and highway corridors
  • The Veldt is published

    The Veldt is published
    The veldt by Ray Bradbury is published originaly as "The World the children made", later republished in the anthology The Illustrated Man in 1951. The anthology is a collection of short stories that were mostly published individually in magazines beforehand.
  • the fist commercial produced computer

    Engineering Research Associates of Minneapolis built the ERA 1101, the first commercially produced computer
  • first mass produced computer by IBM

    The IBM 650 magnetic drum calculator established itself as the first mass-produced computer, with the company selling 450 in one year. Spinning at 12,500 rpm, the 650´s magnetic data-storage drum allowed much faster access to stored material than drum memory machines.
  • IBM's first transistorized computers mainframe

    At the top of the line of computers — all of which emerged significantly faster and more dependable than vacuum tube machines — sat the 7030, also known as the "Stretch." Nine of the computers, which featured a 64-bit word and other innovations, were sold to national laboratories and other scientific users. L. R. Johnson first used the term "architecture" in describing the Stretch.
  • HP entered the general purpose cmputer business

    Hewlett-Packard entered the general purpose computer business with its HP-2115 for computation, offering a computational power formerly found only in much larger computers. It supported a wide variety of languages, among them BASIC, ALGOL, and FORTRAN.
  • The first internet network for companies and schools

    The first internet network for companies and schools
    Merit netwrok(is a nonprofit member-governed organization providing high-performance computer networking and related services to educational, government, health care, and nonprofit organizations, primarily in Michigan) was founded and running by this time
  • the apollo guidance computer

    The Apollo Guidance Computer made its debut orbiting the Earth on Apollo 7. A year later, it steered Apollo 11 to the lunar surface
  • PAcketSwitching Netwrok

    merit's first packet switching( a digital networking communications method that groups all transmitted data – regardless of content, type, or structure – into suitably sized blocks, called packets.) netwrok is up and running
  • the first LCD panel in the US

    the first active-matrix liquid-crystal display panel was produced in the United States
  • one fo the first ciomputer like calculators

    one fo the first ciomputer like calculators
    Hewlett-Packard announced the HP-35 as "a fast, extremely accurate electronic slide rule" with a solid-state memory similar to that of a computer. The HP-35 distinguished itself from its competitors by its ability to perform a broad variety of logarithmic and trigonometric functions, to store more intermediate solutions for later use, and to accept and display entries in a form similar to standard scientific notation.
  • The First Mobile Phone

    The First Mobile Phone
    Mototrola was the first company to commercialize mobile phones. teh prototype weighed 1.1 kg and measured 23 cm long, 13 cm deep and 4.45 cm wide. The prototype offered a talk time of just 30 minutes and took 10 hours to re-charge.
  • one of the first desktop copmuters

    one of the first desktop copmuters
    Researchers at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center designed the Alto — the first work station with a built-in mouse for input. The Alto stored several files simultaneously in windows, offered menus and icons, and could link to a local area network. Although Xerox never sold the Alto commercially, it gave a number of them to universities. Engineers later incorporated its features into work stations and personal computers.
  • first succeful vector proseccor

    first commercially successful vector processor.The fastest machine of its day, its speed came partly from its shape, a C, which reduced the length of wires and thus the time signals needed to travel across them.
  • The Commodore PET

    The Commodore PET
    The Commodore PET(Personal Electronic Trnsactor) was one of the first Smaller computers of the late 1990's it came fullr prebuilt, 4 or 8 kilobytes of space, and a built in keyboard.
  • The VAX 11/780

    The VAX 11/780 was teh first minicomputer to have more than a gigabyte of space, with 4.3 gigabytes it overpast all computers in memory space.
  • Osborne 1

    Osborne 1
    Adam Osborne completed teh first portable computer weighing 24 pounds, and costing $1,795 dollars it became really atractive in the market.
  • simple mail transfer protocol

    simple mail transfer protocol(SMTP) was created to transfer E-mails through nmetworks
  • Apple Macintosh

    Apple Macintosh
    Apple Computer launched the Macintosh, the first successful mouse-driven computer with a graphic user interface, with a single $1.5 million commercial during the 1984 Super Bowl. Based on the Motorola 68000 microprocessor, the Macintosh included many of the Lisa´s features at a much more affordable price: $2,500.
  • first domain

    the first .COM doamin was created
  • UUNET founded

    UUNET was one of the largest Internet service providers and one of the early Tier 1 networks.

    The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) was one of the world's first operational packet switching networks was dicommissioned
  • UUNET comercial traffic

    UUNET allows commercial traffic into their network
  • The World Wide Web is founded

    The world Wide Web (WWW) passes it's last test and it is oppened for commercial and household use.The World Wide Web (abbreviated as WWW or W3 commonly known as the Web) is a system of interlinked hypertext documents that are accessed via the Internet.
  • The Gopher

    The gopher was founded. The Gopher protocol is a TCP/IP(Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) application layer protocol designed for distributing, searching, and retrieving documents over the Internet.
  • Th mosiac web browser

    Th mosiac web browser
    the mosaic we browser was created and put out into the internet.Mosaic is the web browser credited with popularizing the World Wide Web.
  • samsung invents the LCD design that is commonly used

    Samsung developed the optical patterning technique that enables multi-domain LCD. Multi-domain and In Plane Switching subsequently remain the dominant LCD designs through 2010
  • mobile payments

    Mobile payments were started in 1998 in Finland and Sweden where a mobile phone were used to pay for a Coca Cola vending machine and car parking. Commercial launch followed in Norway
  • The first downloadable content

    The first downloadable content
    In 1998 the first downloadable content sold to mobile phones was the ring tone, launched by Finland's Radiolinja (now Elisa)
  • Guiness world recod

    Guiness world recod
    When Commodore 64( C64 ) was discontinued in 1993, it had sold more than 22 million units and is recognized by the 2006 Guinness Book of World Records as the greatest selling single computer model of all time.
  • LCD become more common

    LCD become more common
    LCD televisions surpassed CRT(Cathode Ray Tube) tv's in worldwide sales for the first time
  • the first internationalized doamain was created

    the first internationalized doamain was created
    the first internationalized country code top-level domain was created, an iternational domain is a domain that works in different languagues , scripts, and cultures(Created and used through W3C).ex.WWW, WW2(World Wide Web 2),W3C(World Wide Web Constritum, an international community of domains).
  • tablet LCd screens

    tablet LCd screens
    Toshiba announced 2560 × 1600 pixels on an 6.1-inch LCD panel, suitable for use in a tablet computer