Timeline of Josh Schuman's LIfe

  • the Day I was Born

    the Day I was Born
    I was born on a damp and cold day in December at 3:49 A.M. Being born on December 22, made me a capricorn just like my father. At the time, my father had asthmatic bronchitis, so it was a bitter sweet moment. A week later, my dad and sister were in a minor car crash on their way to see me. We were lucky that it was only minor and that they are still alive today. I'm glad that I could grow up with such a great family.
  • the Time I was Potty Trained

    the Time I was Potty Trained
    As a baby I was reluctant to go to the bathroom, so this was a huge milestone to my parents. By the way it sounds, it must have been nearly impossible to train me. My parents bought me a device that whistles to me while I do my business, and from there on out I would always make it to the toilet in time.
  • My First Trip to Singapore

    My First Trip to Singapore
    I don' t remember much of my first trip to Singapore, but I do remember spending my birthday there. It was a beautiful day and I was at my cousin's house. My cousin, aunt, uncle, and grandma were there along with the rest of my family. We all gathered around a table and sang happy birthday to me. Then we cut the cake and ate it.
  • My Chuck E Cheeses Birthday Party

    My Chuck E Cheeses Birthday Party
    I was in kindergarten when I had this birthday party. There was a blizzard outside on the day of my birthday. My family and I were on our way to Chuck E Cheeses, horrified that no one would show up with us. To our surprise, after around ten minutes at my party everyone who was invited came. I was so glad. This story shows that I have friends who care for me.
  • When I Lost my First Tooth

    When I Lost my First Tooth
    I remember brushing my teeth one night and I felt a stight pain, and then a relief. It finally came out after countless hours of wiggling, my first tooth. I spit out all the blood into the sink and rushed downstairs to show my parents. They realized how happy I was, and awarded me seven dollars.
  • My Second Asthma Attack

    My Second Asthma Attack
    I walked out of my friend's house with the same feeling of restiction in my chest as the last time I had an attack. I told my mother, and she said that we should go to a care center that was closer than the hospital. When we got to the care center, we were told it might be a while, so nwe sat down. It turns out that I was gasping for air for two hours and when they finally called our name. All they did was give me a shot and send me to the hospital. After the long day in the hospital I was okay
  • the Siddur Play

    the Siddur Play
    The lights were flashed on the stage as the name Joshua Schuman was called. There I saw my rabbi with my siddur. I walked off the bleachers and went to him. I was handed my siddur and took a picture. I was glad that I had my very own siddur. For the first time in my life I was proud of myself.
  • the Basketball Game Upset.

    the Basketball Game Upset.
    The basketball game seemed promising considering the fact that we were undefeated. The game was very close, and at the end the score was tied. This meant that we were going into overtime. At the end of the overtime, it was tied again, so we went into double overtime. The game was close until they scored the final basket and ended it. Our whole team was upset.
  • My First Torah Reading

    My First Torah Reading
    The first time I read from the Torah, the parashah was acharei mot. I was the second person to read from the Torah that day. I walked up to the stand. I was very nervous. At the beggining I remember being very shakey, but then I started to calm down and chant the rest of my reading. After I was done chanting I was relieved.
  • Sleep Away Camp

    Sleep Away Camp
    I wasn't scared to go to sleep away camp for the first time because the spring before camp I went to a convention that made me feel welcomed. The first day was a lot of fun. My bunk and I played sports and games. When I was about to fall asleep that night I didn't feel one bit homesick.
  • Battle of the Books

    Battle of the Books
    Last school year six sixth graders (including me) went to another school to compete in battle of the books. We competing against six other schools. During the whole competition we were confident. In the we won with a perfect 80 points. On the way back to school we were all grinning from ear to ear.
  • My Family Trip to New Hampshire.

    My Family Trip to New Hampshire.
    My father and mother went on a trip to New Hampshire with me this summer. It was a trip I'll never forget. During our vacation we went indoor skydiving, ziplining and godola riding. In my opinion it was the most intense vacation that my family and I took.