Timeline of Computers

  • Flip Flop Circuit

    Flip Flop Circuit
    This is a big step in circuits for the future
  • 80 Column Punched Card

    80 Column Punched Card
    This is in my top 10 because it is used for the next 50 years, which means that it was a practical use.
  • differential analyzer

    differential analyzer
    This was used by tons of people and it sparked other important inventions.
  • Electric Typewriter

    Electric Typewriter
    This changed the way people would work and they would get ideas from this electric typewriter for future computer technology.
  • Magnetic Memory

    Magnetic Memory
    This is important because people can now have a better way to save their work.
  • Macintosh

    This event will spark new ideas and help other better computer companies start their own computers.
  • Windows Operation System

    Windows Operation System
    I chose this because this is what people that use there computer for usefull things still have today, It is chosen by hackers and large coorperations everywhere over apple computers.
  • Microsoft Word

    Microsoft Word
    Many people still use this and it give companies other ideas.
  • iMac

    I chose this because it is the start of overpriced, shiny computers that will spark a neverending argument.
  • CD-ROM

    This will allow users to run multiple programs and store new memory.