timeline of Australia Migration

  • Gold rush

    1851:- when gold was first dicovered in Australia, so people were coming to Australia by their choice
  • Europe and Asia

    People came from many countries, the majority from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, America, China and Germany
  • Anti- Chinese

    Most of the anti-Chinese legislation repealed, and Chinese people became the fourth largest immigrant group fter the British, Irish and Germans.
  • British

    Most of those mainkg to Australia journey to Australia in the early 20th century were British migrants, seeking a healthy and prosperous life in another part of the Empire
  • Australia - Britin

    The Australian governmnt looked to Great Britin as a Source of Immigrants, and encourged those willing to consider resettlemnet in Australia by offering them assisted passage.
  • Jewish refugees

    in 1938, the gonernment decides to accpect 15,000 Jewish refugees from Nazism over three years, only 7,500 reach Australia before war break out.
  • world war 2

    Immigration ceases in september 1939 with the outbreak of world war 2.
  • the outbreak of world war 2

    The Outbreak of world war 2 closed Australian ports of immigration. At the end of the war, hundreads of thousands of displaced people from Eastern Europe neeeded somewhere to go.
  • millions migrates

    in 1955, the on millionth post-war migrat arrivd. mass migration to Australia continued until 1960s
  • the second wave of post war

    the secod wave of post-war immigration arrived in 1950s-1960s, and conssisted of those seeking emopleyment and better living conditinos. these includes migrates from Italy, Greece, Malta, Croatia and Turkey.
  • indo- China arrives

    the first refugees arrive from Vietnam, Lebanon, Cyprus and Chile, fleeing civil war and political conflict.
  • largest immigrants

    The largest number of immigrant group are from Britin, Italy and Greece.
  • Racial Discriminal Act

    In 1975, the Racial Discrimination Act prohibits discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, colour, descent or ethnicity.
  • expectation of all refugees

    In 1981, the Commonwealth government ends assisted passage for all expect refugges.
  • expectation of all refugees

    In 1981, the Commonwealth government ends assisted passage for all expect refugges
  • sorry to islanders and Aboriginal

    In may 2000, 250,000 people march across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to say 'sorry" to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders people for past injustices.