Timeline About Me

  • When I was born

    I was born in Greenville,NC at Pitt Memorial Hospital. I was raised in Ayden, NC.
  • Death of my baby brother

    My brother, Trey, died when he was two. He died in his sleep. I miss him and it is a very important day in my life.
  • My little brother, Ja'Kyah, was born

    This is the day that my brother was born. He was such an awesome baby but now I don't know what happened! But I still love him.
  • Became a member of Anointed Ones Ministries

    Became a member of Anointed Ones Ministries
    This is the day I joined the church that I am currently attending. Is a great ministry and I have a great, spiritual mother name Apostle Ruth Peterson and you are welcome to attend any Sunday.
  • Went to Walt Disney World

    Went to Walt Disney World
    I went to Disney World with my church. I stayed for a week at a huge hotel called 'Gaylord' in Kissimmee, FL. It was a youth confrenece. I enjoyed myself and I want to go back. P.S. I got to ride in a limo that night on my way back to the Hotel.
  • The Day I started dating my boyfriend!

    This day is an important event in my life! We have been together for a year now! And our relationship has been through, ups and downs, but we are still together. We both attend the same church which is 'Anointed Ones Ministry International' and it is located in Ayden,NC.
  • When I started high school and I met Mr. Vick

    When I started high school and I met Mr. Vick
    This is my first day of my freshman year. I got to meet Mr.Vick he was my english teacher all my years so far in high school, but now he is leaving to go to Pitt Community College. I'm going to miss him but it was fun having him as a teacher!
  • Joining the Inspirational Voices of Deliverance

    This day is when I joined my church choir! I was nervous and everyone was telling me I needed to audition for the choir so I did! And I made it! I sing in the soprano section so that means i sing high so if you ever want to hear me sing! Come to my church!!!
  • Attended Camp Ground in Ashland, VA

    Attended Camp Ground in Ashland, VA
    This camp is a christian camp in Virginia. We usually stay there for a week. I get to attend a teen class and evening service. We go every summer and this is my second summer going. It is a great experience.
  • Family Reunion 2011

    Family Reunion 2011
    This is the day of my family reunion! I enjoyed myself very much! It was a laughable and I'm ready for it again next year with my loving family.