• Nicholas II abdicates the throne

    nicholas II becomes the ruler of russia
  • Russo-Japanese War

  • Russia enters WW1

    russia joins the allied powers
  • Period: to

    Revolution of 1905

  • Bloody Sunday

  • Creation of the Duma

  • March Revolution begins

  • Lenin returns from exile in Germany

    lenin sneaks into russia
  • Russia pulls out of WW1

    russia pulls out due to lack of resources
  • Kerensky heads the provisional government

  • Lenin takes power

  • civil war begins

    rips the country appart
  • assassination of romanov

    he was assassinated during an era with a weak army, weak government and weak growing power.
  • Trotsky wins Civil War

    Trotsky wins the civil war.
  • Stalin comes to power

    this lead to many years of stalin under power and many deaths to the human race
  • Period: to

    Great Purge