• I was born.

    I was born.
  • calorado calumbine

    there was a massacre in a high school were 2 kids massacred there class mates
  • I moved from Chicago to Parkridge.

    I moved here when I was about 1.
  • 911

    Two planes got overtaken by terrorists and the terrorists crashed the planes into the twin towers and thousands of people.
  • I got my first pet.

  • barack obama

    first black president was elected
  • hurricane Katrina

    destoyed homes and killed people
  • pope dies

    pope John Paul 2 dies
  • pakistan earthquake

  • I traveled to mexico.

    I went to Mexico for the first time
  • saddan hussein was exicuted

  • I moved.

    I moved to Texas with my grandoarents.
  • king of pop dies

    micheal jackson dies
  • Phone I got my fist phone

  • eathquake in haiti

    kills many people and destroys many houses
  • started middleschool

    went to lincoln
  • started football

    I stared to play football
  • I got my laptop.

    I got my first laptop.
  • Boston bombing

    A bomb blew up and severly injured people.
  • stared highschool.

    Entered mainesouth.