Time line of India`s Movement

  • Period: to

    Bal Gangadbar Tilak`s life time

    Bal Gangadbar Tilak is an independence activist and first leads the Indian Independence Movement
  • Period: to

    Mahatma Gandhi`s life time

    Mahatma Gandhi is the leader of Indian independence movement.
  • Period: to

    Ali Jinnah

    Quote "Unified India was nothing less than a threat to the Muslim faith adn it`s Indian community". He`s the leader of all indian-muslim league.
  • Indian National congress was founded

    Indian National congress which is the largest Indian oublic organization dedicated to achieving independence for India from Britain.
  • Muslim League established

    Muslim League dedicated to achieving independence for india from Britain.
  • Satyagraha

    Satyagraha was developed and coined by Ganghi.
  • Gandhi returns to India

    He became active in Indian politics.
  • Colonial troops

    colonial troops freely used rifles to disperse unarmed crowd in city of amritsar.
  • The Amritsar Massacre

    The Amritsar Massacre is a seminal event in the British rule of India.
  • Period: to

    Non-cooperation Movement

    Gandhi encouraged followers to boycott British goods. →return to wearing rough home spun cotton clothing →disagreed Indian`s want to industrialse→instead avocated manual labor adn revival of rural cottage industries.
  • Civil Disobedience Movement

  • The Salt March

    The Salt March was an act of civil disobedience led by Mohandas Gandhi to protest British rule in India.
  • Governemnt of India Act

    Governemnt of India Act goes intoeffect→British compromise in response to India`s cry for self rule →gave India institutions of self governing states -allowed established. Autonomous legistative bodies in British India Provincess -Created bicameral natie lehistature -Formed executive arm under the control of British Government
  • India Act failed

    Lack of cooperation between Muslim and Hindus.